Truly House of Beauty: Episode 3

Truly House of Beauty: Episode 3
by Truly Beauty

Welcome back to the Truly House of Beauty, you skincare freaks 'n geeks. It's been a while since we visited the iconic mansion in the Hollywood Hills that houses the creators of Truly Beauty. A few weeks ago you met Zara and Tyler, two of the residents in the House of Beauty, and you saw as Chantel Jeffries and Nikita Dragun visited this secret palace of paradise. This week is an origin story, a story about magical beginnings. A prequel, you could say. Come now, let's take a trip down the memory-rainbow road and find out what's happening in the Truly House of Beauty.

A year or so ago before the House of Beauty was opened, three friends were hiking a trail in the Hollywood Hills. The date was April 9th, 2018. A special holiday that they didn’t even know about….yet. 

There is Zara, a sweet petite treat from New York City who loves science and cosmetics. You have Tyler, a vivacious ginger from Tennessee who is a world-renowned chef. And lastly there is someone you all haven't met just yet-- Chloe, a gorgeous Canadian-based influencer who is always up to date on the latest trends. These three friends were enjoying some California nature. The trails up here are dusty and windy, the trees are parched and prickly, and the air is dry & hot. "Phew Zara, can you pass me some water?" asks Chloe, who never holds things herself because she needs to be "insta-ready" at all times. Her nails are always 6-inch minimum in length. She calls it a diva lifestyle. "I have alkaline and I have sparkling, which do you prefer?" says an over-prepared Zara. "Sparkling puhhleaaase!" squeals Chloe. Zara attempts to hand her the sparkling water, but Chloe's 6-inch long press-on nails make it challenging for her to grab the bottle. Naturally the bottle slips through her fingers and tumbles down a hill to their left. "See Chloe..." sighs Tyler "...if you had some NORMAL nails or carried your own bag, this wouldn't happen!" Chloe rolls her eyes at him. "Bish you KNOW I have to be insta-ready! If the moment requires a quick snapshot, I can't be weighed down by minute things such as bags and bottles!" Zara and Tyler laugh at Chloe, who's prissiness is actually endearing. They all stare at the glistening bottle of sparkling water at the bottom of the hill. "We can just leave it..." suggests Chloe, who is met with a harsh glance from Tyler. "We don't litter babe!" says Tyler "Just skip down the hill and grab the bottle!" Chloe rolls her eyes again for the second time, but gleefully skips down the hill to retrieve the bottle. As Chloe approaches the bottle, she notices something sparkling in the distance. It looks like a white horse, but it's lying down. It looks injured. "Uhh hey might want to come down here, I think there is something down here that needs our help" yells Chloe. 

Chloe, Tyler, and Zara stare in awe as they approach this creature. "Is that what I think it is?" asks Zara. Lying on the ground sits an all-white horse, but there is something different about this horse. For one, there are actual sparkles in its aura, it’s hair is the milkiest shade of light pink, and the most unique thing about it it has a rainbow horn poking from the middle of its forehead. "Y'all, this is a freakin' UNICORN" exclaims Tyler. "Whyyyy yes, yes I am." says the Unicorn. At this sound, the three friends freak out and start running around in circles squealing with excitement trying to get a grasp of their sanity. Not only did they stumble upon a mythical unicorn, but it can also talk. "Hiiii, hi hello excuse me." says the Unicorn, trying to get attention from the screaming humans. "Hiiii please help, I need your help!" cries the Unicorn, tears sparkling with glitter falling from its eyes. Three friends pause from freaking out to hear the Unicorn speak. "Can't you seeeeee that I'm injured?" says the Unicorn, as it nudges its leg towards them where a long skinny pink and gold arrow is stuck in the middle of its calf. "OMG there is an arrow in your leg! How did this happen?!" asks Zara. "Well, some naaaasty fairies in these woods were trying to steal my special unicorn fruit so they shot me with this arrow." explains the Unicorn. "Unicorns have their own fruit?" asks a curious Chloe. "For us, yes it's a fruuuuit. But for humans? Well, it's soooo much more. Pull this arrow out of my leg and I'll show youuuu!" says the Unicorn. The three friends look cautiously at each other. None of them are medically skilled, and none of them certainly have ever pulled an arrow out of a unicorn's leg. But the curious Zara wants to see what this magical unicorn fruit is all about, so she quickly yet carefully pulls the arrow from the unicorn's leg. The wound closes up in seconds, a supernatural experience unlike anything the friends have ever seen before. The Unicorn leaps into the air with glee, skipping around the forest and prancing around the three friends. "Come, hop on my back! I'll take you to a maaaagical place" says the Unicorn. Chloe, Tyler, and Zara nervously climb onto the mythical creature's back. It leaps into the air and takes flight!

