Rose Extract: You'll Fall in Love Once You Hear These 6 Beauty Benefits

Rose Extract: You'll Fall in Love Once You Hear These 6 Beauty Benefits
by Truly Beauty

Roses aren't just nice to look at. They're also wonderful for the skin. In fact, rose extract is a popular ingredient in skin care and the reason why is because it's packed with antioxidants and compounds that offer anti-aging and healing properties.

The two species of roses used in skin care are: rosa damascena and rosa centifolia. The former comes from Bulgaria and has a deep, potent aroma. It also has the highest oil content and can be used as a flavoring in baking and frosting. Rosa centifolia - also known as the Moroccan Rose - on the other hand, has a lighter, sweeter scent and is used strictly in the beauty industry. It doesn't have such an intense flavor and wouldn't normally be used as a flavoring in food products.


Natural rose extract is the use of roses extracted in a bottle. Rose water is rose petals steeped in boiling water that produces flower water, often used as a toner or in lotion.

The main difference between the two is price. Pure rose oil, also known as extract, is much more expensive to produce as it takes around 110kg of petals to produce just one ounce of rose oil. It's also a demanding process that requires petals to be picked by hand early in the morning to prevent the oil from evaporating when the sun rises too high.

Rose water is a byproduct of the distillation process that produces rose extract. It is much cheaper to produce and offers similar benefits.


Rosehip oil, rose essential oil, rose water, and rose petal extract. It can all get a little confusing, but here's the good news: all of them are awesome!

Rose water is one of the most common skin care products. It's used in everything from tonics to lotions and is an excellent cleansing and anti-aging product. Most skin types can tolerate this as it is so gentle and natural. You can also use it to add natural flavors to wedding cakes and other rose flavored food products.

Rose essential oils are also popular and used along with other aromatherapy oils like lavender extract oil. It's made through the pressing of rose flower petals to extract rose oil.

Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of the rose bush plant. You can find it in many skin care products.

Rose petal extract is often confused as an alternative to vanilla extract. However, you should know that it's much more than just a flavor extract. With its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, pure rose extract is an excellent skin care product that can work wonders for your complexion.


It calms

Rose flower extract is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient that's also useful at reducing the appearance of scars. Small amounts of oil are needed to calm the skin and any redness that may be present. Just as a whiff of pure rose extract can ease the mind, so can a few drops of oil calm the skin.

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It plumps

Rose extract is high in vitamin c, which stimulates collagen production and vitamin a, which treats lines and wrinkles. Pure rose oil is certainly an excellent addition to your anti-aging skin care regimen. Forget adding it to your cheesecake, cookie recipe or in cake top florets. Add it to your daily toner or lotion instead.


It protects

Natural rose extract is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals caused by UV light and pollution. By neutralizing the effects of this environmental stress, your skin will be exposed to less damage and receive the protection it needs from regular application of pure rose oil. So if your skin doesn't react too well to retinol, you can choose this calmer alternative that is extremely soothing for sensitive skin. In fact, it's great for all skin types.


It hydrates

Rose petals contain sugars and natural oils that trap moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. Thus, your skin will look softer, smoother and dewier. This essential oil is also rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids that keep your skin soft and moisturized.

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It brightens

Pure rose extract isn't just a flavoring in wedding cakes, sorbet and ice cream. You also don't need a floral bouquet to appreciate the wonders of the rose flower. In addition to brightening your mood, extracted rose petals can also brighten your complexion. So if you're suffering from a case of the old dull skin dilemma, use natural rose extract to boost your complexion and see an instant improvement. That's the awesome thing about the use of roses - you can use them for so many things and you feel the affects as soon as it's applied.


It cleanses

Did you know you can also use rose extract as a makeup remover? Yep, that's because pure rose extract contains a natural antibacterial agent that effectively cleanses the skin and prevents the growth of bacteria. It will clear and grime from your pores, leaving you with clean and dewy skin. You also don't have to worry about irritation because pure rose extract is natural and calming for the skin. Just add small amounts of oil - a few drops - onto a cotton pad and apply it circular motions all over the face and neck to remove all traces of makeup and residue.


Clearly, rose extract boasts a huge amount of beauty benefits. It would be a shame to miss out on all those benefits, wouldn't it? Provided that you purchase pure rose extract that's completely natural and organic, this stuff offers incredible benefits for your skin. From boosting collagen production to shielding skin from environmental aggressors, rose flower extract can only do great things for your skin. Plus, it's calming and soothing, which means even those with super sensitive skin can enjoy the advantages of this oil.


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