How I Started Fighting Body Odor with CBD

How I Started Fighting Body Odor with CBD
by Truly Beauty

Body odor can be unpleasant and annoying. But it's a natural bodily function that happens to everyone - even if you are showering on a daily basis and using antiperspirant regularly. 

Exercise, living someplace hot, certain foods, and stress also contribute to underarm odors. Then there's also the fact that some people naturally sweat more than others.

If you're noticing body odour and excessive sweating happening to you and even the best natural deodorants aren't helping, it's time to do something about it. With the know-how and the right beauty products, you can fix the issue quickly and easily. 

New skincare products emerge all the time, promising dryness and freshness, but unfortunately they don't always work as well as their packaging promises. Here we look at how CBD is tackling the problem of body odor!



CBD is, in short, Cannabidiol, a substance that comes from the Cannabis plant. To point out, CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant so is it's not addictive. CBD is the safe part and will not cause any alterations in the mind, both in terms of euphoria and sedation. Even the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is aware that CBD offers enormous potential and possibilities in treating various health care conditions.

Moreover, CBD has gained a lot of interest in recent years due to its therapeutic developments and ability to detox the body. The health potentials of CBD oil are increasing all the time. 

According to studies, CBD products effectively reduce pain and inflammation and are shown to help people take control of several health conditions. No doubt you will have seen the fantastic stories about CBD helping cancer patients and children with epilepsy. Of course, these are serious diseases. But is CBD a helpful treatment? What about not so life-threatening problems?

There's currently evidence to suggest that CBD is one of the natural ways to treat body odor. Yep, forget baking soda, activated charcoal, and all those other wellness theories. CBD or hemp seed oil can work amazingly as an antiperspirant. 



Sweating is healthy and the body's way to get rid of toxins. But, there are times when we wished we didn't sweat. For some people, stress is the main culprit and can be the reason sweat smells more. Certain foods can make the problem worse too. 

Dermatologists say body odor is a result of skin bacteria breaking down sweat and turning it into an acid. Washing and trying every deodorant on the market does not always work. So what else can you do besides smearing your underarms in drugstore deodorants? 

Studies suggest CBD can fight body odor. Cannabidiol or CBD has anti-bacterial properties and is an active ingredient in controlling sweating in the body. CBD targets the bacteria that causes the unpleasant odor. It is a natural antiseptic that destroys bacteria - the culprit behind smelly sweat.

Equally important, CBD is an organic treatment free of harsh chemicals and can be applied topically - meaning it's ideal for sensitive skin types. Amazingly, CBD is safe to use on the any part of the body affected by sweat, not just the armpits. So you can basically apply it anywhere!



Deodorants are the key to controlling sweat and body odor. However, many contain harsh chemicals such as parabens that can harm the body, inside and out. 

Now available are deodorants that contain CBD. These work similar to traditional deodorants but without the negative side effects. Yes, CBD deodorants are entirely natural and safe!

CBD deodorants help stop the bacteria forming on the skin that causes the odor. This is thanks to CBD itself which prevents bacteria from forming in the first place. Cannabidiol also improves moisture in the skin and helps with inflammation.

For CBD deodorants to be completely effective, they contain additional ingredients, such as clays and mineral salts which draw out impurities that cause body odor. They also help moisturize the skin and remove toxins from the sweat glands. You should also know that there are cannabis terpenes and essential oils said to improve body odors. These ingredients provide anti-bacterial benefits as well as a pleasant smell. 

To summarize, cannabinoid deodorants are a natural alternative to regular deodorants. They contain nothing but natural ingredients and oils such as coconut oil. 



Natural and organic products are becoming more popular to get rid of body odor. Whether your old favorite no longer works or you want a deodorant free of chemicals, there is a vast choice now. Besides CBD, experts say essential oils work just as well in clearing up body odors.

Some of the best ones for breaking down bacteria are bergamot, clary sage, lavender oil, and tea tree oil. These oils possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so they're great for the skin. Best of all, you have a wide choice and they are easy to use and smell good. In essence, essential oils are a safe and effective way of combating body odor.

Just remember, essential oils are potent and need diluting with carrier oils to weaken them and prevent them from irritating your skin. Essential oils should only be applied in measurements of 3 to 12 drops per ounce of the end product.

The best carrier oils include coconut oil and eucalyptus oil. These both combine well with most essential oils.

Simply dab the formula to the affected area (wherever you're a bit whiffy), leave it to absorb, and watch those unpleasant odors fade away.



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