What are CBD crystals, and how are they used?

What are CBD crystals, and how are they used?
by Truly Beauty

By now, you've most likely become keenly aware of CBD oils, lotions, and vaping products. CBD has pushed its way into almost every industry from pain management to haircare, and stress relief to skin care. Now that the production and sale of cannabidiol (CBD) with less than 0.3% THC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, the popularity of CBD products has skyrocketed. But a lesser-known form of CBD has stayed underground, and has yet to make it to the mainstream. However, this kind of CBD—CBD crystals—may just be the most versatile form of CBD yet. 

Are CBD crystals actual crystals?

Yes. CBD crystals are physical crystals that are grown from pure CBD. When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it often contains other cannabinoids, or compounds, like the psychoactive THC, and terpenes associated with the cannabis plant. This extraction process includes a repeated heating, cooling, and separation routine, which helps to refine the final product. In fact, CBD crystals are so refined, according to FullSpectrum.com, that the crystal that grows at the end of the refining process contains 98-99% CBD, and no other active ingredients, making crystals one of the purest forms of CBD (sometimes called a CBD isolate or a pure CBD isolate) on the market.

The crystal is created when the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant resin, as MarijuanaBreak.com explains. Isolated CBD presents itself as an opaque, white crystalline solid, therefore, experts call it a "crystal."

So, how are CBD crystals used?

Similar to CBD dissolved into a carrier oil, CBD crystals are an incredibly versatile product that can be used in a variety of different ways to do the jobs that CBD does best: relieve stress, manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, and help with sleep. 

Here are a few ways CBD crystals can be used:

Work them into edibles.

Pure CBD crystals can be dissolved into fats necessary for baking like cooking oils (olive oil and/or coconut oil) and butter. Heat the cooking fat on low and slowly stir in the crystal powder mix—how much of the mix you include is up to you and how potent you want your CBD edibles to be. Once the solid turns into liquid, your CBD cooking fat is ready to be worked into brownies, cookies, or cupcakes. It can also be added to any food you put oil or butter on. The possibilities are endless.

Use them with your vape pen or vaporizer.

You can make your own CBD e-liquid by dissolving your crystal powder into your favorite existing e-liquid. FullSpectrum.com recommends mixing about 200 milligrams of crystals into a select e-liquid or vape oil to produce high potency CBD vape. Again, ensure the two are mixed properly by slowly heating the liquid over low heat.

Create your own CBD tincture or topical cream.

Combine your CBD isolate powder with shea butter or coconut oil to create your own topical cream that can be used to manage localized joint and muscle pain. Alternatively, you can make your own CBD oil tincture with CBD isolate crystals by dissolving your powder into your carrier oil of choice. We recommend a high-quality hemp oil, coconut oil, or MCT oil. These homemade tinctures and creams are great for skincare purposes, and may even rival Truly Beauty's Flower Child Hemp Face Cream, if formulated correctly, that is.

Are CBD crystals better than CBD oil or other CBD products?

This is entirely up to you to decide. Many people like obtaining CBD isolate crystals so they can make their own CBD products that best fit their needs and their desired potency. If you're just starting out in the CBD world, we recommend to wait until you're more experienced with CBD before purchasing crystals. Get your body acclimated to CBD by way of simple oils and edibles before diving into making your own. You should know what you're trying to get out of CBD before you create specialized products. 

But, if you're an experienced CBD lover, and you're looking to ensure you're using 100% THC-free products, then you may want to use CBD crystals to make your own CBD mixtures.

Where can CBD crystals be purchased?

Your local marijuana dispensary may sell a form of CBD crystal. However, there are a few different companies that are currently selling their crystals online. IndustrialHempFarms.com, for example, sells a variety of different weights of cannabidiol powder that range from $8/gram to $3.50/gram depending on the amount of CBD powder you buy.

TheCBDDistillery.com also sells a CBD crystal powder made with 99+% pure CBD.

Make sure you consult your doctor before adding CBD crystals and CBD isolate powder into your daily routine.

Your doctor will want to know if you begin dabbling with CBD, due to the fact that it could interact with other medications you may be taking. Furthermore, the pain or anxiety you're trying to treat may point to a deeper problem that must be diagnosed. Therefore, it's pertinent that you speak to your doctor about your reasons for wanting to try CBD, as well as get their consent before adding it to your daily routine and/or diet.

CBD crystals are bound to boom in popularity, as they are one of the most versatile ways to incorporate pure CBD into almost everything. If you're curious about how CBD crystals can change your life for the better, we recommend you start with a small amount and increase your dosage depending on your tolerability. 

The benefits of CBD have proven to help those suffering from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, and it may do wonders for your aching joints and mental health. CBD crystals may just be the perfect solution to your day-to-day struggles.


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