Truly House of Beauty Episode 24

Truly House of Beauty Episode 24
by Truly Beauty

Double double toil and trouble–or something like that! Yes, you bad w*tches, it’s time for a SPOOKY tale in the Truly House of Beauty. For those of who may be reading for their first time, welcome to the House of Beauty. We release episodes monthly about the Truly Babes saving the skincare world. Whether they are discovering the Land O’ Honey Buns or…the SPOOKY episode last Halloween…you can always expect a hefty dose of dreamy words during each episode. 

This time…we are premiering a double HAUNTED feature. Two spooky tales…four different babes. Let’s see what the Truly Babes got themselves info this Halloween. 

TALE #1: The Haunted Ingrown Hairs


Tyler and Zara are what you call “besties in trouble” aka anytime they get together…trouble is going to occur! That’s why they were the perfect duo to get ready together on Halloween night. Blasting spooky house music and dark techno in the bathroom as she was putting on her Fallen Angel costume, Zara heard a knock at the door. She opened and saw Tyler, dressed as a sexy mummy, in COMPLETE shock, like he had just seen a ghost. “ZARA!” he screamed in her tiny face, “I think my skin is being POSSESSED!”. Concerned, Zara brought Tyler into the bathroom to examine whatever it is he was talking about. On his neck lay an ingrown hair. But not just your average ingrown hair…this one was gigantic, green, and had vampire fangs! “Mrrrawwwh!” squealed the evil ingrown hair, and it attempted to nibble at Zara’s teensy fingers. “Tyler! How did this happen?!” asked Zara. He then explained that in his rush to get Halloween-ready, he opted out of using a shave butter and instead used…an AEROSOL can of shaving cream! “I don’t know why I did it, it came out as blue foam, totally dried my skin out, and now I have this whacky, haunted ingrown hair!” he cried. “MRRRAWWWH!!!” said the ingrown hair once again. “Don’t worry babe, I got the tricks!” Zara said with a wink. She grabbed some Cooka Concentrate and looked at the haunted ingrown hair…with a deep breath she dabbed a little bit of the Cooka Concentrate on it, and watched it sizzle and squeal away into oblivion. “MRRAAwwwhhheee….eee…eee…”. The two friends were astonished at how quickly the ingrown hair went away. “Now Tyler…what do we do in the future?!” said Zara in a pointed tone. “No more shave creams!” he replied, as Zara handed Coco Cloud Shave Butter. The two friends shaved with ease for the rest of the night…no more haunted ingrown hairs allowed for this Halloween night!

TALE #2: The Terror Of Dry Skin


A-Squared, Double A, The AA’s aka Angela + Anna are an iconic duo. Constantly tearing up the downtown of Los Angeles, it’s no wonder these two peas in a pod are paired together in a bone-chilling tale. Angela was just getting ready for a Halloween party, dressing up in her typical go-to costume: a sexy cat. Anna knocked on her door then opened it, showcasing her sexy witch costume. “WOW, we both look so good!” said Anna. The two friends started to take selfies in a mirror when they saw…a GHOST staring right back at them! “AHHHHGHGHG!” screamed the two friends, while the ghost floated out of the mirror in the room. “OoOooOoO….I am here to…bring you the terror of…dry skin!”. With a twirl of its skeletor wrist, the ghost casted a strip of sand-like dryness against Anna’s shin. “MY SKIN! IT’S PARCHED! Now I can never go to the party!” Anna squealed with despair. As she cowered in the corner, the ghost looked at Angela. “Now it’s your turn!” it said with a curdling rasp. With another twirl of the wrist, the ghost tried to throw its evil magic towards Angela, but she dodged the attack. “Oh but you THOUGHT you could curse me with dry skin!” sassed Angela. She grabbed her nearby Unicorn Fruit Body Butter and Berry Cheeky Butt Butter, slathering her skin all over with the hydrating swirls. The ghost kept trying to throw dry skin curses at Angela, but it couldn’t even happen with the nourishment of these body butters. Anna, who was still suffering with dry itchy skin, screamed for Angela’s help. Angela then tossed Anna a Unicorn Fruit Body Butter, who immediately slathered it all over her skin. With each circular motion, the dry skin went away while the ghost faded away into the afterlife. “Now….WHAT just happened?!” asked Angela. The two friends hugged with relief, now continuing their Halloween night without the terror of dry skin!

Spooky skincare stories can happen to any of us. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and stay aware. Happy Halloween, you spooky queens! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty.