Truly House of Beauty Episode 22

Truly House of Beauty Episode 22
by Truly Beauty

Pssst…have you heard of the Truly House of Beauty?! For new readers and old, welcome back to our fantasy-series on how we create the products that you are obsessed with. We’ve given you the 411 on how we’ve accidentally created our iconic minis, we’ve given you the scope on how your favorite fruity skincare lines are handmade by the Truly Babes themselves, we’ve even given you the full tea on how our super soft shave trio Coco Cloud was gifted to the world. This episode is no different…we are diving into some of our newest products…The Unicorn Fruit Brightening & Soothing Deodorant + The Unicorn Fruit Bath Bar!

It was a steamy July afternoon, “Fergalicious” was bumping in the background, and the Truly Babes were up in the gym, working on their fitness. There was Zara, working on her booty muscles (her favorite place for Truly products). Angela was making sure those triceps are built so she can smash up some acai berries for our Acai Your Boobies line. Anna is keeping calm with a downward dog because she is brutally hungover, while Tyler is trying to get the best biceps on the pull-up bar so his selfies will look hotter. The Truly Babes were working HARD–and the room was starting to get a little…stinky. Sweat droplets flinging everywhere, armpits radiating nuclear-scented aromas, the Truly Gym started to wreak like a teenager’s rotting Nike Air Max that was left in an athletic bag overnight at an expired YMCA. Naturally, during the Stinky Gym Travesty of 2022, the Truly Babes had an unexpected visitor once again: The Unicorn! Yes, the glorious glowing Unicorn who has shared many secrets with the Truly Babes before–showing them how to harvest Unicorn Fruit, and introducing Tyler to the Unicorn Fruit Eau de Parfum when he was pretty musty. The Unicorn likes to stop by the Truly Mansion from time to time, to share their knowledge of beauty or to make sure the Truly Babes aren’t being foul, disgusting rats! As soon as The Unicorn landed on the porch, he could smell something…rotting! “What iiiis that smell?!” they said. “Gosh it smells like an onion went to the fiery pits of hell to drink a gaaaallon of spoiled milk and flew back!”. The Unicorn opens the door with hesitation. 

“PEEEE YEW!” screamed The Unicorn as they swung open the golden doors to the Truly Gym, greeted by a dingy green wave of sweat particles. They looked across the gym, seeing each of the babes werkin’ hard at their fitness routine. The Unicorn grabbed a golden glistening megaphone and screamed “You alllll STINK!” into it. The room shifted to an eerily quiet vibe, each babe stopping their tasks to jolt their heads towards The Unicorn. “HEY! We are working out!” Zara said with her full chest. “Well, you don’t have to smell like sucha duuuusty muuuusty when you do!” stated the Unicorn, as they notion the Truly Babes towards them. With a plugged nose, The Unicorn pulled out a sparkling pink treasure box. “What’s inside?!” Angela asked with a gleeful look on her face, as sweat drenched her entire outfit. “It’s your new remedy to not being such a stinky pooooo…” said the Unicorn with a twang of a sass. They open the luxurious chest and see TWO new products: The Unicorn Fruit Brightening + Smoothing Deodorant AND the Unicorn Fruit Bath Bar! “These products will get rid of your rancid body odor and make you smell good ALL day long!” said the Unicorn as he passed each babe one of the new products. The Truly Babes went to work: washing their bodies with the bath bar and applying deodorant on their musty pitties. The change was…immediate!


“I smell like a CANDY STORE!” squealed Anna. “My pitties look bright AF–no more darkness and I smell the most iconic.” said Angela as she whiffed her underarms. “I just can’t believe….how smooth and bright my pits are?!” questioned Zara. “Yo! I don’t think I've EVER smelled this good!” yelled Tyler. The Unicorn appeared pleased, as they were no longer plugging their nose. “We HAVE to spread the word about this!” exclaimed Zara. All the Truly Babes whipped out their phones and started to vigorously text everyone they knew about the power of the new Unicorn Fruit products. “The texts aren’t sending fast enough!” screamed Tyler, “how else can we spread the word?!”. The Unicorn gave them all a wink–”hop on my back…I haaave an idea!”. Tyler, Angela, and Anna all hopped on The Unicorn’s back, leaving no room for Zara’s overtly perky booty. “Welp, where am I gonna sit?!” she exhaled. The Unicorn gave her another wink, asked her to turn around, and grabbed her britches with their teeth, lifting Zara into the air. As all the friends flew into the sky, Zara’s wedgie got more and more extreme. 

The Truly Babes + The Unicorn flew over the Los Angeles skyline, dropping a variety of Unicorn Fruit Brightening + Smoothing Deodorant and Unicorn Fruit Bath Bars for the citizens to catch. Don’t worry, no one was harmed! Within just a few hours, the entire city of LA smelled like a cotton candy, berry-passion paradise!  Join the movement, switch to the Ultimate Unicorn Bundle today for all your smelly-yummy needs! 


That’s it for this week’s episode of the Truly House of Beauty! Stay tuned for next time!

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