What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Overnight Tan

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Overnight Tan
by Truly Beauty

One of the best times to self-tan is in the evening, an hour or two before you go to bed. Why? Because it gives your tan the chance to dry, sink in, and develop, and stops you from accidentally taking a shower which immediately sinks your self-tanning efforts.

That said, using self-tanner in the evening doesn't leave you immune to potential overnight tanning disasters. They can still happen!

Here are some tips you can try when you're expecting an overnight tan -- sans streaks and splotches.


Shave the Day Before

Every successful self-tan starts with a good old-fashioned wet shave. Make sure you shave at least 24 hours before applying fake tan to ensure the hair follicles have closed back up, which will help prevent speckles and splotches. Try Truly's Smooth Legend Shave Kit for the smoothest shave of your life.


Take Time to Exfoliate First

It's late. You're tired. You just wanna get that tanning lotion on, right? Trouble is, rushing is never a good idea when it comes to self-tanning. Always be sure to carve out a few extra minutes to exfoliate your skin. 

Fake tan sinks into dry skin, leaving your skin splotchy. Use a gentle exfoliant to slough away dead skin cells and ensure an even tan development. 

According to board-certified dermatologist Shari Marchbein, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the ingredient in tanning products that has a chemical reaction with amino acids in the outermost top layer of your skin to temporarily darken the skin, does not penetrate deep into the skin. 

"Exfoliating before the application is extremely important to ensure even application," she explains, but she warns against using an exfoliator that leaves behind residue, as it "could interfere with the binding of DHA to the stratum corneum." 

Truly Blueberry Kush Hemp Body Scrub checks all those boxes. It's also extremely hydrating, soothing, and clarifying. Plus, it's suitable for all skin types.


Start with Clean, Dry, Product-Free Skin

For a natural-looking, streak-free tan, wash off any oils, serums, or moisturizers sitting on your skin. Self tanning products must be applied to clean, dry, product-free skin. If there's oil or skincare product residue on your skin when you apply tanning cream, the end result will be streaky, blotchy, and far from the look you were going for.

Sorry, but we're afraid you're going to need to skip your lotion-loaded night-time skincare routine tonight. 


Wear Mitts -- Or Wash Off

Orange hands. We've all been there. Luckily, you can prevent it from happening by applying your tan wearing gloves or tanning mitts, or simply washing your hands well following application. 

You also might want to consider wearing gloves or tan applicators as you sleep in your tan. Because your hands make frequent contact with your skin when you sleep, it means you're prone to product transfer -- as in the cream on your body transferring to your hands.

Wearing gloves or mitts is a great way to prevent this. Alternatively, cover your hands in socks if you don't have gloves within reach. 


Get into All the Nooks and Crannies

Just because it's night and you're dying to hop into bed, doesn't give you an excuse to rush the process. In fact, doing so could lead to some tan-tragic results. 

So, take your time, starting with the face, then moving from the bottom of your body back up to the top for even distribution. Make sure every part of your face and body is covered so you don't wake up with white spots. 

If you need help reaching your back, ask your BF or GF for help. 


Layer Gradually

The biggest error you can make with regards to sunless tanning is applying too much at once. Remember, sunless tanner is all about layering and building up your golden glow. You want a gradual tan, not an unnatural, tangerine tan. One application offers a slight tone change, and is buildable into a full blown bronze.

If it's your first time, go even thinner with your layer. With each tanning session, you can layer on more product for an intense, dark tan, if that's what you're after. 

It's no different to going for a spray tan. Sure, you want to see results from the first sesh, but you also want it to look natural. Natural, gradual glow is the way to go!


Don't Dress too Soon

If you like wearing pyjamas to bed, avoid climbing under the sheets too soon after applying your tanning cream. Give it extra time to dry to prevent it from staining your clothes. While the directions may state 10 minutes, we recommend waiting an additional 10-15 minutes before putting on clothes. Then brush on a talc-free powder to stop the tanner from transferring to your clothes. Genius!


Don't Fall Asleep too Soon, Either

...unless you want brown stains on your crisp white sheets. Once again, we recommend waiting a good 20-30 minutes before getting into bed. Of course, non-transferrable self tanning mousses and lotions are available, but it's nevertheless a good idea to let your tan soak in -- so not to soak into your sheets!


Use a Hydrating Formula

Truly's Hotter In Person Bronze & Blur Cream is a silky, quick-absorbing tanning moisturiser formulated with argan oil, strawberry, green tea, aloe vera, antioxidants, and DHA. Ultra-nourishing, soothing, and brightening, this is your go-to tanning solution to develop a subtle, gradual tan on all skin types minus UV exposure. Layer it on tonight, and wake up with a dewy, golden glow tomorrow. 

This product does not protect you from sun exposure. Always apply sunscreen SPF 30 when going outdoors to prevent premature aging, discoloration, and skin cancer. 


Stay Hydrated

To make your tan last and mask any unpleasant tan smells you don't like, slather your skin every evening with a nourishing body cream, like Truly's Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter. We also recommend using a hydrating body wash like Truly's Moon Jelly Adaptogenic Body Cleanser to prevent drying out your skin and shortening your tan's lifeline. 


So, if you're expecting an overnight tan, be sure to try these tips for yourself. We know you want to get glowing asap, but it's worth investing a little time into making sure it looks good. 

Woke up not tanned enough? You can enhance your tan with the use of bronzer and highlighter. 



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