How Facial Ice Globes Work

How Facial Ice Globes Work
by Truly Beauty

Ice globes for the face are the newest skincare trend on the block to brighten, de-puff, and wake up the skin.

This futuristic-looking beauty tool has been flooding Instagram reels and TikTok pages lately. We’ve witnessed everyone from Tracee Ellis to Cindy Crawford using them – and naturally, we’re curious.

Also known as cryotherapy, skin icing is an effective way to minimize pores, de-puff the eyes, and plump the skin. The only difference is that people used to rub plain old ice over their faces. Now there’s a tool that can spare your beloved fingers from freezing. It’s called the ice globe.

Once you hear about the ice globe’s facial benefits, you’ll be able to see why this massaging tool is as popular as it is.



Great question!

According to Andy Hamm of beauty brand Aceology, “Cooling facial massage tools have gained significant popularity over the last decade, and it’s likely due to the impact that K-beauty has had around the world.” So yeah, Korean beauty is officially taking over the world.

Hamm continues, “Many have heard of the trendy 10+ step skincare regimes practiced by Korean women, and using ice water/skin icing has frequently been mentioned as one of the many vital steps in achieving perfect, glass-like skin.”

We’ve known for a while about the pore-tightening powers of ice applied to the skin. But these spherical ice globes really make icing your skin chic and a worthy part of your AM schedule.

Let’s find out what facial ice globes can actually do for the skin.



Gliding one of these Instagram-friendly beauty tools along your skin offers a myriad of benefits. These include minimizing inflammation and puffiness, boosting lymphatic drainage, reducing pore size, and firing up circulation for a radiant glow. That’s right. They don’t just sit there and look pretty. Let’s take a look at those benefits, one by one.



Want to tighten up your face for a more pronounced jawline or cheekbones? Ice globe therapy may help.

“In the facial area it instantly sculpts and brightens the skin, encourages vasoconstriction, reducing blood vessels – promoting a firmer, more toned complexion,” says Cryo Ice Sticks creator Catherine Wilson. “This invigorating treatment brings the face alive, giving a refreshed, more rested appearance.”

It really is the quickest way to sculpt your skin.

Pair it with Truly’s Vegan Collagen Serum for a serious anti-aging boost.



Puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from allergies to lack of sleep to genetics. Cold tools like ice globes can help de-puff the eye area and make you feel more awake.

“They help constrict the capillaries and in this way prevent more oedema (a build-up of fluid) around eye area forming,” explains skincare expert Dr. Barbara Kubicka. “Cool compresses and massage also improves the sensation, in turn bringing relief to tired, puffy or irritated eyes.”  

Double this beauty tool’s effects by using it with Truly’s Eye Candy Anti-Puff Eye Cream.



Facial ice globe therapy is known for boosting circulation in the skin.

As Wilson puts it, “More blood flow with oxygen means that more nutrients are delivered, leaving the complexion looking healthy and plump.”

But that’s not it! She elaborates, “The cold temperature also helps to constrict the pores and bring a fresh glow to the skin, providing the perfect base before applying make-up.”

So if you want to wake up with a nice glow, try running the ice globe across your skin as soon as you get up in the morning.

Facialist Teresa Tarmey believes in it so much she created her own crypto ball for clients to use at home.

“I first intended for it to be used before big events or to save stressed or problematic skin, but it’s so effective, many people use it every morning to de-puff and de-stress skin. The results are seriously impactful,” she says.

Enhance your glow even more by combining this therapy with Truly’s Mary Jane Glow Serum.



To make the most out of your facial ice globe, be sure to use it correctly.

For best results, start with a serum or cream to help the tool glide around the eye socket and across the face.

Starting from the top of your forehead, work the tool from the centre of your face outwards to drain the lymph and detoxify.

Move along to the brow area, followed by the eye area and then the cheekbones and cheeks. Always move from the centre, upwards and outwards. Finish the massage by working it across your jaw line, behind the ears, and at the nape of your neck.

Five to ten minutes per day is enough to see visible results and relieve your muscles of any tension.



If the technique is wrong, yes.

According to Hamm “it’s possible to damage skin cells if left in one spot for too long.” Avoid doing that and you should be fine.

He adds, “[Skin icing tools] are designed to stay cold, mess free, and drama free throughout the entire duration of the massage, all while providing the same benefits of skin icing.”

All in all, facial icing is considered a safe and effective treatment for brightening the complexion, diminishing puffy peepers, and tightening the skin.



No worries.

To give it a try, wrap an ice cube in a soft cotton face towel like Truly’s Face Towel. Apply to the skin, gently moving it around using the same technique as you would with an ice globe.

It works essentially in the same way. We do advise against applying ice directly to the skin as this can actually cause damage to the skin – especially when applied for prolonged periods of time.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your facial ice globe to arrive in the mail, take advantage of the ice in towel facial technique.





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