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Elderbery Extract: An Anti-Ager From the Inside Out

Elderbery Extract: An Anti-Ager From the Inside Out

Elderberry isn't just an ingredient in a fancy cocktail menu. It contains a stack of skincare goodness that can treat everything from aging to certain skin conditions. Research shows that elderberry extract inhibits a plethora of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that ease itching, soreness, redness, and even acne.

Best of all, it's not all just hype. There's actually evidence supporting elderberry extract's skin-saving benefits. For instance, one study found that it can help slow down the effects of aging by improving microcirculation. Elderberry has been used in holistic skin care for centuries and clearly, there's a lot we can learn from adding elderberry into our skincare regimens.


Elderberry, otherwise known as black elderberry (sambucus nigra) is a medicinal plant used for centuries to treat everything from pain to inflammation and swelling. 

Nowadays, most people take black elderberry extract, gummies, or lozenges (sambucol) to stimulate the immune system and get rid of inflammation, the common cold, and flu symptoms. That's because elderberry syrup is packed with flavonoids and vitamin C to provide immune support and offer a range of health benefits. 

There are several elderberry products on the market ranging from elderberry supplementation to elderberry lozenges and dietary supplements. No doubt, you're familiar with sambucol supplements. You can even get elderberry juice. 

In terms of healthcare, the elderberry fruit is an excellent product during flu season as it can allegedly fight the influenza virus and reacts quickly to a negative immune response.

However, elderberry extract in skincare is still relatively new. Fortunately, the clinical trials prove that it's worth trying if you want healthy, glowing skin. 


Fights Acne

As a natural anti-inflammatory, elderberry plant extract is suitable for people suffering from sensitive skin and acne. When you have this skin type, most acne-fighting products tend to be too aggressive and end up irritating the skin rather than soothing it. 

Thanks to elderberry's anti-inflammatory properties combined with its anti-bacterial properties, it can combat acne without drying out or irritating your skin.

Historically, it may have been used internally, but elderberry's anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral qualities make it a powerful acne-fighter.

Infused with natural detoxifying agents, elderberry liquid extract can help prevent distressing skin conditions like breakouts, boils, and scars. Think of it as one of those natural remedies that actually work. 


Keeps Skin Young and Healthy

Elderberry is a treasure trove of antioxidants that keeps you looking youthful from the outside in. Rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins (the compounds responsible for giving berries their distinct dark pigment), black elderberry extract delivers powerful protection from damaging free radicals. These tend to occur after spending too much time in the sun. Although pollution also doesn't help. 

According to clinical studies, the anthocyanins in elderberries give a natural boost to your skin’s health. It also protects against skin damage, restores skin health, and lightens freckles.

"It is a powerhouse for fighting free-radical damage and aging pollutants caused by environmental exposure,” says dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian. “It’s also high in vitamins (such as C and E), which will help decrease signs of aging such as sunspots and fine lines."


Fades Age Spots

Scientific research indicates that black elderberry syrup can prevent influenza a, b viruses, and heart diseases and potentially act as a natural laxative.  But that's not all it is capable of. Elderberry extract's list of skincare benefits goes far beyond that. 

Rich in vitamin A, elderberry extract can also help fade age spots. It also contains vitamins C and E - two other skin-care powerhouses that can transform your complexion.

Whether you consume sambucus nigra l or apply it topically, you can benefit no end from elderberry extract. 


Elderberry is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thanks to extensive clinical trials confirming its safety and lack of dangerous side effects. 

Fortunately, it is beneficial for all skin types - especially sensitive skin. 

Many people get elderberry confused with elderflower or echinacea. They are different with a completely different set of benefits. 

From what research shows, elderberry extract is an active skincare ingredient that offers some remarkable results. 


In short, yes. While the hype of elderberry is still somewhat new, the evidence indicates that it offers a number of benefits for the skin. 

From fighting acne to preventing aging to treating certain skin conditions, elderberry is a useful ingredient to add into your skincare routine. It's also really universal, thanks to its suitability for all skin types.

Ingesting elderberry extract is just as beneficial as it affects the immune system. However, those with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis should check with their doctor prior to taking it. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid using it.


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Additionally, vitamins C and Passion fruit extract will help nourish the skin to reveal a smoother, plumper, and more radiant complexion. 



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