What is Body Mist? Your Ultimate Guide to Using Body Mist

What is Body Mist? Your Ultimate Guide to Using Body Mist
by Truly Beauty

Body mists are back–and they’re better than ever. With the revival of Y2K trends (think crop tops, spiky buns, chunky belts, etc.), it’s not surprising that body mists have returned. But what are body mists and why are they so popular in 2023?

Ahead, your ultimate guide to body mists. From what they are to how to use body mists and ways to make them last longer, this is your go-to guide for everything related to body mists.

What is Body Mist?

Body mist, otherwise known as perfume mist or Brume Parfumée, is a lightweight and refreshing fragrance spray. In comparison to traditional perfume (eau de parfum), body mist is lighter and less concentrated, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. 

The oils in mists are typically found at concentrations ranging from 5% to 8%, whereas perfumes can contain as much as 25% oil concentration. As a result, body mists offer a delicate and lingering aroma while feeling great on your skin. 


Benefits of Body Mists

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Now you know what are body mists, here are some reasons you might want to give them a try.


Light, Refreshing Scent

Body mists are light enough for daily use and perfect for those who prefer a more subtle scent. If you're looking for a daily fragrance you can wear to work or at home for a subtle pick me up, body mists are a great choice.


    Suitable for all Seasons

    Thanks to their lightweight formulation, body mists provide a refreshing sensation on the skin, making them ideal for both cold and warm weather. Unlike perfumes, they do not feel heavy on the skin. You can even wear them to the gym to stay smelling sweet throughout your sweat session.


    Even Application

    Body mists come in spray bottles that disperse a fine mist to evenly distribute fragrance for an all over refreshing aroma. They're easy to use and won't overwhelm your senses.



    Body mists can be used on the body, hair, clothing, and even bedding. Most commonly, body mists are applied directly to the skin. However, people also spray them on their hair, clothing, and pillows.


    Perfect for Layering

    Body mists can be paired with other mists, perfumes, and skincare products to create a fragrance that’s uniquely you while making the scent last longer. You can literally create your own signature fragrance by blending different scents.

    Light, layerable, and available in so many scents, it’s easy to see why body mists are so popular right now. 


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    Truly's Signature Perfume Mist Trio


    What is Body Mist Used for?

    Body mists are applied directly to skin and can be used for a refreshing spritz throughout the day. That said, you can also apply body mist to your hair, clothes, and pillow. They’re incredibly versatile and a great choice for those who favor subtle scents that don’t overwhelm their senses. Here are some of the most common uses of body mists:

    - Daily Fragrance: The primary purpose of body mist is to provide a pleasant and subtle fragrance for the body. It can be sprayed on the skin, hair, or clothing to leave a light scent that lingers throughout the day.

    - Post-Workout Refreshment: After a sweat sesh, a quick spritz of body mist can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating sensation, helping to cool down the body and alleviate odor.

    - Layering: Body mists can be used with other scented products, such as mists, perfumes, or lotions, for a longer lasting fragrance experience–and your own signature scent.

    - On-the-Go: Always out and about? Body mists typically come in portable spray bottles, making them easy to carry in a purse or bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

    - Hair Fragrance: Body mists can also be sprayed onto hair to add a pleasant fragrance. However, it's important to note that some body mists may contain ingredients that can be drying to the hair, so it's best to use them sparingly on hair or opt for hair-specific fragrance products.

    - Mood Enhancement: Many people use body mists for aromatherapy purposes, as certain scents can help improve mood or relaxation. For example, lavender or chamomile scents may promote a calming effect, while citrus scents can provide an energizing boost. Then there are the more sensual fragrances that inspire confidence and empowerment. You can choose the body mist that best suits your mood–or the moment.

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    Truly's Glazed Donut Perfume Mist



    Who Should Use Body Mist?

    Body mists are perfect for those wanting a light and refreshing daily fragrance that they can easily top up throughout the day. From the beach to the office, gym to date night, you can wear (and take!) your body mist everywhere. Because of their light formulation, perfume mists feel good on the skin and won’t overpower your senses.

    Another benefit of body mists: they’re made to layer, layer, layer. They are used in combination with other products, such as mists, perfumes, and lotions to not only prolong the scent, but create vibrant, unique scents. 

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    Truly's Ma Chérie Perfume Mist


    How Long Do Body Mists Last?

    Body mists last up to four hours. They have a lower concentration of fragrance oils compared to perfumes. As a result, they tend to have a shorter lifespan in terms of scent duration. You may need to reapply a body mist more frequently throughout the day.

