Cake Maker Tightening Butt & Leg Cream

Leg And Butt Tightening Cream

  • Plumping
  • Smoothing
  • Tightening

Whip that cake into shape! Cake Maker’s freshly-baked fragrance + anti-aging actives work in tandem to tighten and treat curves. Made with a mixture of free radical-fighting vanilla, antioxidant-rich guarana, and plumping plant collagen booster to reverse signs of aging, sculpt sagging skin, and boost your bounce on the legs and butt.

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As far as butt moisturizers go, this one literally takes the cake!

What Makes this Product SO Good?
  • Contains a dash of ceramides and polyglutamic acid which help prevent moisture loss while smoothing out fine lines and cellulite for a soft and perky peach.
  • Our first ever leg and butt firming cream!
  • Smells like cake batter, feels like fluffy, whipped frosting. Not edible - but your skin will eat this up!
Key Ingredients:


Plant Collagen Booster

Full Ingredients:

How to Use

Apply a dollop of cream to your booty and legs. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbed.

Cake Maker Tightening Butt & Leg Cream
Cake Maker Tightening Butt & Leg Cream

What it Targets

Dry Skin

Locks in moisture and replenishes the skin barrier, keeping skin soft and hydrated all day long

Sagging Skin

Improves skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production for visibly tauter skin


Increases blood flow and plumps skin for a smoother, tighter appearance

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Cake Maker Tightening Butt & Leg Cream
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