The Key to The Perfect Bikini Line

The Key to The Perfect Bikini Line

It's official: The V-zone is the new T-zone.

Beauty brands are offering everything from moisturizers to mists, hair growth creams to special pubic area serums all promising to hydrate, heal, and heat up your bikini line. 

Now, that doesn't mean you need a multistep regimen to keep your bikini area in check, but you can certainly benefit from a little more love down there.

Here, we show you how to nail your at home hair removal technique in the region, and skincare tips to keep ingrown hairs and razor burn at bay. The end result? A perfect bikini line...


Set the Mood

A successful shaving session takes time. To make the process way more fun (and stop yourself from rushing things!), set the mood by lighting a few scented candles, switching on some soothing music, and placing yourself in relaxation mode.



Start by cleaning the skin with a gentle body wash and warm water. Beginning with a fresh base prevents any unwanted infections. Even if you're keeping your body hair, make sure you clean it properly before applying any exfoliators, oils, serums, or other beauty products.



Exfoliating before you shave your bikini line is the best way to prep the area and prevent skin irritation. Exfoliation buffs away oil, dead skin cells, and product buildup so that you're starting with a clean, fresh base. 

By not removing that layer of gunk and dead skin, your razor could end up pushing all that grime further into your pores, which can lead to razor bumps, ingrowns, and potentially even an infection.

Truly's Moon Rocks Scrub uses a sugar base blended with lavender, blue tansy, and jojoba oil for a hydrating, redness-reducing scrub.


Swap Waxing for Shaving

If you regularly get ingrown hairs after bikini waxes, you may want to reconsider your hair removal method. According to dermatologist Doris Day, M.D, waxing is the worst option if ingrowns are an issue for you.

"It removes the hair from the follicle, and when it grows back, it can come in at an angle, leading to an ingrown," she explains.

Shaving can deliver a smooth bikini line just as effectively as waxing can.


Or Try a Bikini Trimmer Instead

If wet shaving isn't your thing, invest in a trimmer or electric shaver instead.

Electric trimming tools significantly reduce your chances of getting cuts, burns, bumps, and ingrowns. It's one of the main reasons people favor this method.

It's also convenient to do from home or while traveling. And an excellent choice for sensitive skin types who are more prone to post-shave irritation and redness.


Smear on the Shaving Cream

Shave cream is a must for removing pubic hair - or any hair for that matter.

That's because it provides a slip for your razor to glide over, softening and moisturizing the skin, and preventing irritation. Those who don't use shaving cream, gel, or butter are far more likely to suffer from dry skin, razor bumps, and ingrowns after shaving.

Truly's Coco Cloud Luxury Shaving Butter offers a super-smooth shave thanks to it blend of soothing coconut milk and hydrating argan oil that promises a close shave without redness or irritation. 


Start with a Clean, Sharp Blade

If wet shaving is your go-to, always make sure you start with the right razor. But what exactly is the right razor?

Basically, a good razor is one with 3-4 very sharp razor blades. A dull one will drag against your skin, which can lead to ingrowns and razor burn. 

Your razor also needs to be clean to prevent irritation or infection. If you're re-using your razor, give it a rinse prior to using to get rid of any dead skin or hair.


Shave in the Right Direction

The direction matters - a lot. 

To ward off bumps and redness, shave in the same direction as your natural hair growth. Use short, small strokes instead of long sweeps. If you have long hairs, trim them before shaving to prevent having to go over the same area again and again - something that can trigger irritation.


Ease Any Irritation with Topical Treatments

Whether you're seeing redness or ingrowns, the best way to prevent and treat is with Truly's brand-new Cooka products, designed especially for your pubes - or pubic area.

Cooka Concentrate and Cooka Oil are made with lavender, tea tree oil, jojoba, and primrose to moisturize the bikini area, soothe any irritation, and promote an even skin tone. 

Whether you're hair-happy or hair-free, you can use either of these products on your hair or skin for softening, soothing effects.


Apply a Post-Shave Moisturizer

If things are really dry down there after shaving, apply a lightweight lotion like Truly's Blueberry Kush CBD Body Lotion to protect, calm, clear, and hydrate. 

You can apply this all over your body for head to toe illuminated skin. Just remember to apply sunscreen afterwards if you plan on going outdoors to protect your skin and prevent the UV rays from causing irritation and redness.


Stay Consistent

To keep your bikini line looking flawless, with or without hair, we highly recommend staying consistent with your routine and skincare products.

For instance, if you want to keep your hairs, make sure you wash the area regularly and apply our special Cooka Oil 1-2 times per day for ultra-soft pubes.

Those removing their pubic hair should also commit to frequent cleaning, exfoliation, shaving, and hydration.

By staying consistent, you'll be able to enjoy a perfect bikini line - consistently!


When to Consider Other Hair Removal Methods

If you're prone to ingrowns and irritation in spite of following the tips above, try booking a laser hair removal session.

This technique is one of the best for avoiding the painful side effects of shaving. Plus, the results last longer!


The secret to the perfect bikini line? Good beauty products and a consistent bikini area skincare routine! 



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