This Bacne Routine Could Work in as Little as 2 Weeks

This Bacne Routine Could Work in as Little as 2 Weeks
by Truly Beauty

Bacne. The latest unlikely side effect of lockdown. You may have swerved spots for most of your life, but that doesn’t leave you immune to bacne breakouts. In fact, it’s becoming way more common than you’d think.

With home workouts the new norm, more people are choosing to check emails, scroll through FB, or cook dinner as opposed to jumping in the shower. And unfortunately, your skin is paying the price.

A survey found that 73 percent of people don’t shower or bathe after a workout session. All that sweat that’s just sitting on your skin – it’s leading to body breakouts. On the back, arms, chest, and even buttocks. 

“Your back, like your face, has sebaceous glands that secrete sebum which can combine with dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt and sweat to block the hair follicles and create inflamed pores, leading to bacne,” says dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder. Postponing those post-workout showers is only giving bacteria a better chance to brew.

Still, that’s not the only culprit behind your body breakouts. Let’s uncover what else could be causing your bacne and what you can actually do about it. 



Sweat from tough workouts is a major contributor to back breakouts, but it isn’t the only one. Hormones also play a huge role.

“For women, whether we are about to start our menstrual cycle, pregnant or nursing, or have PCOS, we will experience shifts in our hormones,” explains Pamela Marshall, clinical aesthetician and owner of Mortar and Milk clinic. “When oestrogen is dipping it means androgen is in abundance and can send messages to our sebaceous glands to produce more oil.” And that results are more breakouts. 

Here, a bacne routine with recommended products for a flawless, breakout-free body.



Choose Acne-Fighting Ingredients

Specific ingredients directly address breakouts. The main ones: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. 

According to dermatologist Dandy Engleman, the latter is especially effective. 

“It actually can penetrate into the pore to dissolve dead skin-cell buildup,” she explains. It also helps your skin shed its top layer, keeping your pores clear and preventing future breakouts.

To banish your back acne, try Truly’s Bacne Routine Bundle. It features four salicylic acid and CBD-infused skincare products: a body cleanser, body toner, body mask, and acne patches. It’s a four-step daily routine for keeping your body smooth, clear, and blemish-free. Scroll down to find out exactly what’s inside and how to use it. 


Let Products Penetrate Your Skin

Many people make the mistake of washing acne-formulated products off their skin too quickly, without giving them a chance to do their job. But it’s crucial to let a product have enough time to penetrate your skin. 

“You should apply your cleanser, let it sit, lather it up while you sing the alphabet, then rinse off,” advises dermatologist Joshua Zeichner.

If you’re applying a topical acne product after you bath or shower, let it dry before getting dressed, as salicylic acid can stain clothes. 


Shower Straight After Exercise

Don’t just sit around letting the sweat fester on your skin. Instead, jump in the shower right away to clean off the sweat and grime. 

“I also remind athletes that getting in the shower and rinsing off soon after a workout can help minimize the effects of irritation from the sweat and occlusion of wet clothing,” says Dr. Hilary C. Reich.

No time or chance to shower? Wipe yourself down instead – seriously, anything’s better than nothing!



To keep your shoulders, back, buttocks and boobs acne-free, try following this daily body skincare routine.


  1. Wash Your Back

… in Truly’s CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Cleanser. If acne extends to other parts of your body, make sure you use it in those areas too. 

Spend 60 seconds massaging the cleanser into your back. Let it really sink in. Then rinse off with warm water. 


  1. Apply Toner

After showering and drying off your skin, dispense Truly’s CBD Jelly Toning Solution onto a cotton pad and glide it across your bacne. It’ll cleanse away dirt and exfoliate the skin for an overall clear and smooth complexion.


  1. Put on a Mask

Truly’s CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Mask blends salicylic acid, CBD, and watermelon to purify skin, while simultaneously nourishing it for de-congested, clarified skin. 

Apply the mask to affected areas, leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse. For best results, use 3x per week.


  1. Treat Pimples with Patches

For those red and angry looking pimples that pop up on your back or chest, stick on one of Truly’s Hemp Acne Patches. It’ll prevent you from picking, and quickly dry out your breakouts thanks to its formulation of hemp, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, and hydrocolloid. 

Apply a sticker directly over the pimple on freshly cleansed skin. Leave it on for several hours or overnight. Remove and re-apply a new one until the pimple heals.


This bacne routine was designed to keep breakouts at bay and give you the confidence to stop stressing over bacne zits. As long as you stay consistent with this routine, you’ll see your pimples clearing up in no time. 

How long will it take to see results from this bacne routine? It depends on how severe your acne is. If it’s mild, you could see results in as little as two weeks. More severe cases may take longer and may even require oral medication to get rid of bacne.

“It takes 28 days for the skin cells to turnover fully, but the glands are more permanent and deeper structures,” explains dermatologist Charlie Mitchell. “However as long as the irritations of blocked pores, excessive rubbing or staying moist for too long is removed, they should settle down.” 

So keep up the good work, shower off post-sweat sessions immediately, and make Truly’s Bacne Routine a daily priority. This is your chance to finally beat bacne. 



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