How to Fix Tired Eyes

How to Fix Tired Eyes
by Truly Beauty

Whether you're sleep deprived or you've been binging all week on your fave Netflix series, tired eyes are a thing. They typically come in three different forms: dark circles, puffiness, and dryness.

If you want to look less like you woke up at 3 a.m., and more like you've had a full 8 hours of sleep, here are some tricks for fixing fatigued eyes.


#1: Give Yourself an Eye Massage

Since the female body retains water, it's easy to end up with under-eye bags even if you're getting plenty of sleep. When you're sleep deprived or stressed, fluids accumulate around your eyes even more.

Stimulate blood flow around the eye area by giving yourself a quick morning eye massage. Simply massage in a brightening or de-puffing eye cream like Eye Candy Anti-Puff Eye Cream. Chill it in the fridge overnight for enhanced de-puffing effects. Your puffy eyes will look better in no time!


#2: Curl Your Lashes

Resist the urge to apply tons of concealer if you've got puffy peepers. We know it makes sense. Concealer is there to conceal things, after all, right? Trouble is, it'll only make your eyes look worse.

Instead, curl your lashes and swipe on a couple of coats of mascara. It's a makeup artist-approved quick fix for waking up tired eyes. They use this trick all the time on models!


#3: Apply Potato Slices

Dark circles are actually broken capillaries and blood vessels that are visible through thin undereye skin. They typically appear as a result of lack of sleep. However, they can also occur when you're sick or due to eye strain.

A great hack for lightening dark under-eye circles is layering potato slices over your eyes. Usually, it's cucumbers. But according to science, potatoes contain a skin-lightening enzyme called catecholase that helps brighten your skin over time. 

Want to give this trick a try for yourself? Lie back with a thin slice of potato over each eye. Then leave them on for 10-15 minutes to let them work their magic. For best results, do this twice a week. Your peepers should look brighter than ever within the next few days. You'll need to be consistent, though!


#4: Chill Your Eyes

A quick way to wake up your eyes is to place chilled metal spoons over your eyes. The cold temperature helps tighten swollen skin. You can also use the spoons to massage your eye area to jumpstart lymphatic drainage. 

Alternatively, use any cold compress. It could be a washcloth soaked in cool water or refrigerated tea bags. Either way, if you want to get rid of fluid retention and improve skin tone and texture under eyes, be sure to chill them.

Another important factor to remember: Make sure your pillow props your head up enough that you're not lying flat in order to allow fluid to circulate properly.


#5: Try Eye Drops

Soothing and lubricating, eye drops can be the five hours of sleep you missed out on. No, seriously. Eye drops really are effective at counteracting dry, tired eyes. If you want your peepers to sparkle and instantly look more awake, apply your favorite eye drops.

If you have an eye condition or any concerns, speak to your eye doctor before starting any over-the-counter products. 


#6: Blink More

Digital eye strain is becoming very common. Fortunately, it can be easily fixed with regular blinking. Ideally, you should blink your eyes about 30 times per minute to get the eye muscles working and support overall eye health.

Anyone who uses digital devices on a daily basis should definitely up their blinking quota. Besides preventing dry eyes and strain, it'll also make your peepers look brighter.


#7: Pop an Antihistamine

If you're noticing dark circles cropping up during allergy season, speak to your doctor about taking an antihistamine. It could be allergies causing dark circles and puffiness. 

"Allergens cause swelling in the vessels under your skin, and rubbing your eyes can bruise those same vessels, resulting in a darker shadow," says Robert Mirsky, an ophthalmologist in New Jersey.


#8: Try Our Vegan Collagen Booster Bundle

If fine lines and creases are accumulating around your eyes, that's a clear sign you need to start an anti-aging skincare routine asap.

Give our Vegan Collagen Booster Bundle a try. It features a facial cleanser, serum, face mask, and body lotion formulated with firming retinol, brightening vitamin C, and conditioning vegan collagen for radiant, youthful skin. You can also use the serum around your eye area to smooth out creases, diminish darkness, and improve overall texture.


#9: Apply Creamy Concealer to Dark Circles

Concealers might not be so great at disguising bags, but they're great for minimizing the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

"I usually prefer a light, creamy concealer that dries to a light powdery finish—like a sheer cream or liquid," explains celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass. "You want it to be creamy enough to glide over fine lines and blend well, but it needs to set so that it doesn’t move. If it’s too thick or dry, it will settle into lines and exaggerate them."


#10: Drink Lots of Water

It might not be all that computer screen time that's to blame for under-eye puffiness. It could be that you're dehydrated. Dehydration can happen when you're not drinking enough water, or when you're drinking too much alcohol. 

To minimize waking up puffy, be sure to drink more water than you're drinking now. And cut down on the booze!


Do you have a chronic case of tired eyes? Eye care should always be one of your top priorities. If you haven't got them checked for a few years, be sure to book an eye exam to check your peepers are working their best. Or if you're experiencing unusual symptoms like eye twitching, let your eye doctor evaluate and see what's going on.

Tired eyes are tiring to deal with. With a few simple hacks, you can reclaim your wide, bright eyes once more.



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