Why Spirulina Extract is the Ultimate Skin Superfood

Why Spirulina Extract is the Ultimate Skin Superfood
by Truly Beauty

Spirulina - skincare's next trendy ingredient - is a naturally occurring blue-green algae which forms on the surface of lakes. It can be taken as a dietary supplement in pill or powder form, or, it can be used as a skincare product when in the form of spirulina extract.

The amazing thing about spirulina is that it nourishes the body from the inside and out. Packed with fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamin b12, spirulina extract injects your skin full of goodness. 

Let's take a further look into this skincare superfood and how it can benefit your complexion. 


Spirulina (arthrospira platensis) is a species of blue-green algae and a type of cyanobacteria and phycocyanin.

You may recognize spirulina as a vegan weight loss supplement or as "spirulina powder," which people sprinkle in their smoothies for a myriad of health benefits.

Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), spirulina maxima and spirulina platensis are the two most common forms of the algae. Both are shown to boost the immune system, prevent and treat type 2 diabetes, promote weight loss, treat allergic rhinitis, and lower blood pressure.

But spirulina supplementation isn't the only way to enjoy its benefits. You will also find spirulina extract in a range of skincare products. That's because it's considered a superfood for the complexion.

Rich in essential amino acids, niacin, folate, riboflavin, linolenic acid, and vitamins B6, A, and K, this microalgae can moisturize, calm redness, minimize pores, anti-age, and re-charge your skin. 


That green-blue shade of spirulina isn't the result of color additives. Spirulina is a natural blue thanks to the phytonutrient, phycocyanin.

Phycocyanin is a protein pigment present in spirulina and the responsible component of the blue color of the spirulina microalgae. 

However, Phycocyanin is in itself packed with goodness, so it clearly does more than provide spirulina's hue.

Whether you use spirulina platensis or maxima, it still serves as an effective dietary supplement to control body weight and a skincare superhero to promote a healthy and beautiful complexion.

As excellent as spirulina supplementation is for lowering high blood pressure, treating allergic rhinitis, promoting weight loss and other health benefits, it is a truly awesome skincare ingredient. 


Don't worry, a lot of people get mixed up over spirulina and chlorella. They are, in fact, very similar. The primary difference is that while spirulina is a blue-green microalgae, chlorella is a single-celled, green freshwater algae. 

Like spirulina, it is also naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, all of which benefit both the health and the skin. 

And, just like you can take spirulina tablets, chlorella also comes in pill form in addition to powder and extract forms.


Skin Toner 

Due to its high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, iron, and calcium, spirulina extract functions as a fabulous natural skin toner. It can also wake up the skin, treat sagging, and fight free radicals that cause a loss of collagen in the skin. 



According to a study published in Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics in 2015, 40 female subjects applied a gel cream to their skin twice a day for 28 days. Half of the group got a cream containing spirulina extract, while the other half got a control cream without spirulina.

After 28 days, the researchers discovered that the females who used the spirulina cream showed more water retention in the outer layer of their skin when compared to the control group. The most significant hydrating effects were found in the older age group, indicating that those with mature skin may see the greatest benefits from spirulina extract. 



Spirulina contains tyrosine, vitamin E, and selenium, all known for their powerful anti-aging effects. By slowing down the aging of skin cells, the antioxidants in tyrosine eliminates free radicals responsible for skin aging.

To create your own spirulina anti-aging mask, make a paste out of spirulina and water and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse. The antioxidant effects of spirulina will make your skin not only soft and smooth, but prevent signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.



Regular use of spirulina not only improves your wellbeing, but the overall appearance of your skin. For instance, because spirulina extract facilitates faster cell turnover, it helps heal skin faster. 

What's more, this skin health food wards off free radicals and gets rid of toxins to increase skin metabolism. Research indicates that spirulina can also prevent candida overgrowth, which can lead to acne breakouts. 

In other words, making spirulina extract part of your daily skincare routine can help keep breakouts at bay and promote a clear and glowing complexion. 


Clearly, there are a number of benefits of spirulina extract for skin. 

While there aren't large-clinical trials to fully vet the use and benefits of spirulina, there's enough research there to show that this form of algae works wonders for the skin. 

In addition to using it as a skincare ingredient, you can also take spirulina orally for added benefits. In the United states, spirulina is becoming a well-known superfood and skinfood. It's definitely worth a try. 

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