How to Shave Bikini Line Without Getting Bumps

How to Shave Bikini Line Without Getting Bumps
by Truly Beauty

Knowing how to shave bikini line the right way can save you a lot of pain and effort. That said, shaving your bikini line can be difficult and requires the right products and technique to ensure you get sleek instead of red, sore, and bumpy.

One of the main reasons women end up with razor burn and ingrowns down there is because they're not shaving properly. Shaving bikini line takes patience and practice. Once you know what you're doing, it's easy.

To help you out, we've created this step by step guide on how to shave bikini line hair. 



What is Your Bikini Line?

The bikini line is the hair and skin that's visible around the lower piece of a bikini. However, some people consider the bikini line to be your entire bikini area -- basically, any skin that grows pubic hair.



How to Shave Bikini Line 

Wanna get smooth and silky down there without ending up red and irritated? Follow this guide to get the perfect bikini line shave. 


Step 1: Start with a Trim

If this is your first time shaving bikini line, or you simply haven't shaved down there for a while, it will be easier to remove if the hair is shorter. 

Using a pair of scissors or a hair trimmer, cut the hair so that it's around a quarter of an inch long. And be very careful doing it! You don't want to end up nicking your skin. 

Think of it this way: the less hair you're starting with, the less work your razor will have. Inevitably, it's the way to a smoother shave.


Step 2: Take a Long, Warm Shower

When it comes to how to shave bikini line without getting ingrowns, prep is imperative. One you've trimmed off excess hair, hop in the shower and let the warm water soften your skin and hair.

The pros recommend spending around 10 minutes in warm water before shaving down there. Doing this will help soften the skin and hair, making it easier for your razor to cut through coarse hair. Once you're done, pat skin dry. 


Step 3: Exfoliate for a Close Bikini Line Shave 

How to shave bikini line | Smooth Legend scrub


You'll get a closer shave if you exfoliate before putting razor to skin. It's a step a lot of women miss when it comes to how to shave bikini line. But it's super important if you want a smooth, ultra-close shave.

Exfoliating with a washcloth or scrub removes dead skin cells, oil, and product buildup, allowing the blade to get closer to the skin. According to dermatologists, it also helps to tease out any pesky ingrown hairs before shaving your bikini line. 

Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub gently buffs away dead cells and impurities while nourishing skin with its sugary base and blend of coconut, grape, and passion fruit.


Step 4: Lather Up With Shaving Butter

how to shave bikini line | bikini line shave butter 


When you shave your bikini line, do you just reach for the nearest shower gel or bar of soap to lather up with? That might be where you’re going wrong. When it comes to how to shave bikini line or anywhere else on your body, shaving cream or butter is always a must-have.

When you shave, you’re not just shaving your hair. You're shaving your skin too. Without enough slip, you'll abrade your skin, leaving it red and sore.

Invest in a good-quality shaving cream, gel, or butter to provide a nice slippy base for your razor. Look for moisturizing ingredients in it like coconut oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, etc.

Cooka Colada Luxury Shave Butter melts into skin, softening skin and hair for an effortless razor glide and super smooth finish. Formulated with pineapple, primrose oil, and coconut. 


Step 5: Shave in the Right Direction

How to shave bikini line | Life shaver starter razor


    Yes, there is a right way. 

    With regards to how to shave bikini line with razor, you should always shave with the grain and not against it. In other words, shave in the direction of hair growth. You might get a closer shave going against hair growth but it also raises your risk of painful bumps and ingrowns.

    When shaving bikini line hair you'll also want to make sure you're using a clean, sharp razor. It'll make the experience so much easier.

    Just as important: Shave in one direction – and avoid going over the same area again and again. One pass should be enough if you’re using a good razor, and avoid using too much pressure.

    Life Shaver Starter Razor is a five-blade razor that's just made for bikini line shaving. Going bare will be a breeze with this pink beauty. 


    Step 6: Apply a Bikini Line After Shave Serum

    How to shave bikini line | Cooka routine


    To soothe any inflammation and combat ingrowns, cool your bikini line area with a soothing serum or oil. Look for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, and lavender. 

    Since the skin on your bikini line is so delicate, you really need to treat it to some pampering after shaving. A topical bikini line treatment will make all the difference! 

    Cooka Routine, aka Bikini Line Kit, features Truly's cult-fave Cooka Oil and Concentrate, developed with tea tree, lavender, and jojoba oil to soften coarse hair, ease inflammation, and heal ingrown hairs.


    Step 7: Finish with a Healing Moisturizer 

    How to shave bikini line | Glazed donut after shave glow cream


    You should always hydrate and moisturize after shaving. With regards to how to shave bikini line, keeping the area hydrated strengthens skin barrier function and prevents future flareups.

    Apply a lightweight moisturizer to both sides of the bikini line to lock in moisture, soften the skin, and leave your bikini line glowing.

    Glazed Donut After Shave Glow Cream adds an instant burst of moisture to dry, itchy skin with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E. Get ready for your smoothest, dewiest skin.



    How Do You Shave Your Bikini Line Without Getting Bumps?

    The secret to getting a bump-free bikini line after shaving is to follow all the steps above in our bikini line shaving routine. Always start by trimming excess hair, then exfoliate to buff away dead cells, lather up with shave butter, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

    To prevent and heal active inflammation, finish with a cooling after shave serum and nourishing moisturizer to seal in all that goodness. And that's how to shave bikini line. 


    Bikini line shaving tips you probably didn't know:

    1. Clean your razor between glides to keep it unclogged and performing its best.
    2. Let your shave cream or butter sit for a minute on the skin so it has chance to soften the skin and hair.
    3. Wear soft, breathable underwear after a bikini line shave to avoid friction and irritation. 



      How Do You Get Rid of Bikini Line Hair?

      Whether you choose to keep or remove your bikini line hair, it's totally up to you. There are many different methods for removing bikini line hair, such as waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal.

      Majority of women favor shaving their bikini line simply because it's the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most convenient option. The secret for how to shave bikini line is using the right products. Scroll down to shop the bestselling selection of bikini line shaving products.



      Should I Shave My Bikini Line Up or Down?

      Shave your bikini line in the direction of hair growth. Your pubic hair is thicker than on the rest of your body and the skin there is delicate. For that reason, make sure you always shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid bumps and ingrowns.

      When you go against the grain, your razor pulls the hair follicle up and away from the skin, often resulting in razor burn or skin irritation. The experts always recommend shaving in the direction of your natural hair growth unless there is bikini line stubble left behind after a few passes.



      How Often Should You Shave Your Bikini Line?

      To keep your bikini line smooth, it's best to shave every 2-3 days. While you can shave daily, you're more likely to experience bumps and redness. 



      The Best Bikini Line Shaving Sets

      Wanna know the best way for how to shave bikini line? Invest in one of the luxe shaving sets that contain everything you need to achieve a perfectly smooth shave.


      Glazed Donut Shave Set

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      Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Set

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      Ultimate Coco Cloud Shave Set

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      Watch our how to shave bikini line tutorial:



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