    While body mists don’t last as long as perfumes, they are available in larger sizes and at a fraction of the cost. You also have the freedom to pair your body mist with other perfumes and products to boost its longevity. 

    The composition of fragrance ingredients also plays a role in how long body mists last. Some components evaporate faster than others, affecting how long the scent lingers on the skin. Ingredients can interact with your body chemistry, impacting the duration of the fragrance.

    Personal factors matter too, such as skin type and how moisturized your skin is. Fragrances may last longer on oily skin or when applied to well-moisturized areas.

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    Truly's Birthday Sex Perfume Mist


    How to Make Body Mist Last Longer

    Body mists are known for having a relatively short lifespan when compared to traditional perfumes. The question is, how do you make body mist last all day? While these products are designed to last all day, there are some steps you can take to extend their longevity. Here are some tips for making body mist last longer.


    1. Apply After Showering

    The best time to apply body mist is after showering. This is because your pores will open in the steam, allowing skin to better hold on to scents. Just make sure you don’t apply body mist to wet skin as it will only rub off when you dry yourself.

    That being said, you can spritz on your fave body mist any time of day. It doesn’t have to be after you shower. Body mists are a great way to freshen up after the gym, work, or long days out.


    2. Moisturize First

    Before applying your body mist, moisturize your skin with a rich, hydrating body lotion, cream, or butter. Dry skin lacks the natural oils and moisture needed to help "lock in" and hold onto the fragrance molecules. As a result, the scent may not last as long or be as pronounced on dry skin. 

    Always moisturize your skin before using your perfume mist to help seal in the scent. For best results, shower, pat skin dry, and spritz on your favorite scent. Some experts say exfoliating before misting can also be beneficial in making your body mist last longer. Why? Because exfoliation removes dead skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb products more effectively.


    3. Pair with Other Complementary Scents

    Layering your body mist with a body wash, butter, and other products that match your body mist can help optimize the fragrance. 

    Fragrance layering helps build a more complex and long-lasting scent profile. By applying scented products in succession, you create a multi-dimensional aroma that lingers on the skin. For example, starting with a scented body wash, followed by a matching lotion, and finishing with a body mist can intensify and prolong the fragrance.


    4. Spray Directly on the Skin

    Fragrances last longer and smell their best when in direct contact with your body’s natural oils. For best results, spritz your body mist all over your skin straight after your shower or bath. 

    While you can apply to clothing or fabric, body mist lasts longer when sprayed onto your skin. So, if you’re looking for ways to make body mist last longer, this is the way to go.


    5. Avoid Rubbing Your Skin 

    Rubbing your wrists together after spritzing may feel like second nature, but it’s not recommended. Rubbing your skin breaks down molecules in the scent and diminishes the quality of fragrance notes, causing your body mist to wear off faster while affecting the overall fragrance profile.


    6. Store in a Cool, Dark Place

    Knowing how to store body mist will make a huge difference to its longevity. To preserve the effectiveness of your body mist, store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Heat exposure and bright light can cause evaporation and break down certain components, resulting in decreased potency. Try storing it in your bedroom drawer or cupboard. 

    How to Use Body Mist

    what is body mist used for | ma cherie mist

    When using body mist, it’s always a good idea to layer it with other products and fragrances. Doing this will enhance the scent and make it last longer. You can even create a unique scent when combining it with other mists, perfumes, and lotions.

    As a general rule, you want to avoid layering two very strong competing fragrances. To achieve the best scent, choose mists and perfumes with a common note so that they complement each other without being overpowering.

    Some fragrance families to pair include floral with citrus, gourmand with fruity and woody, and spicy with floral. You can play around with different scents until you find the perfect match for you.

    After showering or bathing, pat skin dry and moisturize with body lotion or butter. Then apply a few spritzes of body mist all over your body for an even scent. You can reapply body mist as needed throughout the day.

    You can also apply body mist to your clothes, hair, accessories, and bedding. However, fragrance lasts longest when applied to skin.

    Where to Spray Body Mist for Best Results

    To make the most of your body mist, target pulse points where blood vessels are close to the skin's surface, which helps to diffuse and amplify the scent of the fragrance. Spritz on the wrists, neck (front and back), inside of elbows, behind knees, ankles, and calves. Just don’t rub!

    The great thing about body mists is that you can spray them all over for a refreshing head to toe fragrance. You can even spritz your hair, but be cautious with alcohol-based mists to prevent dryness.

    Because they’re so delicate and lightweight, you can also apply body mist to pillows, bedding, and furniture to enjoy the fragrance throughout your home. This is especially beneficial if you’re using a calming body mist with soothing notes of lavender or aloe.

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