What Beauty Products to Pack in Our Vegan Leather Trunk

What Beauty Products to Pack in Our Vegan Leather Trunk
by Truly Beauty

Taking a trip from L.A. to New York? Spending the night at a friend's or bae's? You're going to need a few beauty essentials to keep your skin looking its finest.

We just released our brand-new vegan sleepaway trunk for those with elaborate skincare routines -- like us! With enough room to store an 8-step Truly routine, your beauty regimen needn't suffer while you're away.

Made of 100% vegan leather, you can tote around all your beauty products in an all ethical style in either lilac or yellow. Take your pick!

Alternatively, fill it with all of our favorite skincare goodies! Which also just happen to be -- vegan and cruelty-free!

Moon Rocks Whipped Body Scrub

It's a bestseller for a reason. Our Moon Rocks Sugar Scrub is formulated with a nourishing base of organic coconut oil, protective vitamin E, brightening lavender, and moisturizing blue tansy. This high-quality skincare product will keep your skin feeling super soft and lit throughout your travels.

Besides its smoothing effects, this body exfoliant helps remove dead skin cells, enabling other products to absorb more effectively. It should be the first step in your skincare routine.

Vegan Collagen Body Polish

The neat thing about this Vegan Collagen Body Polish is that it serves as both a body buffer and a shaving cream. Formulated with retinol, vitamin C, and plant-based collagen, this extra fluffy polish lends its powerful anti-aging and conditioning properties to visibly improve the skin’s suppleness and texture.

It's a great product to pack in your cosmetic bag whenever you feel like indulging in a little personal care -- whether that be polishing or shaving. Your bod will feel soft to the touch once you're done. 

Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter

Next to your makeup products, keep a jar of Unicorn Fruit Body Butter in your faux leather trunk. This shea butter-based body lotion helps relieve dry skin and boosts levels of glow for radiant skin head to toe. 

Packed with a blend of natural, skin-repairing ingredients such as acai, matcha, and rose, this multicolored swirl of body butter helps to firm, smooth, and plump out your skin while delivering hours of hydration.

Besides functioning as a body butter, it also triples up as a lip balm and hair mask. Plus, it'll leave you smelling sweet as candy!

Cooka Oil

This pubic hair and skin serum deserves a place in our vegan leather trunk just as much as any other product. 

Made with a blend of jojoba, primrose, and tea tree oil, this lightweight antimicrobial oil gently soothes irritated, combats ingrowns, and softens coarse hairs. It also helps relieve post-shave dryness, while warding off unwanted microorganisms or fungi formation.

It's definitely worth bringing along if you're spending a night or two with bae, as it'll leave you feeling your most sensual self. 

While it's designed for the pubic area, you can apply it anywhere hair meets skin for grease-free hydration and softer skin texture. 

Mary Jane Glow Mask 

What better time to pamper yourself than when you're away? Stick on some tunes, light a few scented candles, and slather on a face mask.

Our Mary Jane Glow Mask is formulated with hemp to reduce redness, caffeine and glycolic acid to help brighten skin, and Vitamin A to spur cell turnover. It's a travel-size jar of perfection for smooth, glowing, blemish-free skin.

Free of parabens and sulfates (like all our other products) you don't have to worry about waking up with a red, irritated face. This exfoliating face mask is suitable for all skin types. 

Cream Skin Face Moisturizer 

Remember to pack a jar of Cream Skin Face Cream in your carry-on or makeup bag. This face cream contains a hydrating blend of hyaluronic acid and sea kelp to keep your skin super nourished and cared for during your trip.

Traveling is known for wreaking havoc with your skin, but especially for drying it out. Prevent that from happening by lotioning up regularly with our rejuvenating face cream. 

After using your daily cleanser, apply a thin layer of this lightweight moisturizer to your skin to seal in hydration for the rest of the day. And remember to follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin while you're out and about.  

Heartbreaker Lip Plumping Mask

Treat yourself to some lip therapy while you've got some extra time on your hands. We can't think of anything better than our Heartbreaker Lip Plumping Mask for a chilled out lip therapy session.

It's made with ceramides and aloe vera to smooth out lips and retain moisture, while keeping your pout free of itching and flaking. 

Keep it in your handbag, toiletry bag, or our vegan leather trunk -- it's a go to for keeping your pout smooth, plump, and kissable.

It's such a versatile product. You can apply it in the am, pm, or in between applying your eyeshadow or eyeliner.

GLOAT Lip Butter

Switch sticky lip gloss for this minty, volumizing lip butter. It fits perfectly in our vegan leather trunk. 

Infused with nourishing oils and hyaluronic acid, GLOAT Lip Butter softens lip lines, locks in moisture, and plumps up your pout for lovely lips all day long. 

While peppermint gently plumps the lips via stimulating your circulation, hyaluronic acid contributes to hydration and promotes long term lip health. 

One swipe of this will leave you your pout feeling pillowy soft, juiced up, and happy! It's an everyday necessity. 

While you won't be able to fit your hairdryer in it, this vegan leather trunk is spacious enough to hold several Truly beauty products. It's not machine-washable, but we advise cleaning it out between uses using a damp cloth. You can also add in some DIY dividers if you think it would make things easier to organize.


Feel free to throw in a few additional Truly supplies like our Life Shaver Starter Razor and Rose Gold Hair Comb.



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