Wind Down Tonight with this 10-Minute Beauty Routine

Wind Down Tonight with this 10-Minute Beauty Routine
by Truly Beauty

Has today been one of those days?

While you may just want to just crawl under the covers and fall straight to sleep, both of us know that's not going to happen tonight. That's the cruel thing about chaotic days. They leave you tired, frazzled, and yet struggling to switch off.

To help you unwind, try this 10-minute beauty routine this evening so you can relax, switch off, and enjoy a truly restful night's sleep.


  1. Spritz the Air with Adaptogens

Take your bedtime routine to a whole new level of zen with Truly's Adaptogenic Spa Mist.

It's made with a stress-melting blend of adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha and calming natural ingredients like Eucalyptus oil. These ingredients work together to heighten the senses, promote clearer breathing, and calm your mind, creating a zen environment. 

Spritz the air with this calming shower mist before beginning the process to bring you in your zen zone. It'll help address the effects of stress on your mind and body for a more restful night of beauty sleep. You'll wake up feeling transformed. 


  1. Cleanse Away Your Troubles

There's something extremely therapeutic about cleansing your skin. The simple act of washing away the day's dirt, dead skin cells, and oil build-up is a calming ritual that can instantly help relax your mind. Besides that, it's a really important step in any skincare routine -- especially your nighttime routine as that's when your skin's accumulated the most grime throughout the day.

Truly's Super Matcha Facial Cleanser uses four skin-chilling ingredients: rose, vitamin C, lavender, and green tea. Soothing, clearing, and completely hydrating, it's the perfect cleanser for helping you wind down tonight. Plus, your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated the next day

In addition to helping skincare products penetrate better (cleaner skin, better penetration!), this face wash can help remove everyday makeup like mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, red lip, bronzer, and concealer

Simply put two pumps into wet hands, rub together to create a nice foamy lather, and massage into your face and neck for one minute. Rinse thoroughly.


  1. Get Glowy, Feel Glowy

You know how dressing up and looking glam instantly makes you feel that way inside? Well, it works the same way with skincare. In other words, if you get your skin glowing, you should start feeling sunshine-y from the inside. 

You can achieve glowing skin with Truly's Mary Jane CBD Glow Serum. It's made with a collagen-boosting, anti-aging, glow-inducing blend of retinol, hemp, glycolic acid, caffeine to firm, brighten, and replenish hydration. This formula can treat everything from dullness to dryness, acne to aging. And it's one of our fave beauty hacks for getting skin glowing in minutes.

Apply a couple of drops of the serum onto clean skin and gently pat into skin for optimal absorption. Within minutes, your skin should start looking waaaay more radiant. And that in itself is a way to feel better, happier, and generally just more chill.



  1. Moisturize Mindfully

Self-care is all about paying attention to your wants and needs, and fulfilling them. It's also about being present, being mindful, and enjoying every second of now.

This evening, pay a little more attention to the way your moisturizer feels against your skin, how it smells, and what senses it generates. Spend more time massaging it into your skin so you can really feel the touch of the lotion on your skin. 

Instead of simply slapping it on and hoping for the best, try incorporating a centuries-old massaging technique to make moisturizing just that little bit more mindful.

Using your three central fingers on both hands, move upwards from your chin and outwards across your face. This technique helps drain toxins from your face and leaves skin plump, firm, and glowing. It will also help relax your facial muscles and release any tension that's built up in the day. It’s an ideal pre-bed wellness ritual to instantly feel more at ease.

Truly's Cream Skin Face Cream is a hydrating, rejuvenating formula made with hyaluronic acid and sea kelp to attract and retain moisture in the skin for dewiness that lasts.


  1. Breathe

This should actually be part of your morning routine to reduce your overall stress levels. However, it's especially important at night to secure a restful night's sleep. 

Unfortunately, not too many consider the importance of breathing when it comes to both mental and physical wellbeing. And yet, it's a free, quick fix for instant relief. 

To complete your beauty routine, spend a little time focusing on your breathing to help you feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

We recommend trying the 4-7-8 breath, an ancient breathing technique that involves inhaling, holding, and exhaling while counting in your head. It quickly removes the body from a fight or flight state, calms your mind, and sends you to slumber-land.

Here's how to do it: breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7, and exhale for a count of 8. Repeat the cycle 5 times. You can do this sitting up in bed with a dimmed light or once you’re snuggled under your sheets. 


Everyone from Selena Gomez to Sabrina Carpenter, Bebe Rexha to Saweetie have opened up about experiencing anxiety. You are not alone. Need proof of that? Head over to pretty much any social media platform, whether TikTok or Twitter, and you'll hear the conversations going on about anxiety. It's super normal, common, and yet, still a little bit scary.

Behind the glam makeup looks, cat eye tutorials, and beauty secret confessions, there's a whole world full of people dealing with the same feelings as you.

Simply spend a little more time in the present moment. Whether it's your makeup routine or hair care routine that gives you that sense of zen, go ahead and do it. For some people it could be layering on lip gloss, applying SPF, or diffusing essential oils. And for others, it may be shopping Nars Matte foundations on Amazon that does it for them.

Do what works for you. And allow yourself to unwind. 



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