Pit Perfecting Set

Ultimate Underarm Care Routine

>Good to Know:
  • Brightening
  • Anti-Hyperpigmentation
  • Aluminum-Free
  • Odor-Fighting

Give your pits the ultimate glow up!

This 5-step underarm brightening routine harnesses the cell regenerating powers of pomegranate extract and papaya enzymes to brighten dark armpits, combat odors, and leave your pitties silky smooth. Now featuring the fan-fave Vegan Fur Bag! 

What You’ll Get:
  • 🦄 Unicorn Fruit Deodorant
  • ☁️ Coco Cloud Shave Butter
  • 🌙 Moon Rocks Scrub
  • 💙 Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment
  • 🪒 Award-Winning Powerpuff Girls Razor
  • 👝 Vegan Fur Bag
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Essential Ingredients:

Pomegranate Extract 🌟

Coconut Milk 🥥

Mango Butter 🥭

Papaya Enzymes ✨

Bundle Full Ingredients:

Moon Rocks Whipped Body Scrub

Coco Cloud Whipped Luxury Shave Butter

Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Body Potion

Unicorn Fruit Skin Brightening and Smoothing Deodorant

How to Use

  1. Moon Rocks Whipped Body Scrub: In the shower or bath, scoop out a generous amount of scrub and apply it to the underarms, working in circular motions to gently buff. Rinse off.
  2. Coco Cloud Whipped Shave Butter: Using warm water, lather up the shaving cream and apply it to your pits.
  3. The PowerPuff Girls Razor: After applying shave butter, glide the razor across the skin in the direction of hair growth for a close, irritation-free shave.
  4. Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Body Potion: After showering, apply 4-5 drops to your underarms. Rub in until fully absorbed.
  5. Unicorn Fruit Skin Brightening and Smoothing Deodorant: Swipe it over your armpits to stay smelling sugary sweet all day long.
Pit Perfecting Set
Pit Perfecting Set

What it Targets

Body Odor

Fights odor-causing bacteria for long lasting freshness

Dark Underarms

Exfoliates and promotes cell regeneration for bright, glowing pits

Razor Burn and Bumps

Secures a smooth, irritation-free shave with plenty of hydration

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Pit Perfecting Set


Pit Perfecting Kit

“This deodorant is TRULY the best deodorant I've ever used. Not only is it made with trustworthy ingredients, but also it smells delicious and it's long lasting! I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it has left my armpits feeling buttery smooth and brighter than before! I am excited to keep using it. 10/10 recommend!”

Alondra Flores TikTok: @thealondraflores IG:@thealondraflores

Pit Perfecting Kit

“This is the best aluminum-free deodorant that I have ever tried! The scent lasts all day and there is no white cast left behind. I look forward to putting on my deodorant in the morning because of how amazing it smells and how smooth my underarms feel afterwards!”

Julia Perfetto TikTok: @juliaperfetto IG:@juliaperfetto

Pit Perfecting Kit

“I have been loving the Pit Perfecting Kit! These products have become a staple in my everyday routine and smell SO amazing. I love how fresh and smooth I feel after using this kit!”

Grace Taylor TikTok: @gracetaylorr19 IG:@gracetaylorr19

Pit Perfecting Kit

“I love this deodorant because it’s aluminum free and smells AMAZING! I love how I can wear it to the gym and not have to worry about body odor, even in the summer!”

Kirra Dickinson TikTok: @kirra.mov IG:@kirra.mov

Pit Perfecting Kit

“I absolutely LOVE the Pit Perfecting Kit! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and the clean formulas are perfect for my sensitive skin! 10/10 recommend!”

Molly-Anne Seymour TikTok: @mollyanneseymour IG:@mollyanneseymour
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