Pineapple Haze Dry Skin Routine

Pineapple Haze Dry Skin Routine
by Truly Beauty

Pineapple isn’t just a tasty fruit and the prime ingredient for making a mean pina colada. Turns out, it’s also something of a skincare rockstar. Packed with vitamins C and E, pineapple is the brightening, natural antioxidant your skin needs to look positively radiant and nourished. It’s also majorly hydrating, which means it can tackle dryness cropping up anywhere on your body – right from pout down to your ankles. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can combat dryness with a simple yet effective pineapple-infused skincare routine. Because pineapple is here to stay in the skincare world – thank goodness!


Thanks to its rich concentration of AHAs, pineapple is an excellent natural exfoliant, which means it can slough away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of acne. It’s also packed with bromelain enzymes which offer exfoliating properties as well.

On the topic of blemishes, pineapple is also a natural anti-inflammatory so not only can it ease any irritation or redness, it can make unwanted spots disappear too. 

While pineapple is brimming with vitamin C, it’s very different to the vitamin itself. 

“Vitamin C is much lower in molecular weight and has the ability (with the correct pH) to penetrate beyond the Stratum Lucidum (our inner dead layer of the epidermis) and functionally change the skin,” explains aesthetician Pam Marshall.

She continues, “Bromelain's molecular weight is too high, and therefore cannot penetrate beyond our dead layers, and so is only a superficial exfoliator.”

In other words, pineapple is probably not going to get rid of stubborn pigmentation, but it can effectively exfoliate the skin – and hydrate it!

Here’s a pineapple-based skincare routine you can try to reap all the benefits of this juicy fruit for yourself.



Focus on the Dry Patches

From your elbows to your heels, many parts of the body are prone to dryness. That’s why you need to address them. Ideally, it would be better to do it before they become totally cracked and dry. Still, provided that you use a nourishing product, you’ll be able to treat those severely dry patches after a few uses. 

While it’s important to moisturize all over your body, there are places that get drier than others – heels, elbows, cuticles. They’re the places that retain few or no oil glands, which is why they dry out faster than other parts of the body. 

With Truly’s Pineapple Haze All Purpose Skin Salve, you can relieve dryness and keep cracked heels at bay. Infused with CBD, mango, jojoba oil, and pineapple, this nourishing balm can tackle everything from irritated skin to rough elbows to split ends. Apply a pea-sized amount onto affected areas.


Take Care of Your Lips

Your pout needs adequate attention if you want to keep it looking soft, plump, and juicy. Make lip moisturization a part of your daily skincare routine. Not only will it make your lips look instantly luscious, it will keep them in peak shape and prevent them from drying out. 

Enjoy smooth, soft lips with Truly’s Pineapple Haze CBD Lip Butter. Bursting with CBD, jojoba, pineapple, and vitamin E, it’ll hydrate, condition, and protect your pout against every day environmental aggressors like the sun. It’s the go-to daily lip balm for ultimate hydration and protection. Make sure you smother it on before leaving the house.


Slather on Lotion after Showering

Water is known for drying out the skin. To replenish lost moisture, try to slather on body lotion as soon as you step out of the shower. Just roughly towel dry your body, leaving it slightly damp, then apply a generous amount of body lotion to lock in moisture all day long. Of course, you don’t have to wait until after showering to layer on the lotion, but it works better at replenishing lost water when the skin is slightly damp.

Truly’s Pineapple Haze Repairing Body Balm provides instant relief and long-term hydration to dry skin. It’s also excellent at easing eczema and any irritation of the skin. Formulated with 200mg of CBD, mango, jojoba, and pineapple, it’s a powerhouse of nourishing nutrients that will transform your dry, distressed skin. Apply all over your body to keep your skin looking healthy, vibrant, and happy.


Besides moisturizing, there are a few other things you can do on a daily basis to keep your skin hydrated. It’s all about routine. Doing something just once every now and then won’t provide long-term results. Doing something every day will – it’s that simple. So try to make these tips part of your daily routine.

  • Shorten your showers. As much as you love your long, hot showers, they’re debilitating for your skin. Limit yourself to one 5-minute shower daily and make sure you’re bathing in lukewarm water – not hot. Exposing your skin to more than that can strip away the skin’s natural oil barrier, resulting in lost moisture. 

  • Drink more water. Everybody knows the h20 tip, but how many of you actually use it? Dehydration will show in your skin. If you’re not drinking enough liquids, your complexion will exhibit gray tones, flakiness, and an overall dull appearance. Consume more water and within a few days, you will notice a huge improvement in the appearance of your skin. Aim for 8 glasses of water per day.

  • Avoid harsh soaps. Soap can be highly drying for the skin. If you notice your skin feeling all tight and itchy after showering or washing your face, your soap could be responsible. Switch to a moisturizing face or body cleanser instead. 

Getting rid of dry skin takes a little commitment, but it will be worth it in the end when you see (and feel!) how much softer and smoother your skin is. Follow the above pineapple skincare routine to keep your skin super soft and healthy. And make sure you steer clear of long, hot showers and harsh cleansing products.


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