Scarlett Johansson Skincare Routine is Only 3 Steps

Scarlett Johansson Skincare Routine is Only 3 Steps
by Truly Beauty

Discover the Scarlett Johansson skincare routine as well as her top tips for keeping her skin clear, radiant, and camera-ready. Just like the rest of us, the 38-year-old actress has dealt with her fair share of skin concerns over the years, including acne. 

Ahead, we answer all your questions from what skincare does Scarlett Johansson use to how she finally banished stubborn breakouts. 

Scarlett Johansson Skincare Routine 2023

Ever wondered how she keeps her skin so bright and glistening? While she might have access to Hollywood’s best, her skincare routine is generally pretty straightforward. In fact, it only consists of three simple steps. 

Step 1: Cleanse

She starts her day by cleansing with a gentle, antioxidant-rich cleanser to smooth away grime, makeup, and impurities. Cleansing is an important step in a skincare routine. Not only does it prevent clogged pores, it also provides a clean canvas in which other skincare products can effectively penetrate the skin.

According to the actress, she cleanses her face both morning and night to keep skin clear and fresh. It’s equally as important to cleanse in the evening as this is when the most buildup occurs on the skin. 

Step 2: Apply a Firming Serum

Next up in the Scarlett Johansson skincare routine: a firming vegan collagen serum. Her fave serum, from her own skincare line–The Outset–is loaded with vegan collagen and botanical actives, which help to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles while firming skin. 

“I love this serum because it’s so moisturizing,” she told Elle Magazine. “It doesn’t pill under makeup and it doesn’t have that tackiness that some products with hyaluronic acid do because it has the vegan alternative to hyaluronic acid.”

Vegan collagen is especially effective since it works to naturally boost collagen production and restore elasticity, promoting a smoother, tighter complexion.

Step 3: Finish with a Nourishing Moisturizer 

The last step in Scarlett Johansson’s skincare routine: moisturizer. As for what moisturizer does Scarlett Johansson use? She favors the formula from her own skincare line which contains a hydrating blend of coconut oil, squalane, and red rice extract. 

In an interview with Goop, Johansson said she always cleanses and moisturizes her face day night and night, and sometimes more. Interestingly, there’s no fancy secret to the A-lister’s Hollywood glow. It’s all refreshingly simple. 

Get Scarlett Johansson’s Look

Wanna try the Scarlett Johansson skincare routine? Here are some of the best skincare bundles you can try to achieve clear, radiant skin like Scar-Jo.

Blur Pores with Glass Skin Set

Scarlett Johansson skincare routine | Glass Skin Set


Inspired by the K-beauty trend, Glass Skin Set is designed to give you a clear, poreless, and glass-like complexion. It features a cleansing balm and facial serum to smooth away impurities, unclog pores, and leave skin crystal clear and glistening. Infused with niacinamide, jojoba oil, and probiotics. 

Firm Skin with Vegan Collagen Booster Set

Scarlett Johansson skincare routine | Vegan Collagen Booster Set


The Vegan Collagen Booster Set is the ultimate anti-aging regimen. Including a facial cleanser, serum, and mask plus a body polish and cream, it’s developed to smooth out fine lines and firm sagging skin on both the face and body. Formulated with a powerhouse trio of actives such as retinol, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster to leave skin smooth and supple.

Glow with Glazed Donut Skin Set 

Scarlett Johansson skincare routine | Glazed donut skin set


Steal Scarlett Johansson’s Hollywood glow with the Glazed Donut Skin Set. Replenish skin’s moisture, treat signs of aging, and unlock a camera-ready glow in just two steps. Featuring a facial serum and cream enriched with coconut, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E. 

Scarlett Johansson Skincare Tips

Scarlett Johansson skincare routine | Scarlett Johansson closeup

Now you’ve made a mental note of the Scarlett Johansson skincare routine, try her top tips for getting (and maintaining) a gorgeous, glowy complexion. 

Apply Moisturizer with a Brush

Scarlett Johansson’s makeup artist, Frankie Boyd, always makes sure the actress’ skin looks super hydrated before a big event. Before she heads out the door, he applies moisturizer with a brush on top of any areas that need a little hydration boost. It’s also a really clean and precise way of applying moisturizer to the body without getting it on the straps. 

Lymphatic Facial Massages

Another Scarlett Johansson skincare tip you should know about: lymphatic facial massages. She usually gets them before a photoshoot or premiere night, and insists it makes a huge difference in reducing puffiness.

Lymphatic facial massages are specialized therapeutic techniques aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system in the face and neck region. These gentle, rhythmic massages promote lymphatic fluid circulation, helping to reduce facial puffiness, improve skin tone, and detoxify the skin. 


Interestingly, Scarlett Johansson’s skincare routine doesn’t include any fancy or expensive treatments. She likes to stay consistent with the skincare regimen that works for her.

“I’m scared of trying anything,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I think if you’ve had acne and then figured out a routine that makes it subside, you’re terrified of changing that.” 

How Scarlett Johnasson Cured Her Acne

Scarlett Johansson skincare routine | Scarlett Johansson closeup

Scarlett Johansson has an interesting tale to tell about how she healed her acne. During her early teens and 20s, the Black Widow actress suffered from severe acne. She tried everything from retinol to scrubs, toners and drying creams but these products just irritated her skin more.

One skincare product she hadn’t tried was moisturizer. And the reason she didn’t use it was because she was terrified it would make her breakouts worse. Since she’d run out of options, she decided to use moisturizer and it ended up being the product that healed her skin. 

“I just got rid of everything I thought could be irritating it. I did a light exfoliation every day with a brush and started using a very simple noncomedogenic moisturizer,” Johansson told The Telegraph, adding that she saw a noticeable improvement “within seven days.”

So, how was it that, of all things, moisturizer helped? Here’s why: moisturizer keeps the skin barrier healthy. The skin barrier is made up of dead cells and fats that protect your skin from the environment. When it isn’t functioning well, it can cause conditions such as acne.

Scarlett Johansson’s skincare routine is surprisingly easy. With only three easy steps, it just goes to show that you don’t need a dozen formulas or expensive treatments to get an A-lister-worthy glow.

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