No Kidding, J Lo's AM Skincare Routine is Probably Simpler Than Yours

No Kidding, J Lo's AM Skincare Routine is Probably Simpler Than Yours
by Truly Beauty

In an Instagram video posted on JLo Beauty last week, Jennifer Lopez walks us through her crazy-quick morning skincare routine while sipping from her "hello gorgeous" coffee cup.

Turns out, the pop star/actress/beauty brand founder's beauty routine is, like, majorly simple!

The whole thing only took around five minutes! 

"Obviously I have all my JLo Beauty products here," a bare-faced Lopez says to the camera. "This is not staged, this is what it actually looks like every single day. This is how we do it."

We're listening...



The Cleanse

To get started, Lopez lathers up with That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser -- a product from her own skincare line. 

"The morning cleansing is really, really important to set your face for the whole entire day," she says before lathering up and rinsing with lukewarm water. A crucial step nobody should miss out on!

"Not only did it get all the makeup and gave me that kind of, like, extra-clean feeling, but in a healthy way. I am in love with this cleanser."

She's such a huge fan of this cleanser, she has spare bottles in all corners of her bathroom -- in the shower, tub, everywhere!  

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The "Secret Ingredient"

Deemed "the secret ingredient" by Lopez herself, the star swears by That JLo Glow Serum for her iconic radiant complexion.

"This is the secret ingredient—21 iterations of this to get it right," she says. "People go, ‘How do I get that glow, how do I get that glow?’ I put it in a bottle and say, ‘Here.’"

Lopez generously slathers the serum all over her face, describing the process as taking "vitamins for your face." 

It's hydrating, it's moisturizing, and above all, it's brightening! 

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The Sunscreen

Once her serum's sunk in, Lopez says it's time for the sunscreen -- aka, the most important step of all if you want healthy, protected, youthful skin.

"From the time you're very, very young, you have to wear sunscreen," she says. "That is probably one of the biggest things that I did from a very young age that helped preserve my skin."

The star applies a healthy dose of her JLo Beauty That Big Screen SPF 30 Moisturizer. Just so you know, dermatologists recommend using about two tablespoons of sunscreen to coat all exposed areas of your face and body. 

"Our sunscreen is a beautiful whipped texture, you can see it's almost like whipped cream," she says in the video. "I always say I wanted to attempt to taste it but it's not a good idea. I do not recommend that."

Unlike many sunscreens that leave a white cast, Lopez explains that her product quickly soaks into the skin and leaves a subtle sheen. No Casper complexions here!

"It was designed to be able to use every single day under your makeup as a moisturizer," she says. "Every. Single. Day."  

Jennifer Lopez's 30 SPF sunscreen also doubles as a moisturizer, which is why she's managed to streamline her skincare routine down to three steps. Seriously, how simple was that!?


The Supplements

To complete her regimen, Lopez consumes one of her That Inner Love Supplements, vitamin-rich tablets that promise to "fight the signs of aging where they start."

They contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, olive oil extract, and manganese, which you can get from Sephora -- in case you were wondering? 

"Skin care is an inside job," she says. "Beauty from the inside out is one of our models at JLo Beauty, and that is spiritually, emotionally, metaphorically, but also really really practically."

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She Swears by Olive Oil

In an interview with Elle in December, Lopez opened up about her love for olive oil.

"My mom used to say that olive oil was the cure-all for everything," she explains. "And it’s a secret I’ve used over the years because it really does work. When we went to do this, that was the first thing I said: It has to have olive oil extract as a basis."


She Believes in Self-Love

"I definitely think beauty comes from within—you have to keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync. I am a firm believer in meditating and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty," Lopez told InStyle.

So much so, she also swears she's never got and never will get botox. Unlike many celebs, J.Lo isn't afraid to age gracefully. 


She Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle

Wondering why Lopez looks so good in a bikini? Her healthy diet and intense fitness regimen probably have something to do with it.

"I don't drink, or smoke, or have caffeine. That really wrecks your skin as you get older," she tells Hollywood Life.


She Loves Face Masks & Eye Creams

Lopez has spoken out multiple times about her love for sheet masks and eye creams to keep her skin tone and hydration levels in check. She also adores retinol products -- ahhh, so that's how she gets flawless, ageless skin!


Let's not lie...Jennifer Lopez looks great in all her pics. Or should we say freakin' flawless?! Whether you're seeing her in Insta selfies, music videos, on the street, or in a makeup artist's chair, Lopez always looks truly naturally beautiful. 

But it turns out, her am skincare routine isn't as elaborate as one would expect. The star opts for just three basic skincare products -- cleanser, serum, and SPF -- to maintain her radiant complexion. So it just goes to show, you really don't need a dozen steps morning and evening to attain star-like skin. 

Thank you, J.Lo! You just made our am beauty routine waaaay quicker!





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