I Used this $28 Hair Mask for a Month: Here's What Happened

I Used this $28 Hair Mask for a Month: Here's What Happened
by Truly Beauty

Hype and hair masks go hand in hand. But how can you decide which product will really deliver those shiny, super soft strands that currently only live in your dreams?

If you're a Trul-iever like me, you'll know that we have a bunch of cute hair care products each offering various benefits from shininess to repair to split end sealing. 

To show you exactly how effective these hair products are, I decided to pick one and use it consistently for one whole month. The mask I decided on? Unicorn Hair Repair Mask!

Hey, it has unicorn in its name! I can't exactly say no to unicorns, can I? Plus, it promises repairing and moisturizing effects -- and my dry hair is craaaaving juicy moisture. 

Here's what I discovered after a month of masking with Unicorn Hair Repair Mask...


It's Super Easy to Use

Unlike some conditioners and hair masks which can sometimes be either too thick or too runny, Unicorn Hair Repair Mask is a perfect consistency for smoothing through your strands. 

I used my fingers to run it through the ends and mid-lengths of my mane, but you can also use a wide tooth comb if it's easier.

Either way, I found it enjoyable to use and easy to coat all my strands in this bubble gum pink-hued formula.


My Hair Felt Softer After the First Use

Unfortunately, some hair masks take forever to work. I've used some that have taken up to two months to see and feel results. Not with this mask! UF is ultra smoothing, hydrating, and deliciously nourishing. After the first use, I noticed my hair felt softer and a little more manageable than usual. In fact, it made combing my hair a breeze!

Unicorn Fruit Mask is made with a blend of strand-strengthening ingredients such as keratin amino acids, coconut oil, avocado, cocoa butter, and banana. These ingredients work together to deep condition, hydrate, and repair hair while preventing breakage and encouraging healthy hair growth. It's perfect for dry or damaged hair in need of a little TLC. It'll make your hair feel ten times softer than usual -- right from the first time using it.


It Smells Like Bubblegum

Super sweet and good enough to eat, Unicorn Hair Repair Mask left my hair smelling like bubblegum. If you like sweet and girly scents like me, you'll love dousing your strands in this heavenly-scented formula. 

Personally, I like hair masks with a sweet and subtle scent like this one. It's definitely fragranced but not overpowering. 


My Hair Looked Shinier After One Week

All hair treatments need time to work. I was surprised that I started seeing so many positives from this formula so soon into using. One of the first things I noticed after a week of using Unicorn Hair Mask was how much shinier my hair looked. My hair color looked revived, and my strands were glistening. 

That's probably due to avocado. Studies show that avocado can do multiple things for your hair including preventing hair loss, diminishing dryness, and boosting shine.


My Hair Felt Fuller After Two Weeks

After using this mask on my scalp and strands every two days for two consecutive weeks, I definitely noticed extra bounce and fullness in my fine hair. I can put this down to the formula's infusion of keratin amino acids.

Keratin amino acids are key to hair growth and thickness. They combat hair loss and thinning by supplying sulfur to the hair cells. Amino acids are essential to hair growth, strength, length retention, and overall hair health.

If you've got thin hair like me, you'll notice your hair looks generally more voluminous after smoothing through this mask.


A Little Goes a Long Way

I have long hair, and usually I need to scoop most of the tub out to thoroughly coat my tresses. With Unicorn Mask, one small squeeze was more than enough to coat my strands and nourish them with the formula's goodness. 

After shampooing, I simply applied a small squirt to my damp hair, left it on for five minutes, and then rinsed. When I had more time, I would leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. On a couple of occasions, I even left it on overnight, covering my head with a shower cap as I left it to work its hair-repairing miracles as I slept.


My Hair Felt Stronger After One Month

Loaded with antioxidants, aloe, vitamin E, and coconut oil, this repairing hair mask worked like a charm at strengthening my dry, sad strands. 

After a month of using, I've noticed my hair is a lot stronger now. Plus, I find everything from detangling to styling so much easier now. 


It Doesn't Cause Buildup

While I used this mask every time I washed my hair, I was relieved that I didn't once experience buildup in my hair. In fact, my mane always felt fresh and bouncy after using this formula. I really loved the way it made my hair feel!


It Works For All Hair Types

Curly hair, coily hair, or frizzy hair, thick hair or thin, all hair types can benefit from incorporating this mask into their hair washing and conditioning routine. It can also treat a variety of hair concerns ranging from frizz to breakage, hair loss and dryness.


Should You Try Truly's Unicorn Hair Repair Mask?


It's vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and silicon-free. Oh yeah -- and paraben-free! Plus, it's enriched with a plethora of ultra-nourishing ingredients that tackle all sorts of hair concerns including dryness, frizz, hair thinning, dandruff, breakage, and dullness.

Like with skincare, what you put on your hair can make all the difference to its overall texture and appearance. Ask any hairstylist, and they'll tell you to invest in a quality hair mask to keep your natural hair strong, vibrant, and healthy. While you can certainly take supplements, you don't need them if you use the right products.


In addition to using this mask, I recommend staying away from bleach, chloride, and other hair-damaging substances to keep your strands strong. And aim to use hair care products formulated with nourishing plant-based oils like argan, olive, coconut, and jojoba oil to seal in moisture for lasting hydration.

Get Unicorn Hair Repair Mask on the Truly official store or at your local Sephora.



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