Truly House of Beauty Episode 15

Truly House of Beauty Episode 15
by Tyler Moore

Ho ho ho, you holiday skincare cuties! Welcome to the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty. Yes, it’s that merry time of year: the time of the year with presents under a tree and bright white snow on the rooftop. The time of year to spread joy and give gifts…or you’re on the naughty list…can you guess where this story is headed? Well Truly babes, grab your stockings, we are sleighing and SLAYing down the snowy hill in this special Holidaze episode. 

It was a cold, crisp day in the bright sunny Los Angeles. Temperatures were beyond freezing…something traumatic like 60 degrees with a blistering wind chill. The Truly mansion nestled at the top of the Bel Air was getting the most severe winds and was practically Alaska. Snow draped along the hot pink rooftops, glistening with an oxymoronic taunt towards the blistering sun. The oxymoronic fact that it was snowing in warm Southern California isn’t the most ridiculous thing in this tale, no. The story has just begun. 

Zara, Tyler, Chloe, and Anna were decorating their living room together. Hot pink stockings, white ribbons, sparkling lights, a warm fire and a big beautiful pink tree with adorable ornaments were bouncing the holiday spirit amongst the four friends. Dozens of ostentatious presents were under the tree, multiples of each name for each friend. Tyler shook one of his “...sounds like Cartier!” he squealed with glee. Zara threw a wrapping paper ball at his head, causing a giggle storm to spread through them all. It was a nice moment for them, to be relaxed and having fun after such an amazing year with Truly. They launched new products like Smooth Legend Shave Set and the Hot Swirl Summer Edit–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Truly spread across the globe, and they were already getting thousands of order requests from major retailers such as Ulta and Target–the holiday break was just what they needed. While the scene was full of joy, a sudden twist brewed in the shadows.



Distracted by holiday cheer, the Truly babes didn’t notice a magical phone appear in their living room. They didn’t notice this phone was red and gold with a big sign that read “North Pole.” They didn’t notice that it had a red flashing light on it, and they surely didn’t notice the elf that slipped through their window a few seconds later. What they did finally notice was the ringing…a ringing so loud that it broke their house-music-only-speaker out. Chloe’s head spun around so fast that one of her extensions fell out, she promptly grabbed the phone and her missing hair piece in one sweep. “Um…HELLO?!” Chloe snapped in her usual not-so pleasant voice. A high pitched almost-childlike voice snapped right back, “HELLO back to you, missy pants! My name is Kip Keebleston and I am representing the District of Wishlist Distribution Section 33, North Pole. Is this the uhh…one sec…is this the skincare brand Truby Booty?” The four friends' jaws dropped. Not only did a freakin’ phone suddenly appear before their eyes, but now some strange voice called them from the North Pole?! “Uhhh…yeah this is Truly Beauty…” stutters Chloe, whose voice suddenly sounds a bit more shy. “OKAY great! Nice to meet you Truby Booty, I’m Kip again. From the North Pole. Santa. YEAH!” screamed Kip. “SO we have you in the top 3.5% of holiday wishlists this year, are you prepared to fill your order?” Chloe’s eyes darted toward the group while she covered up the phone, “WTF are they talking about?!” she whispered. “I didn’t get any orders from the North Pole!” said Zara. Anna shrugs. Chloe shakes her head. Then all turn towards Tyler, who had a small bead of sweat falling down his chiseled jaw. “Uh…um…well…uh…” he murmured. The girls started to tense up and walk towards him, Chloe dragging the phone with her. “I didn’t know it was real!! I mean, c’mon…the North Pole?! I thought it was fake! I mean, elves aren’t even rea–” a bright flash appeared from the telephone, cutting Tyler’s sentence short. The room got dark and then a hologram of an elf materialized before their eyes. His head was large and balloon-like, with narrow, pointy ears and with a funny hat. Towering over the babes, the elf said in an ominous tone “IF you do not complete your wishlist order, you will be BANNED from wishlist orders for the next THREE years…nobody crosses the ELVES!” He then disappeared into thin air, leaving the Truly babes stunned. Then…the chaos began.

Out of nowhere, it becomes armageddon in the Truly house. Boxes are ripped open, the presents are burning, a large fire is spotted in the corner of the living room burning through their decorations, including the 10 foot synthetic tree which Zara swiftly pushed on top of Tyler crushing him instantly. Chloe was in a deep thousand-yard stare, casting her eyes into the shoken void with the magical red phone still dangling from her French pressed fingernails. It’s like a valley-girl tornado stormed through the place–all except for where Anna was sitting. It was as if she was in a higher state of consciousness, zenned out in her resting meditative state. She was actually slightly floating above the rug. She calmly exhaled, and spoke out loud to the group. “Don’t worry friends, I…once again…have the solution!”  Zara huffed, “what do you mean ONCE AGAIN?!” she screeched. “Hear her out, Z!” jabbed Chloe. 


Anna whisked them all off to her bedroom, which, of course, has a makeshift lab inside of it…because she’s a BIT of a dork. There were dozens of pink rectangles stacked about the room, it looked like a cityscape of pink. Anna grabbed a piece that was underneath a silk cloth. She placed it on her table, set up a spotlight, and revealed what was underneath: the VIP Collection! “It’s the VIP Collection! I put some of the best sellers in this cute little set–it’s the perfect gift for the wishlist!” Anna cheers. The three other friends stood in shock, jaws dropped even further than when they saw the elf appear before them. “ANNA! This is amazing!” squealed Tyler. Everyone jumped in merry glee at the site of the VIP Collection. They skipped downstairs and called the elf back.

“We have the PERFECT gift for the wishlists!” said Chloe to the elf as soon as he picked up the phone. “Excellent! Go ahead and show it to the phone…we can see everything! Nice tree, by the way.” the snarky elf snickered. The babes showed the phone the VIP Collection box, and an inaudible scream poured from the speaker. “EERRRMAGERD WE LOVE IT!” screamed the elf, “We will take 500K units! Don’t worry about production, that’s where our magic steps in!. The VIP Collection suddenly disappears, as the does elf and the telephone. The Truly babes were still stunned, but proceeded to clean up the chaotic mess while decorating for the holidays.

It wasn’t until Christmas Day that Truly’s social media was flooded with tags, photos, comments, and messages. SO many people received the VIP Collection and were finally able to start a new skincare journey. Team Truly wept in glee upon seeing the buzz! What a happy holiday, indeed. 

The night has set, and the holidays are almost to a close. Who’s ready for 2022? We know that we are. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks…perhaps some more newness in the Truly House of Beauty! Xoxo. 

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