Sorry Bumps and Dryness, You're Not Invited to Our Latest Super Smooth Shave Party

Sorry Bumps and Dryness, You're Not Invited to Our Latest Super Smooth Shave Party
by Truly Beauty

We just collaborated with the beautiful and talented Amanda Cerny on a brand-new skincare line: Bald Move Complete Shave Kit - a trio of shaving essentials designed to treat and prevent bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs.

Not into waxing? Neither are we. That's why we swear by this shaving kit!

It's your one stop shop for the smoothest shave of your life. Think silky, fresh-shave-on-clean-sheets feel, every single time. No bumps, inflammation, ingrowns, or dryness. Just a really close shave for smooth to the touch skin.

Sound good?

Come join our latest smooth shave party where you can tick all the boxes for a silky soft shave and shun undesirable side effects like ingrown hairs, dry skin, and irritation.

At this party, we solve all your shaving dilemmas right here, right now.



If you're looking for longer-lasting, ultra-smooth legs, try exfoliating before putting razor to skin.

It is great to remove dead skin cells and debris to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh, and looking bright.

Start by using a gentle cleanser in combo with an exfoliator for a super soft shave.

"We believe everyone should exfoliate two to three times per week to remove dead skin and debris and promote healthy skin turnover," says board-certified Internal Medicine physician Sarah Allen, MD. "Exfoliating removes the top layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, and leaves skin feeling clean and appearing bright."



Truly's Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub.

It's formulated with coconut, grape, passion fruit, lavender, and vitamin E. And it contains zero parabens! 

Coconut offers its hydrating properties to heal razor burn while loosening hair follicles for a super silky post-shave feel. 

Grape seed extract triggers cell turnover and collagen synthesis - keeping your skin healthy, bouncy, and beautiful.

Passion fruit is an excellent antioxidant-rich emollient known for promoting soft and silky to the touch skin. Packed with essential nutrients like riboflavin, carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A, passion fruit stimulates blood flow, retains moisture, and prevents aging.

Lavender’s healing and inflammation-reducing capabilities make it the perfect ingredient for easing skin irritation and red bumps. 

How to use:

In the shower or bath, massage a palmful of body scrub with a few drops of warm water into the skin to work up a lather. Exfoliate the area ready for hair removal for a smooth shave. Rinse off.



The biggest mistake you can make when you glide a razor blade over your legs, bikini line, or underarms is to do it on bare, unlubricated skin.

To prevent razor burn, bumps, and ingrowns from cropping up in the first place, always use some kind of shaving cream, butter, or gel to serve as a buffer between the razor and your skin. It'll save a lot of discomfort! 

"Hydration softens the hair and skin, which helps reduce the amount of force it takes the razor to cut through the hair during a shave," says Elizabeth Compo, senior scientist at Venus. "Lubrication gives just the right amount of slipperiness between the blades and the skin."

In other words, applying shaving butter makes the grooming process much more comfortable and significantly lowers your chances of ingrowns and inflammation.

Plus, if you've got naturally curly hair, that means you're prone to ingrowns - so make this step your priority! 



Truly's Happy Hairless Shave Butter.

This whipped, full-bodied butter relies on a blend of hydrating coconut and elasticity restoring passion fruit for an effortlessly gentle razor glide minus the nasty side effects.

Hydrating, smoothing, and soothing, it's the perfect grooming companion for sensitive skin. 

It also contains vitamin E for restorative skincare. It heals and offers relief for post-shave inflammation and ingrowns.

Happy Hairless Shave Butter is also made with lavender for an anti-bacterial kick to kill pimples, blackheads, and bacteria on the skin. 

How to use: 

Apply the shaving butter to the areas you're about to shave. For best results, lather up the butter using warm water. Shave with the grain, rinse off, and pat dry.



Ever wondered why it happens and how you can treat it when it's too late?

"Razor burn is caused by trauma from your razor blade while shaving," says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD. "As the razor blades move over the skin, they can disrupt the outer skin layer, leading to microscopic cracks, loss of hydration, and inflammation."

This is what leads to that red, itchy rash you may be dealing with.

And because shaving is a form of exfoliation, you may even experience dryness.



Truly's Glazed Donut After Shave Oil.

When you think of soothing your skin, the first ingredient that pops to mind is probably aloe, right?

Truly's Glazed Donut Oil relies on soothing lavender, hydrating coconut, and skin-rejuvenating passion fruit instead for post-shave relief.

This summer scented, post-shave moisturizing oil offers hydration without the greasy feel most lotions tend to leave. It's a cooling, calming daily shave serum you can use anytime you need a lightweight moisturizer that's going to hydrate without causing a build up of grease.

Thanks to coconut’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamin E's healing abilities, these two ingredients work in tandem to treat razor burn and bumps, soothe ingrowns, and leave the area feeling silky smooth after shaving.

How to use: 

Apply the oil on cleansed, dry skin post-shave to soothe, hydrate, and prevent irritation. Swipe the affected area with a saturated cotton pad or simply apply to palms and massage it into the skin directly. By the next day, your skin will be happy and glowing! Oh, and don't forget to slather on the sunscreen once you're finished! 


Whether you're shaving your legs, pits, bikini line or even your face (chao facial hair!), make sure you keep this trio in your bathroom cabinet for long-lasting head to toe smoothness. 

Amanda would most definitely approve!





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