Hot Swirl Summer Routine

Fruit-Based Body Care

  • Acne-Fighting
  • Tightening
  • Hydrating

Hot Girl Summer returns…and with it: our SIZZLING Hot Swirl Summer Edit Bundle.

We combined our Berry Cheeky + Nice Melons lines to bring you a full butt and boob routine packed with juicy summer fruits and powerful actives to clear, condition, and tighten those curves.

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What’s Inside
  • 🍓 Berry Cheeky Butt Polish 2 Oz / 60 Ml
  • 🍓 Berry Cheeky Butt Serum 3.1 Oz / 90 Ml
  • 🍓 Berry Cheeky Butt Butter 2 Oz / 60 Ml
  • 🍈 Nice Melons Boob Polish 2 Oz / 60 Ml
  • 🍈 Nice Melons Boob Serum 3.1 Oz / 90 Ml
  • 🍈 Nice Melons Boob Butter 2 Oz / 60 Ml
Nice Melons Boob Butter Nice Melons Boob Polish Nice Melons Boob Serum Berry Cheeky Clearing Butt Butter Berry Cheeky Clearing Butt Polish Berry Cheeky Clearing Butt Serum
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  • Aloe vera offers soothing, antimicrobial, antioxidant and humectant properties to the skin. Filled with natural vitamins and folic acid, it successfully improves the appearance of scars, hydrates, and visibly soothes irritation. 
  • Kigelia, a fruit native to tropical Africa, has been used for it’s breast firming capabilities for centuries.The skin-firming and elasticity-restoring capacity of the extract has been shown in independent trials.
  • Strawberry extract is chock full of antioxidants and a natural source of saccharides which help hydrate skin, protect from free radicals, even hyperpigmentation, tighten pores and brighten the complexion. 
What Makes this Bundle SO Good?

Six formulas – crammed full of antioxidant-rich strawberry, cantaloupe, and kiwi PLUS bust-tightening kigelia and acne-alleviating allantoin for your clearest, perkiest summer skin. All infused with a fruity, fresh, and uplifting scent!

Key Ingredients:

Strawberry 🍓

Kigelia 🔥

Jojoba Beads ✨

Cantaloupe 🍈

Full Ingredients:

How to Use:

  1. Berry Cheeky Butt Polish: In the shower or tub, scoop out a small amount of polish and mix with a little water to create a fluffy lather. Massage into your booty for 60 seconds (so ingredients can fully activate on the skin), then rinse and pat dry.
  2. Berry Cheeky Butt Clearing Serum: After showering, apply 4-5 drops of serum to your booty.
  3. Berry Cheeky Butt Butter: Massage a dollop of butter into your booty until fully absorbed.
  4. Nice Melons Boob Serum: After showering, apply 4-5 drops of serum to your chest and boobs.
  5. Nice Melons Boob Butter: Massage a dollop of butter into your boobs until fully absorbed.
Hot Swirl Summer Routine

What it Targets:

🔥 Brightens

Boosts skin’s radiance via resurfacing jojoba beads and strawberry.

🔥 Combats Butt Acne

Clears away blemishes, acne scars, and discoloration.

🔥 Lifts + Tightens

Powered by boob-firming kigelia to perk up your pair.

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Hot Swirl Summer Routine
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