How to Get Rid of Smile Lines

How to Get Rid of Smile Lines
by Truly Beauty

If you've been googling how to get rid of smile lines, you've arrived at the right place. Smile lines, or laughter lines as they're also known, are no laughing matter if you like your skin to be smooth and wrinkle-free.

The question is, what are they? What causes them? And is there a way to get rid of smile lines? Ahead, we cover it all!


What are Smile Lines?

Smile lines, or laugh lines, are vertical lines that extend from the sides of the nose and around the mouth. There are two types of smile lines: dynamic wrinkles (those you see with movement) and static wrinkles (those you see when your face doesn't move). 

Dynamic wrinkles are really common as we use the muscles around the mouth and eyes when smiling, blinking, and doing basically any facial expression. Static wrinkles are the ones you want to prevent as these are harder to treat.

The good news is, smile lines are incredibly common and a natural part of the aging process. With regards to how to get rid of smile lines, a skincare routine filled with hydrating, collagen-boosting product should be enough to reduce the appearance of laughter lines. 


What Causes Smile Lines?

Smile lines occur due to a natural decrease in collagen and elastin in the skin. These are the proteins responsible for keeping skin smooth and supple, but production plummets as you age. Smile lines also happen with loss of volume in the cheek area. The cheek area has seven fat pads that descend with time. When these fat pads shift, smile lines become more prominent.

While smile lines are an inevitable part of the aging process, certain lifestyle factors can worsen their appearance. For instance, smoking, sun damage, drastic weight loss, dehydration, or diet.


How to Get Rid of Smile Lines

Here are some of the best tips for how to get rid of smile lines ASAP at home.


Use Collagen-Boosting Skincare Products

Since loss of collagen and elastin is one of the main contributors to the development of smile lines, an effective way to smooth out wrinkles is by using collagen-boosting skincare products. And to find them, you'll need to take a look at the ingredients label.

Some of the best collagen-stimulating ingredients include retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). You'll find these ingredients in all kinds of products, ranging from cleansers to serums, creams and masks.

Be sure to build out a skincare routine full of collagen-boosting products to smooth out smile lines. This is one of the best ways when it comes to how to get rid of smile lines.


Exfoliate With Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Chemical exfoliants like lactic acid and glycolic acid do a whole lot more than exfoliate. AHAs unglue the dead bonds between the skin cells and buff away the upper layer on skin, revealing fresh, bright skin underneath.

With the removal of dead skin cells, these AHAs absorb deeper into skin, eliminating collagen fibers and encouraging the production of new collagen. What's more, studies show that AHAs improve overall skin texture and work well for surface fine lines and wrinkles.


Try Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a skin resurfacing technique that removes the top layer of skin cells to reveal the lower layer of new skin. According to dermatologists, laser therapy is an effective treatment to decrease dark spots and wrinkles.

Fraxel laser is a form of laser treatment that can help with regards to how to get rid of smile lines. It promotes rapid healing by stimulating collagen production, creating a more youthful appearance.


Consider Fillers

There are various ways you can treat smile lines without having to go under the needle. For starters, a skincare routine filled with collagen-boosting formulas can work wonders for fading smile lines.

However, if you have severe smile lines or you're looking for a super quick fix to plump them out, fillers that contain hyaluronic acid are worth considering. While they offer an immediate result, you should know that fillers can be expensive and results last for approximately six to 12 months.



How to Prevent Smile Lines

Here are some ways you can prevent smile lines from forming.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

It's not the way for how to get rid of smile lines, but it will help prevent them. Daily SPF application helps prevent aging and the deepening of lines as well as loss of elasticity. Most importantly, it prevents skin cancer.

Opt for SPF 30 or higher to get the best possible protection when outside. Apply every two hours to stay protected and ward off smile lines. 


Moisturize Consistently

Regular and consistent use of an antioxidant-enriched moisturizer can help improve the quality of collagen in the skin. Consistently moisturizing the skin can help both prevent and fade laugh lines.

Look for a hydrating formula with ingredients like hyaluronic acid. You'll find this ingredient in many face creams and serums as it's a well-known humectant that draws in moisture and seals it in for long-lasting hydration. And when skin is consistently hydrated, wrinkling becomes less common. Plus, moisturizing improves overall skin texture, making your complexion appear visibly smoother.


Invest in a Satin Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases create less friction on the skin than cotton pillowcases. This means your skin is less likely to experience sleep-related creases when you sleep on satin.

In addition to preventing line formation, satin pillowcases absorb less moisture, meaning your skin stays hydrated throughout your slumbers.


The Best Treatments For Smile Lines

If you're trying to figure out how to get rid of smile lines we've rounded up the best products you can use to get smooth.

Vegan Collagen Booster Set

how to get rid of smile lines | vegan collagen booster set


Everything you need for smooth, supple skin. Featuring a cleanser, face mask, serum, body polish, and body cream--formulated with retinol, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster.


Starface Jelly Sleep Mask

how to get rid of boob acne | starface sleep mask


An AHA-powered overnight face mask that plumps and renews skin. Starface Sleep Mask gently exfoliates the skin to soften the appearance of smile lines and leave skin glowing. 


Bonne Nuit Beaute Satin Sleep Set

How to get rid of smile lines | Satin sleep set


Get your beauty sleep with this luxe Satin Sleep Set. It features a lineup of the lushest sleep accessories: a standard size pillowcase, eye mask, headband, and a cute scrunchie! This vegan sleep set is your frizz- and crease-free solution to a good night’s sleep and a silky smooth morning.



Smile lines are normal, natural, and extremely common. They're nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, you should be proud to have them etched on your face, because it shows you're one happy babe!

Best of all, you can treat and prevent smile lines with the right skincare products and consistency. You can also reduce the formation of wrinkles around the lips through a few small changes in your daily life. Adopt healthy habits like staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep at night, and drinking alcohol in moderation. Are you a smoker? Put down that cigarette to stop smile lines from forming. 

Now that you know all the ways on how to get rid of smile lines, you can get started with your collagen-boosting skincare routine and look forward to a smoother future.



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