Meet Your New Fall Skincare Routine

Meet Your New Fall Skincare Routine
by Truly Beauty

Fall skincare should focus primarily on hydration, repair, and protection. As the vibrant colors of fall paint the landscape and the air turns refreshingly crisp, there’s no better time to start adopting a fall skincare routine to shield your skin from the plummeting temperatures. 

Perhaps the sun-soaked adventures of summer have left your skin yearning for a little TLC. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of fall skincare tips to repair summer’s mark on skin, such as dark spots and discoloration.

Ahead, your ultimate fall skincare routine and some tips for transitioning into the new season. 

How Does Skin Change in Fall?

Fall's arrival brings about several specific changes in environmental factors that can affect your skin in various ways:

Lower Humidity Levels: One of the most significant impacts of fall on the skin is the drop in humidity. As the air becomes drier, it can lead to increased water loss from the skin's surface. This, in turn, can cause the skin to lose its natural moisture, leading to dryness, flakiness, and tightness.

Cooler Temperatures: The cooler temperatures in the fall can constrict blood vessels, potentially reducing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This can result in a dull and pale complexion, as well as exacerbate issues like redness or rosacea.

Wind Exposure: Windy conditions in the fall can strip the skin of its protective oils, leaving it vulnerable to moisture loss and chapping. Windburn is a common issue, particularly for those with sensitive skin, which can cause redness, irritation, and discomfort.

Transitioning Wardrobe: As we switch to warmer clothing, the skin covered by layers can become prone to breakouts due to increased sweating and friction. This can lead to acne or skin irritation.

How Do I Prepare My Skin for Fall?

During the fall season, several factors can lead to changes in your skin, such as cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and other environmental shifts. To prepare your skin for fall, start using hydrating skincare products. From your cleanser to your toner and serum, you should be using products that seal in moisture rather than take it away. 

Fall skincare routine | She's Fall of it Bundle

She's Fall Of It
Fall-Inspired Skincare Routine

Some of the most common skin concerns in fall include dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, and rough skin texture. Fortunately, you can alleviate these issues with the right skincare formulas. 

5 Step Fall Skincare Routine 

 Fall skincare routine | model with serum on cheek

Skincare for fall is all about repairing any damage caused by sun exposure, strengthening the skin barrier with hydrating formulas, and protecting against UV rays–since they’re still there, even in the cooler months. Here’s an easy 5-step fall skin care routine for you to try this season.


Buff Away the Buildup of Sweat and SPF

After all those months of sweat, oil, and SPF, it’s the ideal time to start exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating in the fall is important for several reasons. During the transition from summer to fall, it helps remove accumulated dead skin cells from sun exposure, promoting smoother skin. 

What’s more, exfoliating prepares the skin to better absorb moisturizers and other skincare products for maximized benefits. And another good reason to start buffing: exfoliating helps to address any sun damage or uneven skin tone from the summer. 


Repair with Vitamin C

Before starting your fall skincare routine, take a good look at your skin and assess any damage caused by UV rays. For instance, are you seeing dark patches and uneven skin tone? Fine lines or wrinkles? If you do, it’s time to bring in a vitamin C serum or cream. 

Vitamin C helps to repair summer skin damage such as fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Thanks to its brightening effects, vitamin C can even out skin tone and give you a nice, healthy glow. This potent antioxidant even protects the skin from free radical environmental damage and can double the effectiveness of your daily sunscreen.


Layer Your Moisturizers 

One of the most common skin changes in fall is increased dryness. Even if you normally have oily skin, it’s not uncommon to experience dry skin in the autumn months. Generally speaking, it’s best to moisturize more–and with slightly richer formulas than you used in the summer.

However, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s best to layer on lighter moisturizers such as serums and lightweight creams to avoid clogging your pores. That said, everyone can benefit from using layers of moisturizers.

Choose serums, oils, and creams with hydrating, antioxidant-rich ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E.


Bring Back Retinol

Retinol can be worn in the summer, but dermatologists advise against it because it increases skin sensitivity to the sun. Retinol can thin the skin's outer layer, making it more vulnerable to UV radiation. Without proper sun protection, this may lead to an increased risk of sunburn. 

Using retinol in the fall can be beneficial as there's typically less sun exposure compared to summer, reducing the risk of sun sensitivity and skin damage. It's an ideal time to introduce retinol to your skincare routine, allowing your skin to adapt and potentially repair any summer sun damage.

Retinol can work all kinds of wonders for your skin. For starters, it can clear acne and fade discoloration thanks to its ability to increase skin cell turnover. Next, it boosts collagen and elastin production in the skin, helping to smooth out fine lines and firm up sagging skin. And finally, it gives skin an instant glow so you can look fresh and youthful throughout the season, and beyond.


Stay Protected with SPF

Your fall skincare routine should still include sunscreen. When people ask, how do you take care of your skin in the fall, they often don’t consider sunscreen. Yet, sun protection is essential for preventing visible signs of aging and skin cancer. 

According to dermatologists, SPFs are still essential because although the temperature drops in fall, there’s still radiation that can contribute to cumulative damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer. Opt for SPF 30 or higher for maximum protection.

Best Fall Skincare Routines 2023

Here are some of the best fall skin care bundles you can shop now that’ll keep your skin gleaming throughout the season.

Glazed Donut x Glass Skin Skincare Set

Fall skincare routine | Glass skin x glazed donut


Get dewy, supermodel-like skin this fall. This 4-step routine features an ultra-gentle and hydrating cleansing balm, two serums, and a face serum, which work together to blur pores, soften skin, and leave skin dewy and fresh. Key ingredients include niacinamide, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. 

Vegan Collagen Booster Set

Fall skincare routine | Vegan collagen booster set


A full face and body routine to keep you smooth and glowing all fall. It features a facial cleanser, serum, mask, body polish, and cream all infused with retinol, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster to leave skin plump and radiant.

6 Fall Skincare Tips, 6 Easy Swaps

Now you’ve got your fall skincare routine in place, here are some skincare tips for fall that you can follow to maintain fresh, glowing skin all season long.

1. Swap Light Moisturizers for Richer Creams

Swap your lightweight summer moisturizer for a richer, thicker cream in the fall. This helps combat the increased dryness associated with cooler temperatures and lower humidity. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, layer on hydrating serums instead.

2. Swap Stripping Soaps for Gentle Cleansers

Replace your soap with a hydrating, gentle cleanser. It will cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural oils, which is crucial in preventing dryness during the fall.

3. Swap Clay Masks for Gel Masks

Instead of using clay masks, opt for gel masks in the fall. Gel masks are more hydrating and soothing, making them ideal for replenishing moisture and soothing dry skin during the cooler months.

4. Swap Face Scrubs for Chemical Exfoliants

Transition from physical exfoliants (scrubs) to chemical exfoliants (like AHAs or BHAs) in the fall. Chemical exfoliants are often gentler and more effective at removing dead skin cells, helping to maintain a smoother complexion.

5. Swap Body Lotions for Body Butter

Swap your lightweight summer body lotion for a rich, whipped body butter. Body butters are intensely hydrating, typically with a base of shea or cocoa butter. They help alleviate dry, flaky skin, which is common in the fall due to cooler temperatures, hotter showers, and indoor heating.

6. Swap Shaving Creams for Shaving Butters

Fall's cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels can leave your skin feeling drier and more sensitive, which is why it's a good idea to replace traditional shaving creams with shaving butters. 

Shaving butters are formulated with emollients and occlusives such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that provide a protective barrier during shaving. This added moisture helps prevent irritation and dryness, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience. 

Watch our fall skincare routine tutorial:



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