Riverdale Girls' Beauty Secrets

Riverdale Girls' Beauty Secrets
by Truly Beauty

If you've been catching up on Riverdale episodes this week, you've probably been reminded of how gorgeous the women of this drama-loaded town are. Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl - known in real life as Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch - are the epitome of natural beauty and glam. So naturally, we're just dyyyying to find out they're top beauty secrets. Is it Nuface therapy? Fancy New York esthetician sessions? That's what we want to find out!

Are you with us on uncovering the truth?

We've done some investigating (thanks, Betty!) and here's what we've found out about the Riverdale Girls' beauty routines. Get ready for a lot of intrigue, excitement, and suspense!



Lili Reinhart

Not unlike her on-screen character, Lili Reinhart doesn't shy away from the truth when it comes to her personal skincare issues - acne being one of them. The Riverdale star has often spoke out about her struggle with cystic acne. A truth we find both freeing and refreshing!

“I wash my face right when I wake up, and since going to bed with your makeup on is pretty much the worst thing you can do, I make sure to wash my face before I go to bed every night," Reinhart tells Byrdie. Simple, maybe - but nevertheless effective.

She also says she loves trying new products and that it's important to prevent your skin from becoming "desensitized to it." In other words: experimentation is good.

As for sunscreen, that's non-negotiable for Lili Reinhart. And it should be for us all. But Reinhart has good reason for standing so strongly with it. 

"My parents weren't diligent about using sunscreen when they were younger, and they both had skin cancer later in life," she tells Refinery29. "I've learned the importance of using sunscreen every single day, and I wear hats when I'm outside. I'm generally super protective of my skin."

When Reinhart isn't wearing her mane in her typical on-screen ponytail hairstyle, she takes good care of it using hydrating hair masks - which she wears overnight. 

And when the actress isn't filming, she embraces a natural beauty look, wearing very little makeup. Especially since she's been in quarantine, the star has enjoyed not having to get ready and dressed up - choosing to enjoy self-care sessions that come in the form of bubble baths. 

She also swears by Renee Rouleau moisturizers and peels that contain skincare ingredients like salicylic acid, blueberry extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

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Camila Mendes

The actress, known for playing Veronica Lodge in Riverdale, admits she's pretty minimal when it comes to her skincare routine. By the sounds of it, she doesn't use a slew of fancy beauty products. She focuses instead on keeping her golden brown skin healthy and moisturized. 

Too remedy the side effects of 15-hour days on set wearing pore-clogging makeup, Mendes relies on exfoliating skincare products. 

"Twice a week, and I do it during bath time, I’ll incorporate [exfoliating products] into my routine," she tells The Zoe Report.

In case you didn't know, exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells, clearing the pores and preventing blemishes. It's a great method for cleaning and decongesting clogged pores.

Mendes says she also loves products infused with retinol to target discoloration, scarring, and breakouts. And lives by a rosewater toner-slash-mist to balance her complexion and promote glowing skin. 

When it comes to her makeup routine, Mendes prefers to keep things simple too. She loves a no-makeup look with just a dab of concealer, dash of highlighter, a little eyeliner, and a swipe of mascara. 

One her favorite things is a wellness app called Forest. She claims she uses it a lot for the purpose of self-care and mental health nurturing. 

"It grows trees – every time you set a timer, it’ll grow a tree and by the end of the month or week you can look back and see all the trees you’ve grown. It’s really beautiful – little self-care trees!," Mendes tells Vogue. How awesome does that sound??? Got to get that!

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Madelaine Petsch

You probably know her better as Cheryl Blossom - aka, the Queen of Riverdale. Known on the show for her signature red lip and flowing copper mane, what's Petsch's real life look?

It could be just as high-maintenance.

In last year's Vogue makeup routine, the Riverdale star admitted her beauty regimen comprised of a whopping 38 steps.

"I like to take my time," she explains. "If that means I have to take two extra hours in the morning, I’m gonna do it." Good for her!

So what exactly do those 38 steps include? 

According to Petsch's makeup tutorial, her routine starts with de-puffing, sculpting, and lifting to prep her skin, followed by vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. She also preps her lips with a gentle exfoliator to get them smooth and plump. When the makeup comes on, it's a series of contouring, eye liner, eyeshadow, and a dab of Glossier’s cult cherry Balm Dotcom - to name a few.

Wow! She puts your average makeup artist to shame!

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We've definitely learned a lot since watching The CW's Riverdale show - like steering clear of men in black hoods and avoiding D&D at all costs. Now we've learned something about the beautiful women of Riverdale and how they do beauty and self-care. 

You hear so much about beauty from TikTok, stories about Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna, and interviews with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. Finally, we're getting to hear about our fave Riverdale women! About time!

Your face deserves some TLC. So use these tips above from the Riverdale ladies to pamper your skin. Whether you use our recommended products or whip up some DIY scrubs and lotions, it's time to enjoy some well-deserved TLC, Riverdale style! 




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