Targeting Cellulite Without Surgery

Targeting Cellulite Without Surgery
by Truly Beauty

Hello Truly Beauty babes! It’s time to talk about cellulite. A common skin condition that most of us have, cellulite is a fat deposit below the skin. It’s actually so common that 85% of women over the age of 21 have cellulite on their body. The main symptom of cellulite is that it creates a dimply, lumpy appearance featured on the booty, stomach, hips, thighs, etc. While we aren’t saying cellulite is a negative thing, because it’s totally not, we do have some tips on how to diminish it! We are going to shy away from talking about surgeries and lasering for cellulite, as that is not suitable for an average person’s budget. So here are our tips! Not only do we have our Anti-Cellulite Bundle that will target your cellulite, we will share some common techniques that help you get the skin you desire. 



Let’s First Discuss the Anti-Cellulite Bundle


We have had many requests to make products that specifically target cellulite. After eons and eons of researching for the best, natural based ingredients that target cellulite, we finally found them! Of course we featured retinol, which thickens the skin and promotes cell regrowth. Retinol can reduce the appearance of cellulite due to its nature on cell regeneration. By thickening the skin, the uneven texture is plumped out, reducing the look of dimples. We LOVE retinol here at Truly. However, we found the most sacred ingredient of them all: bitter orange flower extract! A powerful little extract, bitter orange promotes the mobilization of stored fats (cellulite is a fat deposit) so essentially it shakes up the fat, dispersing the appearance. Bitter orange is a lipolytic and decongesting active ingredient, recommended in the formulation of all slimming products to smooth, tone, and improve the aesthetic appearance of dimply skin. So naturally, we had to feature bitter orange in our Anti-Cellulite Bundle. Don’t be shy from these products, they can literally change your skin’s texture in 4-6 weeks of use. Too good to be true? Check out some of these Before & Afters!



Hitting the Gym--In This Climate?!

Hitting the gym is always a good solution. We here at Truly are pro-exercise. It’s crucial for physical and mental health. However, as we have seen in 2020, gyms can be taken away from the population in a fingersnap. We have seen that exercising at your home can be quite the drab, but we encourage you to take the plunge!  While you can be saved with resistance bands or at-home workouts that target cellulite, you can also keep your cellulite in check with either our Anti-Cellulite Body Serum or the Anti-Cellulite Body Mask. The combination of having a solid workout routine that targets the inside of your skin and the products that target the outside of your skin creates a double-attack method on cellulite. 


Dry Brushing 101

Dry brushing is an invigorating yet meditative skin care treatment that involves sweeping a stiff-bristled brush across your skin with either long or circular strokes. It helps shed dead skin, acting as an exfoliant, and it’s best to be done before your shower. There are studies that dry brushing actually doesn’t reduce cellulite, but due to it’s lymphatic-massaging properties, it definitely helps to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Combining a dry brush routine + a workout routine + our Anti-Cellulite Bundle can definitely get you to the skin you’re looking for. Talk about a triple threat!


Drink More Water

We all know the benefits of hydration. It improves health across the board, but our favorite fact is that it improves the skin. With boosting our circulation and accelerating the lymphatic system, staying hydrated is crucial for all aspects of life. 

And that’s that! We hope that you will take advantage of our Anti-Cellulite products, seeing how much it can benefit your skin. Did this pique your interest in starting these products? If so, tell us on our social media! Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your story post--we may reshare it!



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