How to Make Your Skincare Routine More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Skincare Routine More Eco-Friendly
by Truly Beauty

If you care about the planet and your future (and the future of your loved ones of course!), a good place to start is with your skincare routine.

Sadly, the beauty industry is among the world's largest polluters. According to Euromonitor International, 152.1 billion units of beauty packaging were sold globally in 2018 alone. Most of that plastic packaging will never be recycled.

We don't know about you, but we're not prepared to give up on beauty just yet. What we are more than willing to do, however, is make some adjustments to make our beauty routines and our carbon footprint -- cleaner.

Here's how to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly in 2022. 


Choose a Beauty Brand that Follows Eco-Friendly Practices

First things first, shop with a brand that takes sustainable beauty seriously. Stop supporting the brands that are doing nothing about harmful ingredients and single-use plastic. Invest your money in a company that cares.

From eco-friendly packaging to sustainable ingredients, check they've covered the bases before you become a regular customer. Today, you no longer need to compromise on quality, smell, or texture when it comes to cleansers, creams, and serums. You can have effective, natural and sustainable all at once. 

Nobody knows this better than us -- Truly. We are changing the way you shop beauty by providing a combination of natural, vegan ingredients with clean non-organics and cruelty-free practices.


Make Use of What You Have

Nowadays, there's so much choice out there with regards to beauty products. You don't just have two or three body washes to choose from. You have hundreds. While it's nice to have all that choice, it can contribute to the issue of waste. Some people buy one thing, realize it's not working for them, and then throw it away. Don't be that person.

If you want to maintain a sustainable beauty routine from this year onwards, start using up what you have before buying more. Got something you can't use? Give it to a friend or sell it. Just don't throw it away. From your lotions to makeup remover wipes, give your skincare products a new home instead of adding half-used bottles to crowded landfills.

Beauty trends come and go. Decide whether you really need something before buying it to cut your risk of it ending up in the trash. Every product you buy comes with an environmental impact -- either positive or negative. Make the positive choice every time.


Reuse Your Empties

You'll find that almost all beauty products come in packaging that's refillable. Simply wash them out, dry them, and use them to store other beauty products -- or anything else that needs a home.

Whether you've just finished your tub of moisturizer or bottle of toner, you can use these empties to store swabs, cotton pads, or makeup brushes, or to make your DIY beauty formulations.

Reusing your empties is a form of recycling. And the best part is, you can use them for anything -- including creating DIY gifts for planet-friendly friends and family members. Or those who need a little nudge!


Look Out For Recyclable Packaging 

Packaging should definitely be the main focus. 

"What you want to look for is something that has compostable, easily recyclable, refillable, or reusable packaging—or better yet, no packaging," says eco-lifestyle expert Ashlee Piper. It's worth looking for easily recycle materials, like aluminum, bamboo, and glass.

Alternatively, choose products that are packaging free, such as shampoo bars. This way, you're promoting zero-waste! Try to limit your use of single-use products like makeup wipes and opt for sustainable products instead.

FYI: here at Truly, our typical packaging of choice is glass.


Swap Single-Use Products for Reusable Ones

Invest in reusable cotton pads, razors, soaps, shampoos, and swabs. Skincare and haircare products can come in both forms, but it's always best to invest in products that can be used multiple times -- for the sake of the planet.


Steer Clear of Parabens and Other Harmful Ingredients

For your health, skin, and the environment, start using clean beauty products. That means swapping out those filled with parabens and other harmful ingredients for those that don't contain them -- like all the products at Truly.

Our cleansers, serums, oils, creams, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks are all made with high-performing, clean ingredients. They're designed to treat your skin and hair concerns -- the clean way.


Streamline Your Skincare Routine

As much as we adore beauty, it's good to keep things pretty simple if you want to support clean living. That's why we've developed a number of streamlined skincare routines for every skin type and concern.

If you're looking for an anti-aging routine, try our Vegan Collagen Skincare Bundle which features a facial cleanser, serum, mask, and body lotion. To clear up your blemishes, reach for our CBD Jelly Bundle. It comes with a facial cleanser, toner, serum, and body wash to zap away zits. Dealing with dullness? Don't worry. Our Glowing Skin Bundle is here to bring back your glow. It features a face mist, serum, and cream to infuse hydration and promote a radiant, dewy complexion.


Swap Sheet Masks for Face Masks

Despite their popularity, sheet masks are not compostable and they generate a lot of waste. If you want to follow a more eco-friendly skincare routine, go with traditional face masks that come in a tub or tube, like those you'll find at Truly.

This way, you get multiple uses out of one mask instead of just one use out of one mask. We know, we know...sheet masks are awesome. The trouble is, they're not so awesome for the planet.


At Truly, we're always trying to be better with regards to our carbon footprint. As much as we dig beauty, we know how much waste the industry accounts for. That said, there are multiple ways you can do things differently and reduce your carbon footprint.

From shopping with eco-friendly brands to actively seeking out sustainable packaged products, the choices you make have a lasting impact. So be sure to make the right ones!




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