Truly House of Beauty: Episode 4

Truly House of Beauty: Episode 4
by Truly Beauty

Welcome back all your skin fanatics and beauty babes to the Truly House of Beauty. Last episode you all heard all about how the House of Beauty was created (hellooo, a Unicorn gave the Truly babes a mansion). This week is a bit more of a hazey story, a story with some roots and by roots, we mean cannabis roots! Yes babes, this is the episode where the Truly babes discover the magic of cannabis in skincare. 

The Truly House of Beauty is tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, surrounded by lush floral gardens, clear flowing pools of water, healthy thicc palm trees, and our favorite type of plant: cannabis! It was a warm spring day (April 20th, to be exact) in sunny Los Angeles when Tyler & Zara were sitting by their pool. Toasting up in the California sun, the two babes were swaying with the palm trees while lighting up some of their favorite herb. “Isn’t it just amazing that we live on this property that has such an abundance of cannabis growing all over?!” say Tyler, as he plucks some freshly dried cannabis buds off of a nearby stalk. “Ooooh yeah, life is sweet.” says a stoned Zara as she sips from her alkaline lemonade. “I was thinking like to make new skincare potions and all that jazzy jazz...have you ever thought about adding some of this magic herb to any of your formulations?!” asks Tyler. Zara takes a long drag of her joint and stares off into space with squinty eyes. “Broooo…” she says like some 18-year old stoner dude who owns 25 bongs “....I wonder! I’m sure it has benefits for the skin. I know CBD helps with inflammation for...the body and stuff...but I bet it has some effect on the skin or somethi…” A loud scream echoes from the second story in the mansion. Tyler & Zara see some clothes being thrown from the window followed by more screams and cries. T & Z are pretty lit on this 4/20, so they are confused yet curious as to what is causing all this commotion. “Looks like Princess Chloe is at it again!” giggles Tyler. You all met Chloe last week--she’s a Canadian-based beauty influencer who’s prissiness is endearing...most of the time. The two stoned babes hear Chloe stomping down the stairs. “Oh it comes!” giggles Zara.

A short, plumped-lipped bratty babe swings open the french doors and steps outside. “Guys guys guys guys'' says a frantic Chloe “I seriously can NOT deal with my life right now.” She stomps the ground, flustering her aura about the entire space. “Whoa whoa whoa Chloe...can you see that we are unwindulaxing on this beautiful 4/20 day?!” slowly says Tyler. “UGH! I don’t care about your POT day, Tyler! I care about THIS!” says Chloe as she turns around and points to her back. Pimples over pimples, Chloe’s back has clearly broken out with a bad case of bacne. “Guys guys, as you can see I have this new bikini that I’m looking to flex on my insta...but how can I with this terrible bacne?!” cries a desperate Chloe. “Babe there is nothing wrong with’s 100% normal!” explains Zara. “But I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Scrubs, peels, cleansers, everything! Nothing seems to be working and I’m FREAKING OUT!” screams Chloe at the top of her lungs. “Whoaaa whoa, my vibe is totally harshed by your energy right now, babe! Why don’t you just kick back with us and celebrate 4/20 with us?” asks a vibey Tyler. “UGH no, I don’t want to sit around and get hazey all day! I’m just going to go scrap my back on a rock!” states Chloe. Tyler and Zara giggle at her as she walks away. A flustered Chloe’s foot gets caught on her own sandal and she ends up falling backwards directly into a nearby cannabis garden. She squirms and wiggles, struggling to get on her feet. The cannabis plants beneath her break and crack, releasing all of the juices on Chloe’s back. After cracking up for a bit, Zara gets up to help the distraught Chloe out. 

After dusting her legs off, Chloe turns around and asks Zara to brush off whatever remaining cannabis leaves are on her body. “OH MY GLOB!” exclaims Zara “Chloe! Your bacne! It’s basically gone!” Chloe looks to the nearest mirror (the property is covered in mirrors for the aesthetic of course) and turns to see her back in the reflection. She sees the pimples have been extremely reduced in severity and color leaving her back bikini ready. “WHAT! HOW!” says a shocked Chloe. A stoned Zara turns towards Tyler and says “OMG....we were just talking about cannabis skincare!” Tyler releases a wide grin, nodding his head in approval. “My head is buzzing with ideas!” says Zara--she always gets lit after discovering something new for Truly's skincare line. 

After reviewing the effects of cannabis on Chloe’s bacne for weeks, perfecting the formula and ingredients, Zara has created the perfect routine for Bacne for all the Truly babes to enjoy! Thanks to Chloe’s accidental fall into a garden of cannabis, Truly has now implemented the power of CBD skincare into so many of our products!


That’s it for this week’s hazey episode of the Truly House of Beauty. Stay tuned for next time!

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