After Shave as a Woman: A Must

After Shave as a Woman: A Must
by Truly Beauty

Your skin should feel its best after shaving. The way to achieve this is by using skincare products designed to smooth, hydrate, and soothe your skin post-shave.

Strangely, men have been using aftershave as part of their shaving regimen for decades to ward off skin irritation, razor burn, and razor bumps. So why aren't women using it too?

In this article, we're going to look into why women don't use after shave, why they probably should, and what shaving products you should use for a splendid shave.


What is After Shave?

After shave is a liquid, oil, or gel used to treat one's skin after shaving. Using after shave is a ritual for most men to curb dryness, irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs. 

Traditionally, after shaves are alcohol-based astringents that act like sanitizers after shaving facial hair to prevent bacteria or toxins entering the skin. Since shaving often leaves behind many tiny cuts, nicks, and exposed areas of the skin, your skin is more likely to attract bacteria post-shave. After shave can avoid this scenario. 

The only downside is that these alcohol-based aftershaves can be damaging and extremely drying to your skin when used over time.

Nowadays, more natural alternatives are available, such as coconut oil and jojoba oil. You'll also find moisturizers and serums formulated with calming ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil that help keep the skin free of bacteria while also retaining skin moisture.

After shave can be used literally anywhere on your body, from your face to your underarms, and beyond. 


Why Don't Women Use After Shave?

While women tend to be the ones with elaborate skincare routines, we've been missing out on this shaving essential for far too long. Most of us use a lotion after shaving to drive out dry skin, but the majority of us aren't using something to specifically ease irritation and prevent issues like ingrowns. 

If you’re concerned about hydrating your skin or protecting your pores from folliculitis, it's definitely worth incorporating an after shave formulated with natural oils into your shaving routine.


What Shaving Without After Shave Can Do to Your Skin

Here are a few things that can happen when you don't use after shave after shaving your skin. 

  • Increased itching and swelling

  • Higher possibility of getting ingrown hairs

  • Open pores prone to dirt, bacteria, and other chemicals getting in which can lead to razor burn, bumps, and breakouts. 

  • Slower healing process of cuts caused by shaving

  • Hair follicle inflammation, otherwise known as folliculitis

Those particularly at risk of experiencing these side effects include those with sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. 


Why an After Shave Oil is Better than Moisturizer

If you're someone who always applies lotion after her hair removal session, you might want to consider switching to a nourishing after shave oil instead. Here are a few reasons why it's better.


1. Sinks into Skin

Using an oil ensures that the skin better absorbs all its benefits. Unlike lotion, oil absorbs quickly into the skin, providing intense hydration and leaving skin smooth and supple. In addition, you don't need to use much oil to enjoy its benefits. A few drops and you're good!

2. Moisturizes Skin

According to dermatologists, oils penetrate deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration. They seal in moisture to prevent dryness and keep skin healthy and glowing. Plus, they have the power to naturally heal and restore compromised moisture barriers. 

3. Prevents Irritation

Shaving is a form of exfoliation that can leave skin feeling dry, sensitive, and irritated. Applying a hydrating, vitamin-enriched oil post-shave can help reduce redness and irritation so you can enjoy the smooth results without a bit of discomfort. In other words, no more razor bumps, burns, or pesky ingrowns!


Ingredients to Look for in an After Shave Oil

After shaving your armpits or bikini line, make sure you slather on an oil formulated with one or more of these nourishing ingredients:

  • Witch hazel

  • Essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus oil

  • Vitamin E

  • Glycerin

  • Aloe vera

  • Chamomile

  • Shea butter (most often found in shave balms, lotions, and creams)

How to Use After Shave Oil in Your Shaving Routine

Here’s how to use aftershave:

  1. Follow your usual shaving routine, making sure to exfoliate first to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells, then use a shaving cream or shave gel for slip. 

  2. Rinse the area with warm water. Avoid using hot water as this can irritate your skin.

  3. Pat skin dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing the towel on your skin, as this can irritate it. 

  4. Massage a few drops of aftershave oil onto the entire surface that you’ve shaved.

  5. Leave it to absorb before getting dressed so that it fully sinks into your skin and works its soothing wonders.

Best After Shave Oils for Women 

Looking for the best after shave oil for post-shave TLC? Here are our favorites:

Glazed Donut Shave Oil

Suitable for all skin types, Glazed Donut After Shave Oil is a cooling, quick-absorbing daily shave serum that combats ingrowns, heals inflammation, and replenishes lost moisture in your skin.

Thanks to coconut's antiseptic properties and passion fruit's high content of essential nutrients, this summer-scented after shave oil promises that smooth n’ silky feeling after shaving. You can also use it post-wax if you're more of a waxer.


Cooka Oil

A blend of jojoba, primrose oil, tea tree, and lavender work in sweet, sweet harmony to soften coarse body hair, relieve post-shave dryness, and leave the skin feeling soft and soothed.

Cooka Oil is designed for the pubic hair and bikini line to clear pores and combat irritation, but it can be used anywhere hair meets skin for grease-free hydration. 

Vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, it's guaranteed to leave you and your lady parts smiling.


Blueberry Kush CBD Body Oil

Smooth, soothe, and illuminate with this daily body potion formulated with AHA + BHA, 300mg of hemp, vegan collagen, and 1,000 blueberries per bottle.

Blueberry Body Oil is a super sweet shaving companion you need in your life RN.


So you see, after shave for women really is a MUST!



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