House of Beauty Episode 19

House of Beauty Episode 19
by Truly Beauty

*pinch* you’re not dreaming–it’s a new episode of the Truly House of Beauty! Yes, it’s your monthly dose of all the magic that goes on behind the scenes of creating your favorite products. Last time we took you on a heavenly adventure to the Coco Cloud Kingdom: an ethereal hydrating paradise where the Truly Babes discovered the brand new Coco Cloud Shave Set! The Truly Babes always seem to be stuck in an existence of discovery: from discovering Buns of Glowry after watermelon juice oozed on their butts, accidentally using their shrink ray to make minis, and even having a magical Unicorn introduce the Unicorn Fruit Parfum to the gang. Discovery is…amazing! Let’s see what lil’ adventure the Truly Babes get themselves into this week. 

If you didn’t know, Anna is quite the quality baker! Cakes, pastries, souffles, cookies–any sort of sweet treat is right up her alley. Baking is meditative for Anna, it brings her peace in the chaos that comes with living at the Truly House of Beauty. Grabbing her pink mixing bowl, setting aside proper measurements of flour, adding little cherries or other fruity garnishes on tops of piles of whipped cream really makes Anna feel like she’s living her true self. On this special Thursday night, Anna was counting down the minutes till she could escape to her bakery-paradise. The Truly Babes had been fighting ALL day–Chloe was mad at Zara for using up all of her Luscious Lip Butter, and Tyler wanted to fight Anna because she drank all of his morning green juice before he woke up. After hours of bickering, the other three friends passed out in a tantrum-rage and were locked away in their rooms having an afternoon nap. Anna sighed with relief once her toes hit the kitchen floor and started to get in her zone. Within just an hour, Anna had already baked up a delicious funfetti cake, some teeny pastries, and some freshly whipped dulce de leches to pour over the pastries. The sweet sugary smells brought a moment of zen to each of her chakras, allowing the day to melt away into a slice of cake heaven. 


Her moments of peace were abruptly destroyed within seconds as Zara ZOOMED through the swinging kitchen door, knocking over a can of whipped cream and flour. Chloe followed right after, screaming at the top of her lungs. “Zara, you KNOW that I had a HOT date tonight…and you used up all my Luscious Lip Butter for what…huh…for WHAT?!” yelled Chloe toward the shuddering Zara. “I’m sorry Chloe! I just really wanted to plump my lips for a selfie…it’s the best lip plumper, I couldn't resist!” squealed Zara. “Oh you couldn’t resist?! Well resist THIS!” Chloe reaches for the piping hot dulce de leches pastry bag and pours it all over Zara’s chest, leaving her boobs caramelized. “OH MY GOD!” screamed Zara. Anna anxiously shoves a coconut cupcake down her throat in search for a single crumb of dopamine to relax her in this crazy setting, but that search quickly ceases once Tyler bursts through the swinging door. “ANNA!” he billowed, as she attempted to hide behind her giant funfetti cake in hopes that he didn’t see her. “You think you can drink my green juice and get away with it?! Now my root chakra is TOTALLY off balance STILL, thanks to you!” Anna continued to dodge his eyesight behind her funfetti cake. “You think this cake will protect you?!” yelled Tyler as he picks up the 12-inch tall funfetti cake and launches it directly at Anna–cake splattered all over her butt. “Not my FUNFETTI CAKE!” screamed Anna at the top of her lungs as the cake smashes her derriere. Anna’s scream hit the room a bit different than the others…it was like she smashed her iPhone or lost a hair extension…it was a deep scream rooted in true anguish. Her bakery…her sanctuary....her peace…had been interrupted!


As Anna cried, Zara’s tears poured out from the dulce de leche on her boobs. She went to wipe the caramel goodness off her chest and noticed that her boobs felt…tighter. She glanced at Anna’s cake butt and it appeared…firmer. This sparked another brilliant idea in her little blonde head. “My tata’s feel like DECADENCE Anna! Look at your cake butt! It’s so perfect!” she said with glee. Anna turned her head as far as she could to look at her booty and noticed that the cake had a good effect…her skin looked softer and more smooth. “Zara…are you thinking what I’m thinking?!”. The two friends stood up and ran towards the Truly Lab, leaving Chloe and Tyler to shove more treats in their faces. 

Zara and Anna were downstairs in the Truly Lab, looking at bits of cake and dulce de leches under a microscope. The two friends were swimming in ideas: “What if we add some retinol here…maybe some polyglumatic acid there…oooo and some guarana in both!” After hours of mixing, applying, formulating, and maybe even tasting a little, they came up with some brand spanking new products for your butt and boobs: Cake Maker Tightening Leg + Butt and Dulce De Leches Firming Boob + Belly! Yep, you heard that right, you now have a Full Body TREATment made from desserts!


And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode of the Truly House of Beauty. Yet again, the friends found another amazing product by surprise. What will they stumble into next?! Find out on our next episode–coming soon! XOXO.

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