The 5 Alternative Uses of our UF Lip Butter You Didn’t Know

The 5 Alternative Uses of our UF Lip Butter You Didn’t Know
by Truly Beauty

Unicorn Fruit Lip Balm is an ultra hydrating, soothing, and plumping formula designed to give lips extra oomph. It's made with a nourishing blend of plumping peppermint, soothing matcha, and moisturizing shea butter to hydrate away any signs of chapped lips while allowing the pout to appear fuller.

Besides being one of the best lip balms on the market, this formula is extremely versatile. In other words, it can multitask as a lip butter as well as many other skin and haircare products.

Scroll down to hear our five alternative uses of our favourite Unicorn Fruit Lip Butter

Tames Split Ends 

Split ends cannot be fixed, but they can be tamed. If your split ends are leaving your strands looking frazzled, smooth our UF Balm through the ends of your strands to temporarily seal split ends.

Coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter are the formula's primary moisturizing ingredients. They infuse moisture into your strands leaving them looking instantly smoother and glossier. This added hydration will allow frayed, brittle ends to temporarily recover so that you're left with a healthy, shiny mane.

When you get a chance, book an appointment with your hairdresser to get those split ends snipped. While this remedy is great for temporarily smoothing splits, it's not a permanent solution. If you continue to leave your split ends without getting them cut, they'll only become worse -- and you'll end up needing a lot more hair cut off.

Soothes Dry, Cracked Hands

This chapstick was designed to heal dry lips. If it's made to hydrate dry lips, then it can probably soothe dry skin elsewhere, right? That's right!

You can certainly smother UF Lip Balm over other areas of your body like your hands to relieve dryness and cracking. In fact, this lip product is pretty handy for soothing dry, cracked hands. Our editors have tried it many times before -- and it works like a charm!

Your hands deal with a lot of daily aggressors, such as hot water, harsh cleaning products, and of course UV rays and pollution. That's why they need extra TLC to keep them smooth, soft, and fine-free. 

Make your own DIY hand treatment with a generous slathering of Unicorn Fruit Lip Balm. You can apply it all over or just to the dry patches. Remember to follow up with SPF if you're wearing it in the daytime to keep the skin shielded from harmful UV rays which can dry out the hands and lead to premature fine line formation. 


Helps Perfume Stick

Before spritzing on your favorite fragrance or our signature Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum, moisturize your skin with our hydrating lip balm. 

"Dry skin will not hold on to your fragrance as long as moisturized skin will, so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize," says fragrance expert Cordelia Smith. "Fragrances will 'stick' to moisturized skin longer and you will smell the scent throughout the day."

To get the most out of your perfume, shower or bathe, pat dry, then moisturize before spritzing on your fragrance. After a shower or bath, your pores will open in the steam, allowing them to seal in the scent. Just avoid applying perfume while your skin is still wet as it will not stick. You can apply the lip balm while skin is still damp, as this can enhance its absorption, but only apply perfume to dry skin.

Customizes Lipsticks

Our Unicorn Fruit Lip Balm can be your very own lipstick customizer. Simply dilute any gloss into a tinted balm by layering!

After cleansing your lips with a lip scrub like Truly's GLOAT Scrub, apply the lip balm followed by a lip color and gloss to achieve your desired hue. It's worth experimenting by blending different colors together and seeing which one comes out the best. However, always begin with a generous layer of Unicorn Fruit Lip Plumping Balm so that your pout has a nice, moist base on which your lip color can develop.

While you'll find lipsticks in all colors at your local drugstore or on Amazon, there's just something fun about creating something yourself. It's a chance to create something 100% unique while having a lot of fun doing it! And a great activity to enjoy with friends!

Preps for Self-Tanner 

For flawless self tan application, you must adhere to the recommended steps to ensure you achieve a smooth, streak-free result. It's really easy to make mistakes when it comes to using self-tanning products. That's why it's a good idea to do your research in advance and ensure you know how to properly prep your skin for the best possible outcome.

One product that might come in useful is our UF Lip Balm. Thanks to its hydrating effects, it's perfect for nourishing those little dry spots before applying Hotter in Person Bronze Cream for even glow.

Dab a small amount of the balm around your nostrils, knees, elbows, and ankles (and any other dry spots) to prevent them from turning dark or orange. You can also continue applying this formula post-tan to prolong your sun-kissed skin.

Other Unicorn Fruit Products You'll Love

FYI: our UF products have a cult-following -- which is why you've gotta try them for yourself! Here's a lineup of our fave Unicorn Fruit products that you can use next to our multipurpose lip balm.


Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter

A deeply conditioning multi-colored body moisturizer loaded with natural, skin-repairing ingredients such as acai, matcha, vegan collagen, and rose. Made with a base of shea butter, this daily lotion boasts emollient properties that work to create a protective, hydrating barrier for hours of dewy radiance.

Get it here.


Unicorn Fruit Body Polish

A buffing and brightening polish to smooth skin and retain moisture for even the steamiest of showers. Instead of hidden animal-based ingredients like beeswax, we utilize only vegan, cruelty-free ingredients in our formulas.

Get it here.

Before you head to the checkout, be sure to check out our other fabulous skincare, haircare and body formulas! 



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