Reese Witherspoon Skincare Routine and Secrets

Reese Witherspoon Skincare Routine and Secrets
by Truly Beauty

Discover the Reese Witherspoon skincare routine and find out how to get her Hollywood glow at home in just a few easy steps. Believe it or not, Reese Witherspoon’s skincare routine is surprisingly simple. According to the 48-year-old actress, it only takes 13 minutes. 

What skin care does Reese Witherspoon use? We’re here to uncover the star’s complete skincare regimen. Read on to hear exactly what she does to keep her skin looking youthful, radiant, and red carpet-ready.


Reese Witherspoon Skincare Routine

Here’s the complete Reese Witherspoon skincare routine in four steps.

Step 1: Cleanser

To keep her skin fresh, Reese Witherspoon washes her face morning and night, especially on heavy-makeup days. Regular cleansing not only keeps pores clear and blemishes away, but allows other skincare products to penetrate more effectively. 

What cleanser does Reese Witherspoon use? Her go-to cleanser is a fragrance-free, hydrating, probiotic-packed formula that gently removes impurities without stripping the skin. Since skin gets drier with age, it’s important to use gentle, non-drying skincare that nourishes skin and replenishes moisture to keep it plump.

Step 2: Serum

Reese Witherspoon uses a variety of serums in her skincare routine. Her go-to serum contains a plumping, anti-aging blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid, and copper peptide which work together to hydrate skin, soften fine lines, and increase skin’s firmness. 

She also loves a good vitamin C serum. Since pregnancy, she’s struggled with uneven skin texture and dark spots. Vitamin C serums help to inhibit melanin production and brighten skin, reducing the appearance of discoloration. Plus, vitamin C offers another layer of protection against UV rays and free radicals, preventing premature signs of aging.

Reese Witherspoon has also previously mentioned her penchant for a probiotic serum. Probiotics help to balance the skin’s microbiome, easing inflammation and optimizing its moisture retaining abilities.

Step 3: Moisturizer

The next step in the Reese Witherspoon skincare routine is moisturizer. After slathering on her fave serums, the actress applies a moisturizer packed full of ceramides, omega fatty acids, and squalane to inject her skin with long-lasting moisture. 

This hydrating repair cream intensely moisturizes the skin while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also supports skin’s moisture barrier, keeping skin strong and healthy. 

“As you get older and start seeing wrinkles and fine lines, it’s so important to moisturize and use great products that really hydrate and take care of your skin,” Reese told Glamour

Hydrated skin equals plump skin and fine lines are a lot less visible when skin is plump and well-hydrated. Moisturizing also locks in all the goodness from the active ingredients in skincare products applied beforehand. 

Step 4: Sunscreen

Back in 2020, Reese Witherspoon did a Q&A in her Instagram Stories, where she revealed her skincare secrets. Before the Q&A, the actress shared a post encouraging her fans to ask questions. “How are you still looking like a teenager???” one fan asked. Later in her Instagram Stories, Reese finally answered that burning question on everyone’s lips. Her advice was simple: “Sunscreen….lots of it.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Reese revealed that she wasn’t always so conscious about protecting her skin. It wasn’t until a little nudge from her makeup artist that she started taking sun protection seriously. 

“She explained it to me that it’s actually damage when you’re getting tan and freckles—the kind of freckles that I get are actually sun damage—and so I started wearing sunscreen from then on,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I made sure to pass that onto my kids. I’m all over them about sunscreen, I’m sure I drive them crazy.”



Glow Like Reese Witherspoon

From probiotic skincare to anti-aging serums, here are some routines inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s fave skincare ingredients and products. 



Truly’s Glass Skin Set

reese witherspoon skincare routine | glass skin set


Packed with probiotics, jojoba oil, and niacinamide, Glass Skin Set deep cleans skin and refines pores, giving your complexion a glass-like finish. 

Glass Skin Cleansing Balm melts away makeup and impurities to unclog pores and prevent breakouts. Glass Skin Face Serum drenches skin in moisture while curbing excess sebum to shrink pores and leave skin looking dewy. Plus, it’s fragrance-free so it won’t irritate your skin.



Truly’s Vegan Collagen Booster Set 

reese witherspoon skincare routine | vegan collagen booster set


Restore firm, supple skin with this anti-aging routine. It comes with a facial cleanser, serum, mask, body polish, and cream to target fine lines and loss of elasticity from head to toe. Powered by a superstar lineup of retinol, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster to give your skin immediate bounce. All wrapped up in a St. Tropez Luxury Travel Trunk.

Visible signs of aging appear on both the face and body. This set covers every inch of you with its face and body care formulas, all jam packed with powerhouse anti-aging ingredients.



Truly’s Ultimate Glazed Donut Skin Set 

reese witherspoon skincare routine | glazed donut skin set


Drench every inch of your skin in dewy hydration for a sparkling, sheeny finish. The Ultimate Glazed Donut Skin Set features a face oil, cream, and body oil. Enriched with a nourishing blend of coconut, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E, this trio gives your skin an instant all-over glow while leaving it feeling irresistibly smooth.

Each product is lightweight and fragrance-free. Use them together for an all-over, non-greasy glow and the softest skin. 



Reese Witherspoon Skincare Tips

reese witherspoon skincare routine | reese witherspoon red carpet


Now you know the full Reese Witherspoon skincare routine here are some of her top tips for keeping her skin smooth, supple, and radiant.



Facial Massages

Reese Witherspoon swears by facial massages for keeping her skin taut and firm while waking up her eyes. “It feels so good,” she said, using a facial roller over her face in circular motions. “I do it in the morning, too, a little bit. And then it helps me get rid of the dark circles.”

According to dermatologists facial rollers can temporarily reduce puffiness and bags. By increasing circulation, the massaging effects also helps to brighten and tighten skin.



At-Home Chemical Peels

The actress also believes in the importance of regular chemical exfoliation. Four times a week, she uses an at home chemical peel formulated with lactic acid to promote cell turnover and reveal fresh, glowing skin. 

Chemical exfoliation helps to keep pores clear and enable other skincare formulas to absorb and ultimately work their best. Plus, it gives skin an instant healthy glow.


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