Truly House of Beauty Episode 10

Truly House of Beauty Episode 10
by Truly Beauty

It’s that time of the month again--the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty has arrived! Last week we took you on a splendid vacation to Miami where the Truly babes helped Amanda with her embarrassingly hairy legs with our Smooth Legend Shave Set. What’s on the agenda this week, you ask? It is all about BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY this week...yes, you guessed it right: we are talking about the creation of Buns of Glowry

It all started one sticky afternoon when Zara and Chloe were gossiping in Chloe’s room about how much they can't stand Tyler when he is blasting his music way too early in the morning. This morning the mansion walls were shaking as a result and it threw them into an early morning tizzy. “Gosh, it’s ALWAYS hyper-pop house music like who can listen to that at 11am?!” complained Zara. “Yeah…*munch munch* Tyler is…*munch* kinda *munch*....dumb!” giggled Chloe as she smiled with red juicy lips. Whilst they were gossiping, Chloe was smacking her lips all over the world's juiciest watermelon fresh from their Truly garden. In the midst of running through her latest complaints, Chloe didn’t even notice that she was oozing watermelon juice all over her plush pink bed sheets. The watermelon juice had started to seep into the sheets and run underneath Zara's big booty. Zara's butt was entirely soaked with watermelon juice. “CHLOE!” screamed Zara, “You got watermelon juice ALL over my booty!” Chloe paid her no attention and continued to feverishly eat the watermelon on top of her soaked bed in a fruit-driven trance. Zara rolled her eyes at Chloe and skipped to the bathroom to dry off. While she was changing into a new pair of shorts, she looked over in the mirror and saw her butt. Now those of you may not know this but Zara was super self conscious about her booty-- it was always either too big or too small, too flat and too discolored so she was quite surprised to see her butt looking so smooth, plump, and even a little tighter. This got her scientific brain working mechanically within seconds-- she started to run through her day and discover why this might be happening? She had skipped her workout this morning since Tyler’s music woke her up early and she definitely hadn’t been eating as many fruits & veggies as Chloe this morning. However, she had been sitting in one fruit juice for at least 30 minutes while Chloe ran through her daily complaints about the influencer world. What was in watermelon juice that was so good for her booty? She started to remember what she learned in school-- watermelon juice was full of vitamin C, which can help improve the appearance of skin and reduce scarring. Watermelon is rich in amino acids and lycopene, two things that she knew were nourishing for your skin barrier. She gave her freshly juiced booty one last glance in the mirror and said “Helllloooo Miss New Booty!” before she sprinted down to her lab. 


Zara’s laboratory looks like Paris Hilton and Albert Einstein had a baby. Glass science-y beakers covered in Swarovski crystals were scattered messily about the lab. Filled with hundreds of bubbling liquids and soft pink velvet chairs, her lab was her sanctuary of knowledge and peace away from the other members of the house. She had baskets of organic watermelons from their garden in her lab but had no idea what to do with them until her eyes stumbled across the Acai Your Boobies collection. She thought of that time months ago when she spilled an acai smoothie all over Nikita Dragun's chest, and then how she eventually created a boob polish, boob serum, and boob butter based entirely off acai. “Could I create the same thing, but with watermelons for your butt?!” she thought. Her confidence kicked in and she went to work. She grabbed some watermelons, and fumbled through her cabinets for some extra beneficial ingredients like wheat protein and retinol to make these new products EXTRA juicy for the booty. She popped her bedazzled glasses and blasted her favorite song into her fuzzy white headphones. Within a few hours, her project was complete. She slid off her lab coat, grabbed her new products, and ran out of her lab her feet clacking on the marble Truly stairs.

Chloe is lounging by the pool, eating more watermelon...seriously, she was obsessed. She sees Zara walking towards her holding three pink and green colored products. Zara plops down next to Chloe and grabs the watermelon out of her hands. She starts squeezing it all over Chloe’s butt. “HEY!!! Is this payback from earlier?!” screams Chloe. “Yes b*tch, but wait...lemme put this on your buns!” says Zara as she scoops out some pink and green whipped polish and rubs it on Chloe’s butt. “Ohhhh my glob! It smells JUST like watermelon! And feels amazing!” says Chloe and she continues to rub the polish on her own buns. “The best part?! I created a serum AND butter, too! Help me apply some!” screeches Zara, who is so excited to share these new products with the world. Chloe drips some serum on her butt and hands Zara the jar of butter to apply herself. “WOW babe, your buns are glorious!” squeals Chloe, “Zar you should totally call these Buns of Glowry!” Zara’s eyes widen in gleeful agreement, and the two friends jump up and down celebrating their recent discovery. 

It wasn’t long that Buns of Glowry took the Truly world by storm! Countless babes across the globe rubbed the pink-n-green-watermelon-dream-cream all over their booties to get a smoother, tighter peach! Have you been lucky enough to try them yet??

That’s it for today Truly babes--stay tuned for the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty!

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