Give Your Skin a Workout with Gua Sha

Give Your Skin a Workout with Gua Sha
by Truly Beauty

If, like the rest of us, you’re constantly on a quest for flawless skin, you’re going to want to hear about the latest facial treatment to generate major buzz. 

Gua Sha is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and involves running a jade roller across the face to boost circulation and deliver a myriad of health and beauty benefits. 

The best part? It’s one of the more affordable beauty treatments out there that you can even do yourself. Here’s everything you should know about Gua Sha and how to give yourself a Gua Sha facial at home. 



According to board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Sheel Desai Solomon, “‘Gua’ means scrape, and ‘Sha’ means sand.” She continues, “It’s a treatment that involves scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.”

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha massage can treat everything from muscle pain to acne. By scraping the surface of the skin, Gua Sha can address stagnant energy in the body that may be responsible for inflammation. Thus, this Chinese practice can be extremely effective in treating conditions associated with chronic pain. 

While the Gua Sha massage performed on a person’s body is a pretty harsh treatment, the facial technique of Gua Sha is much lighter and with equally as many benefits.




Using Gua Sha on your face is much lighter and less aggressive than Gua Sha on the body, which can often cause bruising and irritation. The scraper is “used much less aggressively over the facial curvatures in an attempt to bring new blood to the surface and promote lymphatic drainage,” says Anna Lam of Ginger Chai, a New York boutique that carries a line of Gua Sha tools. 

She continues, “Gua sha relaxes tension in facial muscles which can cause lines. It’s kind of like exercise for your face — with regular use, Gua Sha can tone skin and promote increased skin elasticity.”





Studies show that Gua Sha can help migraines and neck pains. That’s because facial Gua Sha is a massage technique that addresses tension in the muscles of the face and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Just like our bodies, our faces also hold stress in the form of clenched jaws, furrowed brows, etc. Gua Sha breaks up the connective tissue between muscles that often interfere with circulation, resulting in fewer migraines and less facial pain.

Smoother, Lifted Skin

Because Gua Sha enhances circulation, it also promotes healthy collagen production. Thus, it can be very effective at smoothing, firming, and lifting the skin. In fact, people report that their complexion appears lifted and smoother after just one session. With regular Gua Sha facials, the results should only improve. 

Less Puffiness

A Gua Sha treatment promotes lymphatic drainage, meaning it will help reduce any puffiness you may currently experience. Frequent Gua Sha sessions can keep facial puffiness at bay. 


Good news! Gua Sha also treats breakouts. That’s because it works with the epidermis and dermal layers to help clear whiteheads and blackheads. Think of it as a kind of detoxification process, in which all the bad stuff gets massaged out. However, you do need to be careful, because Gua Sha can also aggravate the skin and actually cause a breakout. In most cases, the skin gets worse before it gets better. But that’s just part of the cleansing process. Keep going and you’ll soon enjoy clearer skin. 

Fewer Fine Lines

Gua Sha is a powerful practice for renewing and rejuvenating fluids in the face. Thanks to the gentle strokes of Gua Sha, it’ll help blood and lymph fluids move, resulting in improved circulation and less stagnation, which leads to fewer lines and wrinkles. Of course, like most facial treatments, you will need to do this regularly to maintain the results.




Ready to try Gua Sha for yourself? Great idea! But before you do, make yourself familiar with Gua Sha tools and techniques. 

The Right Tool

There are many types of tools to choose from, all curved with rounded knobs and points to massage the curvatures of the face. Pick the one that you’re most drawn to, as there’s no one Gua Sha tool that works best. The same applies for the crystal you use. Whether it’s jade or rose quartz, each stone has its own healing properties. Choose your favorite. Traditionally, jade is the favored option thanks to its cooling and detoxifying properties.

Start with a Nourishing Oil

To help the jade roller slide across your skin, apply a nourishing facial oil like Truly’s Blueberry Kush CBD Oil. Packed with vegan collagen and the oil of 1,000 blueberries, this formula will plump, smooth, and protect your skin from photoaging. It will also soothe your skin as you proceed with the Gua Sha facial. And let’s not forget: help the ingredients absorb better into your skin. 

Glide Across the Skin

Using a light touch, glide the Gua Sha tool with the curved side to your face gently up and out. Start with the neck, then move along to the jawline, chin, mouth, cheeks, and forehead. Glide the tool between three and five times per area. 

Do it Often

Experts recommend doing a Gua Sha facial at least a few times a week to see noticeable results. Although you will see visible results after your first use, it’s important to make Gua Sha part of your skincare regimen to maintain the results.

Without a doubt, Gua Sha lives up to the buzz! Is it as good as Botox? Maybe not, but it’ll definitely make your skin feel smoother, firmer, and lifted – whilst getting rid of those pesky morning migraines you’ve been having. 

For as little as $10, you can get yourself a Gua Sha tool and that’s way cheaper than Botox will ever be. 



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