Truly House of Beauty Episode 18

Truly House of Beauty Episode 18
by Truly Beauty

You are at the right place and the right time–it’s a new episode of the Truly House of Beauty! Last time we spoke, our Truly Babes were livin’ it up in Aspen, Colorado. They saved all the citizens of the Snow Village from extreme winter dryness and dehydration–it was an icy BLAST! But what are the Truly Babes up to this week? Let’s see what coco adventure they have gotten themselves into! 

The Truly Babes left the bitter cold of Aspen and flew to one of their private islands. Yes, of course a private island is something on their destination roster–it’s located somewhere mysterious smack dab in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. All four friends were bathing in the sun…but they all had one thing in common at this very moment…they were extremely HAIRY! After wrapping themselves in snow gear during their winter trip, they all completely forgot their Smooth Legend Shave Kit and now looked like Chewbaca in a bikini. With a frantic speed, each babe pulled out their Coco Cloud Whipped Shave Butter and started to ferociously shave away their hair. Tyler was shaving his chest, Chloe needed a quick leg trim, and Zara + Anna both had a bikini bush that needed some taming. While vigorously shaving, the sun started to up its thermometer up from an ideal 80 degrees to a raging hot 100. “Wait…is it getting really hot out here or is it just me?!” said Chloe as sweat started to drip from her forehead onto her perfect pout. “Yeah I’m starting to melt, and my freshly shaved chest is begging for some hydration!” Tyler said. The heat intensified. The four friends started to get island fever, sweating gallons of water away from their recently shaved bodies. A heat stroke was in the future, until they heard a teensy tiny pip squeak. “Drink me!”--it sounded like it was coming from a tiny lil’ rat. “C’mon, drink up!”....”let’s fly!”....”drink me, I’m magic!” was like there were dozens of voices surrounding them. Was it the heat causing hallucinations, or was something really talking to the Truly Babes?! It wasn’t until Anna glanced up at one of the palm trees that she saw a little face on the coconut. It was smiling right at her, “Hey Anna! Drink me! Let’s fly to a magical place!”. Anna got the attention of the others, screaming at the top of her lungs that a freakin’ coconut was talking to her. With a curious hesitation, each Truly Babe grabbed a coconut and started to drink from it. 


With just a few sips off their coconut-friends, the Truly Babes started to levitate slowly and then they shot up like a ROCKET towards the sky. “Whooooa!” screamed Zara as they were all teleported to a new magical land in the sky: The Coco Cloud Kingdom.




The coconuts morphed into ethereal beings that gave the Truly Babes the ultimate gift: angel wings! The coconut-turned-angelic-beings removed all dehydration from each babe’s aura, and sent them on a journey. “Now that you have your wings, explore the Coco Cloud Kingdom. You each are destined to find a new product that will give you the SMOOTHEST skin ever!” said the ethereal beings. With their mission in hand, each friend flapped their new fabulous wings and sought out the treasures in the Coco Cloud Kingdom. 


“I’m gonna find them FIRST!” screamed a competitive Chloe, flapping her hardest towards the nearest puffy cloud. She dug into the cotton-candy like structure, but found nothing. “Not if I beat you first!” squealed Anna as she drove face first into a cloud. “I FOUND SOMETHING!” she screamed with glee as she pulled out a bottle of this pristine white elixir. The babes all flew towards her to review the new discovery. Wrapped in a crystallized glass was the new Coco Cloud After Shave Serum. It was bright and smelled just like coconuts. “GIMME!” said Tyler as he snatched it from Anna’s freshly manicured hand. He dropped some of the serum onto his shaved chest. “OoOoO it’s SO soft!” he said. “Gimme that back!” screamed Anna as she slapped him in the face–the two got into an angelic catfight, rustling the nearby clouds and concerning the coconut-turned-angel-beings. While they were causing drama, Zara and Chloe were still hunting for the next treasure. Their wings grew tired, until Zara saw something peeking out of a cloud. It was a jar with a gold lid, could it be what she always dreamed of?! Pulling it from the cloud, Zara discovered the Coco Cloud After Shave Moisturizer. “It’s a new SWIRL!” she yelled at the Truly Babes. Tyler and Anna stopped fighting to see the new product. “GIMME!” said Tyler once again as he snatched the Coco Cloud Moisturizer from Zara’s babydoll hand. He covered his chest with the fast-absorbing body butter, and he was glowing. “Sorry Z! I just HAD to!” he explained. Zara rolled her eyes, and then saw another object poking out from a different cloud. Zipping through the sky, she landed on the cloud and pulled out a Blue Truly Razor + a Blue Fuzzy Cloud Bag. “Lookie! Coco Cloud merch!” she yipped. After this, the sky started to rain with new Coco Cloud Shave Sets, giving each Truly Babe the full routine. “Wow, my skin is SO soft!” said Chloe after testing out the new routine. Anna’s bikini area was smooth and irritant-free after trying out the new routine, and Zara’s pitties felt softer than cloud nine. After shaving like angels, all four friends flapped their fluffy wings and flew off into the abyss of the Coco Cloud Kingdom, feeling prepared and ready for the softest shave of their life. 


Will the Truly Babes ever fly back down to earth and share their Coco Cloud shaving secrets with the island? Will Anna and Tyler ever talk about how they brutally fist fought each while they were angels? How will Zara fit into a new bikini with angel wings?! These mysterious questions will likely never be answered, but they will keep us up at night. That’s it for this week’s episode of the Truly House of Beauty. See you next time!

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