Berry Cheeky Routine

Booty Trio

>Good to Know
  • Blemish-Covering
  • Brightening
  • Resurfacing

The entirety of our Berry Cheeky Trio - featuring a clearing scrub, serum, and butter - in a blemish-fighting, super conditioning, made-just-for-your-bum routine.

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Why it’s Special
  • Beta glucan is a humectant moisturizer naturally derived from yeast or oats that is excellent in quelling redness, preventing moisture loss and fighting against the formation of fine lines.
  • The surplus of antioxidants and vitamin C found in blueberries work to neutralize free radicals and protect against dark spots and blotchy skin.
Key Ingredients:




Full Ingredients:

Ingredients – Berry Cheeky Butter

Ingredients – Berry Cheeky Butt Polish

Ingredients – Berry Cheeky Butt Serum

How to Use

  1. Berry Cheeky Butt Butter: Morning and night, rub the butter in circular motions across butt until fully absorbed.
  2. Berry Cheeky Butt Polish: In the shower or bath, take a small amount of Berry Cheeky, mix with water to get a nice lather. Rub on your booty in circular motions and rinse.
  3. Berry Cheeky Butt Serum: Apply 4-5 drops to booty to tighten & firm.
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