The Unicorn flies through the hills, dipping and ducking between trees and branches and mountainous crevices. The three friends grip each other and the Unicorn’s long locks in a fearful excitement, it's not everyday that you get to ride on the back of a freakin' unicorn! They glide across the side of a mountain and then, in the distance, they see something magnificent. There is a grand mansion glistening on a hillside on a giant estate. The mansion is bright pink and at least five stories tall. There are sparkling pools, fruitful gardens, fields of healthy cannabis stalks, and 24k gold fences surrounding the property. The three friends are in absolute shock, could this place be real?! The Unicorn lands on the ground, letting the three friends off of its back and onto the property. "Come with meeeee, let me show you the unicorn fruit!" sings the Unicorn as it trots around a 10ft tall hedge. The three friends follow and see a tall golden tree with rainbow apple-like fruits sprouting from its branches. "I've never seen such fruit like this before!" squeals a wide-eyed Zara. She plucks a unicorn fruit from the tree and attempts to take a bite, but the unicorn quickly smacks the fruit out of her hand with its glittery tail. "Sorrrrry, unicorn fruit cannot be eaten by humans! But what you can do is crush the fruit and rub its contents on your skin and you'll have the most hydrated skin in the entire world!" This makes the three friends so excited they all start frantically smashing the unicorn fruits on themselves and rubbing it into their skin. "Oh my GOSH! I smell so good! Like a pink sugary cotton-candy rainbow paradise potion!" says Chloe. "Look at how dewy and moisturized my skin! I'm literally glowing!" screams Tyler. "Gosh, could you imagine the possibilities that can come from this unicorn fruit?! You can make body butters, you could make lip butters, you can even make in-shower body polishes with this stuff! Unicorn, do the people not know about this?! How can we spread the word?!" shouts Zara. The Unicorn looks at the three friends and smiles. "Every 500 yearrrrs on April 9th, a unicorn gives a gift to humans. It is National Unicorn Day, if you didn't know" the Unicorn explains "For your kindness in pulling the arrow from my leg, I am gifting you this." The Unicorn spits out a golden key from its mouth. The key has an inscription on it that says The House of Beauty. The three friends stare in awe. "This property is noooow yours. Use this land and use this space to create more beautiful experiences for other huuuumans. The fruits can be turned to lotions, to soaps, to masks. The cannabis can cure ailments from acne, to dryness, to irritation. The mansion is yooours to live in, to create in, to relax in. Help others, help their skin, their hair, their lipssss. Be who you are truuuuly meant to be!" says the Unicorn, who then turns and leaps into the sky, flying away into the purple horizon. The three friends stand in shock, still trying to grasp what has happened. "Did that unicorn...just give us a house?!" asks Tyler. Zara and Chloe stare back, not knowing what to think. "Yah bish, that unicorn gave us a freakin' HOUSE!" Chloe excitedly says. "This is so much more than a house, this is a place of creation. It's a place of purpose! Babes, we can like, create an entire skincare brand from this house! Who's in?!" asks Zara. The three friends put their hands on top of one another, and agree they’re going to create a super lit, super clean skincare brand for all the Babes of the world to use and enjoy. "The Unicorn said, be who you are truly meant to be...truly meant to....truly meant to be...beautiful....TRULY BEAUTIFUL!" says Tyler. "Yah, we are all about beauty here!" Chloe says. "I think we found a brand name, everyone!" says Zara, “Truly Beauty!”

From there, the three friends created a skincare empire. They started to create products from the unicorn fruits, and it was wildly successful. Many more people along the way joined the Truly House of Beauty, and the three friends would tell them all this magical origin tale. The tale of how they found this beautiful house, how they got these secret beauty tips, and how they created Truly Beauty. 

That’s the prequel, babes. That’s how Truly Beauty came to be! Stay tuned for the next episode on The Truly House of Beauty.



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