Keep Cool + De-Puff Your Skin W/ These Refrigerated Skincare Products

Keep Cool + De-Puff Your Skin W/ These Refrigerated Skincare Products
by Truly Beauty

Storing skincare products in the fridge isn't new. But we certainly need reminding of why it's worth doing!

According to the derms, refrigerating your eye creams, moisturizers, face masks, and face mists can do a myriad of magnificent things - from de-puffing your skin to lengthening your products' lifelines.  

In fact, some beauty products work best in the fridge. 

At Truly, we have several products that need refrigerating for maximum skin-beautifying results.

Let us show you which ones - and why they benefit from refrigeration.



All Our Butters

If you want to maintain your body butter's luxurious whipped texture, be sure to store it in your beauty fridge - because that's where it belongs.

Because our butters have a base of shea butter and melt easy in 90+ degree temperatures, we advise against keeping them in your bathroom cabinet or bedroom drawer. Refrigerate them instead to maintain their fluffy texture and help prevent the natural ingredients inside from going bad.

From our GLOAT Lip Butter to our Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter, maintain the integrity and effectiveness of these skincare items by storing them in a beauty refrigerator instead of at room temperature. 


Our Night Masks

Besides feeling extra amazing to fall asleep in during these hot and sweaty temps, refrigerated night masks also de-puff and reduce irritation so you can wake up with clear, smooth, de-puffed skin. Applying it cold can also boost its effective in treating fine lines, brightening dull skin, and locking in hours of hydration.

Because our Starface Jelly Sleep Mask contains vitamin C and retinol, it's important to keep these active ingredients cool so they don't become unstable and thereby less effective.

Our nourishing Goodnight Moon Chest/Neck Sleep Mask is also best kept in the fridge as it contains many natural ingredients and the active ingredient hyaluronic acid. Chilling it will maximize its effects. 


Our Vitamin C Serum

Chill your vitamin C products to keep them stable and extend their shelf life.

"Vitamin C is historically unstable, so keeping it in the fridge makes sure that it stays stable longer because you don't have to worry about it getting in the sun and getting oxidized," says Ryan Sullivan, co-founder of The Beauty Spy. "Over time, you're going to save money because you're using products longer and not throwing them out because they've lost effectiveness."

Sounds good to us!

Are you housing our Vegan Collagen Skincare Bundle in your bathroom cabinet? It should be in your makeup fridge instead! Since all the products in this anti-aging skincare routine contain vitamin C, you'll need to keep 'em cool to keep 'em working their best. 


Our De-Puff Eye Cream

Is the heat wave making it tough to get a good night’s sleep? Then you've probably noticed a spot of puffiness appearing beneath your eyes...right? Same! 

There’s nothing like a super-chilled eye cream or eye mask to help reduce unwanted eye bags and shadows in the AM. All the more reason to put your eye products in the fridge!

According to New York City-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, "Throwing them in the fridge adds an extra cooling and de-puffing effect. The cold restricts the blood vessels, so it instantly reduces puffiness and redness." 

Throw our Eye Candy Anti-Puff Eye Cream in your fridge to reap all those de-puffing benefits!


Our After Sun Kit

A cooled product can help with inflammation and redness! 

If you're dealing with sunburn, the best thing you can do to ease the pain and quell the scarlet hue is apply refrigerated products. 

Our After Sun Kit features a body balm, mask, and serum which are formulated with soothing, hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, watermelon, jojoba oil, and mango. These products offer intense calming effects when kept in your mini fridge.


Our Lemon Face Mist

How about an icy, refreshing face mist on a scorching hot day?! 

For instant relief from hot, sticky skin, be sure to store our Lemonade Mist in your fridge so you can enjoy a soothing, calming spritz whenever you need a cooldown. 

It'll also make it last longer!

"A fridge actually allows you to get the most out of your product for the longest period of time," says Sullivan. "If you keep some products on your bathroom counter, for example, they may be exposed to the sun, left open or cross contaminated."

That goes for your toners and lotions too!



Your Jade Roller or Gua Sha Tool

According to Engelman, keeping skincare tools like metal rollers and rose quartz tools in the fridge can quickly bring down puffiness and dark circles by promoting lymphatic drainage.

In addition to its anti-puff effects, storing your skincare tools in the fridge can deliver pore minimizing effects when used to apply your skincare products.


Your Sheet Masks

Want to soothe your sensitive skin and reduce redness? Slap on a chilled sheet mask for instant relief. 

A study also shows that refrigerated skin care products can lower the temperature of the skin, reducing oil production and preventing breakouts.


Your Nail Polish

Nail polish is prone to turning tacky - but this happens way more quickly when you're storing it at room temperature. To extend the life line of your fave shade, try storing it in the fridge and shaking it before every use.

The cooler temperature will maintain the integrity of the solvents inside your polish and make it last months - or even years - longer!


Natural Products with No Preservatives

Love making DIY skincare potions? You'll need to keep your creations in the fridge if you want to stop them going bad.

Products without preservatives must be refrigerated to maintain their texture, effectiveness, and smell.


Want to keep cool and de-puffed through this sweltering summer? Store a few of our skincare essentials in your fridge so you can enjoy their calming, soothing, deflating effects! 

In doing so, you'll improve your skin, your sleep, and your sanity!




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