Bitter Orange Extract Will Make You Want to Wear Minis Again

Bitter Orange Extract Will Make You Want to Wear Minis Again
by Truly Beauty

Just to clear things up, it is in no way related to orange juice. It is still citrus fruit-related, but it has nothing to do with orange juice. 

Bitter orange extract is derived from a tree native to Asia. It is made from the peel or flower of bitter orange, known scientifically as Citrus aurantium.

People use bitter orange extract for weight loss, indigestion, high blood pressure, and to stabilize heart rate. While there is no scientific evidence to support these benefits, it has long been believed in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But it's far more than just a weight loss product. Citrus aurantium extract is also a skincare superhero which can calm, cleanse, and balance the complexion.

Let's take a further look into what bitter orange extract is and its plethora of skincare benefits.



Bitter orange extract (synephrine) comes from the bitter orange tree native to southern Vietnam. However, it is also grown in many other countries including the United States, in Florida and California. 

The tree is of the ephedra variety, with its spiny leaves dotted with tiny oil glands. It is 10-30 feet tall, with long brown flexible thorns. Its flowers are highly fragrant and its fruit has a thick, rough skin with sour juice.

However, it is a safer alternative to ephedra, which was banned by the FDA due to its link to raising blood pressure and increasing heart attack and stroke.

Bitter orange extract is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as it is considered a safe and effective ingredient and supplement. Fortunately, no dangerous adverse effects have been linked to bitter orange supplements like advantra z.

Taken as a dietary supplement, p-synephrine is the active ingredient that offers fat loss effects and treats ringworm. It is the synephrine content that makes it effective in treating cardiovascular issues. 



Bitter orange extract is comprised of the following chemicals

  • Synephrine
  • N-methyltyramine
  • B-Myrcene
  • Linalool
  • Pinene
  • Cymene
  • Camphene
  • Octopamine
  • Ocimene

Fortunately, it is ephedra-free which means it is a safe and healthy product. Many people use it as an ephedra-free alternative. Speak to your healthcare provider before using.

According to a clinical study carried out by Sidney J Stohs, Harry G Preuss, and others, there are no string adverse reactions to this product. Stohs investigated the safety of this product and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine. 



While bitter orange is largely famous for being a weight loss supplement with minimal side effects, clinical trials show that topical use of bitter orange oil offers many skincare benefits. Indeed, the effects of bitter orange on the skin look very impressive. Let's take a look at what those benefits are.


A Natural Cleanser

Bitter orange essential oil is packed with antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. What's more, the peel of this fruit from which its essential oil is extracted contains flavonoids, which keep the skin looking young and healthy. 

You can use either the seville orange or marmalade variety as a natural cleanser to get rid of dirt, oil, and grime from the skin. Best of all, it's really nourishing and hydrating. So, instead of stripping the skin as it cleanses, it nourishes it with nutrients. 


A Cellulite Treatment

Bitter orange peel extract is also used in the treatment of cellulite due to its ability to stimulate the cutaneous tone of the skin. So if you're taking bitter orange herbal medicine for body fat loss, try this ephedrine alternative topically to address cellulite. 

Citrus aurantium l (p-synephrine) can smooth out bumps and blemishes and promote smooth and firm skin.


An Acne Clearer

Being the natural antiseptic that it is, sour orange extract can also help in clearing acne. Clinical studies also show that it can treat wounds, cold sores, psoriasis, and fungal infections like ringworm, eczema, and athlete's foot.

Just add 2 drops of bitter orange oil with a calming carrier oil like coconut oil, green tea oil, or st. john's wort oil to affected areas for fast relief. 



Bitter orange extract is a popular supplement (advantra z) for increasing metabolic rate and preventing myocardial infarction and ischemic thanks to its octopamine content. The extract can also be used as a flavoring in foods or as a combination product with st. john's wort or grapefruit. In addition, it offers thermogenic properties for the body to promote health and wellness. 

If you need proof, there are a number of clinical studies published on J Med about bitter orange extract's potent skin and health-boosting properties. 

Fortunately, you can easily find it on amazon or other online stores. 

Alternatively, look for the extract in skincare products. There are many of them out there - including in Truly's online store.



Cellulite Mask

Anybody who has it knows it. Cellulite spoils skirts, shorts, and bikinis.

Truly's anti-cellulite body mask firms and smooths the skin so that you can enjoy a more defined silhouette and dimple-free complexion. It's seriously the best vegan cellulite mask you'll get your hands on. 

Made with powerhouse ingredients such as bitter orange and retinol, this formula targets cellulite, improve skin tone, and stimulates circulation to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits. 

Bitter orange is a lipolytic and decongesting active ingredient that promotes the mobilization of stored fats. While retinol accelerates skin renewal, enhances collagen production, and addresses aging. 

The result of this skin-transforming duo: smooth skin texture, enhanced skin radiance, and an overall glowing complexion. 

So don't throw out those butt skimming denims just yet! Truly's cellulite body cream is here to save the day -- and your money!



After showering, apply Truly's Cellulite Mask to affected areas (i.e., bum, back of thighs.) For best results, use daily. Do not wash off. Try to leave the formula on for as long as possible so it can do its work.

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