Signature Premium Blanket

Limited Edition

Beach or bedroom? This pretty pink blanket has (literally!) got you covered! Sunbathe like a babe, soak up ocean dips, or snuggle up with a book, this plush multipurpose blanket makes chilling out an extra chic experience. Margarita, anyone?

Measuring 180x130 cm, this buttery soft blanket is made from a mix of cozy cashmere, breathable polyester, and super soft acrylic fiber to secure the sweetest slumber or sunbathing sesh!

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Why it’s Special
  • Made with 5% cashmere + 15% polyester + 80% acrylic fiber
  • Soft, stylish + super versatile
  • Machine washable

How to Use

Sunbathe, dry off, or snuggle – you decide how you want to use this baby-soft blanket.

Signature Premium Blanket
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