Truly Ambassador of the Month: Taryn Lewis

Truly Ambassador of the Month: Taryn Lewis
by Truly Beauty

As part of our Truly ambassador series, we’ll be featuring some of our most active ambassadors of the month. This month, we’re featuring Taryn Lewis. Ahead, she shares her fave products, why she can't get enough of Truly, and her best tips for succeeding as a brand ambassador.


Why did you choose Truly?

I chose Truly after seeing their iconic swirls on social media and immediately ran to place my first order. The Unicorn Party Kit, Cream Skin Face Moisturizer, and Glass Skin Facial Serum.

My skincare was pretty simple at the time, so stumbling on Truly was like a magical new world for me. While I was originally captivated by their whimsical aesthetic, I quickly fell in love with their products and the results. Not only are they vegan and cruelty free but they are also kind to my sensitive skin and TRULY deliver on their promises! My skincare has never been the same.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Truly Babe?

My favorite thing about being a Truly Babe is our community. Not only do I have the honor of representing this beautiful brand that I know and love, but I’ve gotten to build connections with others who feel the same. The perks are great, but the friendships are priceless.

If you had to choose 3 of your fav Truly products, what would they be and why?

Oof. This is an impossible decision, I LOVE them all, but if I had to choose 3 they would be…

Cream Skin Face Moisturizer: She was my very first Truly love and still is. The chocolatey scent initially took me by surprise, but now it’s like a sweet treat I crave! Not only is she the most thick, luxurious cream but she actually absorbs into my skin like a dream!

Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter: Honestly, the entire Unicorn Fruit line has me in a chokehold, but ya girl can’t resist the iconic swirl and rainbow aesthetic of this gem. She smells like cotton candy and leaves my skin feeling nothing short of magical.

Glazed Donut Shave Oil: Mainly because yes, she smells JUST like a donut. Andddd she is the only product I’ve ever used that actually reduces razor burns. People have even complimented me on how silky soft my legs look since. It's truly a game-changer!

Would you be able to share a few juicy tips for increasing your influence as a Truly Babe?

I’m not sure how juicy these are, but the best I can say is be yourself, share your journey, have fun and don’t ever give up! I think a lot of times, we can get so caught up in vanity metrics that we lose sight of why we started or get discouraged.

Instead, experiment with your content to find what resonates. Utilize Truly photos to streamline your process. Leverage hashtags to expand your reach and don’t be afraid to diversify your platforms. You never know who will see your content!


Join Our Ambassador Program

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