The Benefits of Shopping Clean Beauty

The Benefits of Shopping Clean Beauty
by Truly Beauty

When buying skincare products, have you ever considered what's actually inside the formulations and what effects those ingredients may have on your health, the environment, and your skin? 

Over the past few years, headlines about the environment may have made you more aware of what is in the personal care products you buy. Unfortunately, the basis of most cosmetics ingredients can be scarce and confusing. So what do we really get when buying clean and natural products?

We know it can be baffling when you see the words green, organic, and natural! But the newer term clean means the contents of the products are safe for use on your body and the planet. Hence, the active ingredients in clean beauty products will be non-toxic and plant-based. Subsequently, clean cosmetics will only contain safe, non toxic ingredients.

Here are the benefits of opting for clean beauty brands and clean skincare.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Cosmetics can contain chemicals, toxins, and plastics. These all contribute to poisoning the planet and the waters around us. Plus, the packaging can take years to break down landfills and harm soils and ecosystems.

Parabens are a set of antimicrobial chemicals and preservatives. They stop bacteria and mold from forming in cosmetics. Unfortunately, when combined with tap water, they harm the ecological system, kill coral, and end up in surface water, fish, and sediment.

Phthalate is an ingredient in nail polish and plastic; it releases into the atmosphere and causes toxicity. Furthermore, it does not break down, so, it is hazardous to aquatic life and humans.

Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling gas and causes high toxic levels to release into the air. This is banned globally from cosmetics because it is so harmful and causes cancer.

Synthetic fragrances contain up to 3000 artificial and manmade chemicals. Many are harmful and related to phthalates. Fragrances present in perfumes react with sunlight and form ozone pollution.

Other ingredients that can be harmful to the planet include talc, carcinogens, and sulfates. For the sake of sustainability, start looking for green retailers like Truly.


  1. Health-Friendly

It is easy for us to assume the cosmetics we use are safe because they are in close contact with skin and hair. The truth us, everything from your mascara to your sunscreen, conditioner to your lotion might be brimming with toxic ingredients that can negatively impact your health.

Parabens are in hair care products, makeup, and shaving products and can be absorbed into the skin and mouth. They replica estrogen and alter hormone production. Parabens increase the risk of cancers plus harm to the reproductive organs, disrupt the thyroid, and cause early puberty in girls and obesity. They are known as endocrine disruptors. 

Phthalates are in most perfumes and deodorants. They are also in nail polishes, lubricants, and hairspray and, in small amounts, are safe. But long-term use of parabens can lead to serious health problems such as asthma, behavioral issues, breast cancer, diabetes type 2, obesity, hyperactivity, altered reproductive development, and male fertility problems.

Formaldehyde is a toxic substance and is a dangerous chemical. Long-term exposure can lead to cancer. You can suffer from itchy eyes, skin irritation, sore throat, and nose bleed for beauty technicians.

Synthetic Fragrances are petroleum-based chemicals, are toxic and harmful to health. They contain phthalates which makes the scent last longer. As with all toxic chemicals, it can seep through the skin and enter the bloodstream. They can cause allergies, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, and cancer.

All these ingredients are endocrine-disrupting chemicals and change how the body’s hormones work. 

By following a natural, clean beauty routine suitable for your skin type, you'll prevent all these horrible side effects and enjoy better health.


  1. Skin-Friendly

It certainly makes us sit up and notice when reading what is actually in many cosmetics. In fact, it can be worrying what we are using on our bodies and hair. The initiative of changing to cleaner beauty products is undoubtedly a positive step. And it's worth paying closer attention to what you're buying - because the beauty industry isn't always transparent.

Checking the ingredients are natural will mean less irritation and healthier skin and hair. This is even more important if you have sensitive skin, as many beauty and wellness products contain irritants like synthetic ingredients and artificial fragrances which may cause redness, flaking, and breakouts.

It is essential to look out for beauty products with alcohol and benzene. Alcohol harms the protective surface of the skin and reduces natural oils in the skin. It can make oily skin problems worst and is linked to aging skin.

The ingredient benzene is linked to fragrance in almost every product, from skincare, baby care to makeup and cleaning products. It is toxic and harmful to the skin and can cause cancer.



Luckily natural beauty companies are emerging fast to help us get the safest cosmetics for our hair and skin. Isn’t it time to protect our skin and hair and treat them with the respect they deserve? Using clean, natural, and organic products can only be good for us and the environment.

One key factor is to read the ingredient list before you buy cosmetics. Using natural ingredients is a no-brainer. There are many natural beauty companies now advertising 100% natural organic products. So check the label and make sure those skin, hair, and body care products are indeed clean. Just because it claims to contain vitamin C and other antioxidants doesn't mean the product itself is 100% clean.

Look for words such as no fragrances, natural, non-toxic, organic beauty, green skincare, and no petrochemicals. Plus, make sure there are no hidden chemicals or parabens. Labels should state “certified organic” or “made with natural ingredients.”

Pay particular attention to what ingredients are in cleansers, moisturizers, and lip balm and look out organic ingredients. There's no better time than now to start following a clean skincare routine.


You'll find a range of clean, cruelty-free, and vegan products over on our site. Loaded with nourishing plant-based oils and butters, we offer everything from gentle cleansers to moisturizing serums, invigorating body washes to repairing hair masks. 



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