Testing Truly's Koozies: From Window Drops to Car Window Throws

Testing Truly's Koozies: From Window Drops to Car Window Throws
by Truly Beauty

A little over a month ago, we unveiled one our newest + most innovative skincare accessories: the Truly Koozie.

What is it? A protective product cover made from silicone that’s designed to keep your glass jars safe from slippery shower edges, sudsy hands, and unexpected travel drops. Pink, heart-embossed, and stamped with the Truly logo, this stylish little accessory offers super secure grip so you never have to worry about breaking a Truly jar again. And it’s eco-friendly too — you can reuse it hundreds of times!

It slides seamlessly ontoall of our larger jars (i.e. Acai, Buns, Collagen, Dulce, Cake, No Troubles Bubbles, Berry Cheeky, Nice Melons, etc.) for adorable coverage. Since the root cause of glass jar breakage is lack of protection, start protecting your precious Truly products with one — or several — of these fun and formidable Koozies.

While you can wrap your jars in a long-sleeve t-shirt, your snuggly jams, work shirt, or tank top, they’re typically not strong enough to shield your jars.

To show you just how awesome these silicone sleeves are, we decided to put them to the test by dropping them from all kinds of places. We’re up to six test drops so far. Wanna see which products she’s helped stay intact up to now? Scroll down to find out!


Koozie Durability Test Pt. 1: Dulce de Leches Polish + 100ft Top of the Window Garden DROP

Our first Koozie drop test began at the House of Truly headquarters — in our lovely lush garden. We took a tub of Dulce de Leches Boob and Belly Polish, covered it in one of our Koozie’s and threw it from the balcony’s open window. Obviously, we were convinced our Koozie would pass the durability test, but this was our first time and we were still a little nervous. Would it be shattered? Broken?

After running down to fetch it, we were relieved to find she looked perfect! No damage whatsoever! It was almost as if she’d never been thrown at all.

We knew it would probably survive in the first place...we just wanted to know for sure!



Koozie Durability Test Pt. 2: Buns of Glowry + 100ft Roof DROP

Throwing your fave butt polish off the roof doesn’t sound like the smartest idea. It would break...surely? We put it to the test to find out! After sliding Buns of Glowry Butt Polish into a Koozie, we threw it from the roof of our house.

Would it survive a concrete drop? It sure did!

You might think we’ve lost all common sense, but believe us when we say we have so much belief in our cute little Koozie, we’re willing to go to all lengths to show you how formidable she is! What can we say? We’re a brand that goes big or goes home! And we like to do things with a bang! 



Koozie Durability Test Pt. 3: Acai Polish + Throw Off the Venice Beach Pier

It might seem kinda unrealistic. Who’s really going to drop their Acai Your Boobies Polish from a pier? Well, beauty babes, it could be a scenario that happens to you at some point, so better to find out the outcome now, huh?

To show you just how strong she is against accidental damage, we slid one of our Koozies over an Acai Polish jar, and threw it off the Venice Beach Pier into the shallow sea. Did she survive the drop, or float away? Nope, she’s perfect apart from a break in the swirl!

Sure, we were nervous. Would she come through or simply get washed away with the tide — or broken? Luckily, she survived!



Koozie Durability Test Pt. 4: Unicorn Fruit Polish + Throw Out Of A Car Window

Turns out, our Truly Koozies can even protect your glass jars from accidental damage like dropping it out of the window of a moving vehicle — like your new car!

We threw it out of the window while driving to see if it would stand the drop. After parking up, opening the car door, and allocating the jar...it appeared as good as new. No scratches, dents, or even breaks in the swirl!

Again, it might not be the most realistic scenario, but at least you know that she’ll be safe even if she does wind up getting thrown out the window.



Koozie Durability Test Pt. 5: Full Skincare Routine in Bag + 50ft Roof Drop

We placed some Truly jars in a Koozie, packed them in our adorable Pink Duffle, and tossed it off the roof! What happened next will astound you!

Instead of running down to find a bag full of broken jars, we were faced with 4 perfectly intact products. And don’t worry, the duffle looked pretty good too.

So if you’re travelling and you accidentally drop your bag full of Truly jars, as long as they’re slid into a Koozie, they should be 100% safe. You can transport all your Truly jars with complete piece of mind.



Koozie Durability Test Pt. 6: Booty Swirls in Travel Pouch + Balcony Drop

Last week, we packed all our booty swirls in our NEW Mint Skincare Travel Pouch and gave them a lil’ toss from the balcony. Did they survive?! Of course they did!

These Koozies might look cute and pretty on the outside, but they’re basically shields for your skincare products. You can rely on them to keep your fave products safe and damage-free.




Make sure you check out our Instagram page to stay updated on our newest Koozie durability tests! We’ve got plenty more to come!

Tell us how you want us to test out our Koozies next!

From the living room coffee table, from a shower caddy, or from your high school locker? We’d love to hear your inspiration!




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