How to Make Your Unicorn Fruit Fragrance Last Longer

How to Make Your Unicorn Fruit Fragrance Last Longer
by Truly Beauty

Want our fruity, whimsical, and uber feminine fragrance to last all day long?

Don't we all!!!

Turns out, there is a right and a wrong way to apply perfume. And the way you apply it can greatly affect the longevity of the fragrance. 

Here, we share with you some fun little hacks for making our brand-new Unicorn Fruit Parfum (or any signature scent on that note!) last longer -- waaaaaaay longer!


#1: Moisturize Beforehand

If you ever wondered why your fave musk never lasted much longer than an hour or so, it could be down to dry skin. 

Dry skin doesn't hold perfume as effectively as oily skin does. That's why it's best to slather your skin with a lightweight lotion or body butter prior to spritzing on your eau de parfum. This way, it sticks better to the skin and keeps you smelling daisy-fresh for hours longer.

"The oilier you are, the slower the evaporation process of the perfume from your skin. When the skin is dry, this happens much faster," says Nausheen Qureshi, a cosmetic chemist. 

Select any moisturizer of your choice. If you want, you can even layer on a body oil for extra hydration. Once you've let that sink in, apply your perfume. Just make sure the products you use are unscented so they don't compete with the fragrance.

Try moisturizing with Truly's Unicorn Fruit Body Butter prior to applying your fragrance. 


#2: Apply it to the Right Places

...and that goes beyond skin. Think hair and clothes, too! 

But back to the skin part... It's best to spray perfume in places that generate the most body heat as heat enhances fragrance. And those places are? The pulse points on the wrists, neck, ankles, and backs of your knees.

Another great place to spritz perfume: your lovely locks.

Your tresses are practically a built-in diffuser, releasing scent with every hair tousle or flip. 

Spritz our cotton candy scented fragrance all over your clothes too. Clothing fibers hold onto scents for a very long time. Plus, it's a great way to freshen up your second day shirts. Genius!


#3: Use Matching Products

It may sound like a no-brainer, but it's definitely effective at prolonging the lifeline of your fragrance.

Luckily for you, Truly has an entire line of Unicorn Fruit skincare products all with similar scents that will complement each other perfectly. 

Applying this set of fragranced products, like the same smelling fragranced body wash, body scrub, body lotion, etcetera will really help make your scent last longer. 

Get Truly's latest drop: the Unicorn Party Kit.

It features our Unicorn Fruit Parfum, Body Polish, Body Butter, and Lip Balm.

The skincare products contain fruity, fresh scents of acai and matcha while the perfume boasts top notes of raspberry and orange, middle notes of cotton candy, and base notes or caramel and vanilla for a truly OMG fragrance.


#4: Dab, Don't Rub

The biggest mistake you can make when applying perfume: rubbing it in!

Doing this simply breaks all of the notes, fading out your fragrance in minutes.

"We suggest to never do this," explains Gerard Camme, president of the fragrance house, Atelier Cologne. "[Instead,] allow the fragrance to dry down naturally. You won’t crush the top notes, but rather you will allow the layers of fragrance to properly play their role."

Instead, lightly dab the perfume to your pulse points. It's the simplest yet most effective tip for making fragrance last longer.


#5: Slather on a Hydrating Oil

If you really want to lock in the scent of your fave fragrance, try applying a thin layer of coconut oil, vitamin e oil, jojoba seed oil, or sweet almond oil straight after showering. Not only will this retain moisture in the skin, but it'll also help the fragrance attach better to the skin and last longer. And what's not to like about that? Just make sure you're not using a fragrance oil - that'll just wipe out the scent.

You'll love oiling up with our Blueberry Kush CBD Body Oil. It's moisturizing, calming, and brightening, which means you can look forward to an illuminated body that smells really, really good all day long.


#6: Mix Your Perfume with Your Lotion

Running a little low on your perfume? To prolong its life and enjoy its fruity scent for as long as possible, pour the last bit of fragrance into an unscented body lotion.

Alternatively, mix it in with a body lotion that shares the same scent. Then it won't overpower the notes in the fragrance.

Ideally, look for products that contain hydrating and nourishing nut butters like shea butter and cocoa butter as these will seal in that satisfyingly sweet smell.


#7: Store it Safely

Heat and dampness can damage the quality of your perfume. Thus, it's crucial to keep your fragrance out of your bathroom and away from direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool, dark place to preserve the molecular structure of your perfume.


#8 Avoid Overapplying

When shopping for a new perfume or dropping our latest perfume into your cart, it’s important to remember that every fragrance’s intensity will fade throughout the day and that's okay.

"Don’t be attached to the first 10 minutes of a fragrance," says David Moltz, perfumer and co-founder of D.S. & Durga. "Hopefully the perfumer created a blend to take you on a journey that is interesting after those 10 minutes are gone." 

He adds, "Respray it later in the day if you want to relive the top notes, but like most things, subtly is a sign of good taste."


We all want our fragrance to last a little longer. Okay, so A LOT longer!

The good news is, there are a few hacks for drawing out the lifespan of your fragrance so that you can enjoy smelling awesome for a few extra hours.




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