Age-Defying Skin Secrets of the Friends Actresses

Age-Defying Skin Secrets of the Friends Actresses
by Truly Beauty

What with the Friends Reunion and all, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore the inner beauty secrets of our three fave leading women: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. Because let's face it, these women have really good skin. So naturally, we want to find out exactly what they do to stay looking so radiant.

Admit it, you've been Googling Jen's skincare routine and anti-aging secrets since you can remember. Well, now we're gathering all the latest beauty intel on the Friends actresses so you can finally replicate their age-defying routines.

Surprisingly, lavish, triple figure beauty products don't take full credit!


Jennifer Aniston

If you watched the long-anticipated Friends reunion last week, the first thought that probably come to mind: "How does Jennifer Aniston still look so good?" At 52 year's old, the Hollywood actress does indeed look incredible. Believe it or not, her timeless glow doesn't come from luxe lotions and serums. 

In a 2019 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Friends star (and face of Aveeno, btw!) admitted that her youthful look comes from a myriad of things: skincare, lifestyle choices, and of course, good genes.

Okay, okay, but what does she really do to keep her skin looking glowing?

Well, she really does keep things simple, sticking to the basics like a hydrating cleanser, applying a moisturizer with SPF, and adding an additional layer of sunscreen. No $500 skincare products here!

As for how she stays looking awake on those early mornings:

"Eye masks and cryo sticks," she tells Vogue. "Another good one that my facialist taught me is just get a bowl of ice water and splash your face 25 times. It’s an old school trick that Joan Crawford used to do—it just wakes your skin up." Noted! 

And she claims she does occasionally indulge in a skincare wellness session:

"Sunday is my spa day. I usually do a little mini facial time where I just give myself a good scrub, use a mask, and then the new Aveeno hydrating facial," she told Australia's Now to Love. "I leave it on overnight and when I wake up I have that dewy, glowing, twinkling skin."

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Courteney Cox

The Friends actress who played Monica on the hit TV show has spoken openly about her experience with fillers and botox - and how she's dropped them in favor of a more natural approach to beauty. 

"I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was," she told NewBeauty in 2017. "Things are going to change. Everything’s going to drop. I was trying to make it not drop, but that made me look fake."

So what does she actually do to keep her skin looking flawless?

"I start with the Clarisonic to wash my face and then I apply a hot towel," she explains. "I always put on a peptide of some sort—[Mila Moursi] Rejuvenating Serum or a lifting serum. Sometimes a vitamin C product." So clearly moisturizing with antioxidants is a key secret to her anti-aging formula.

Besides using nourishing, hydrating skincare products, the actress also loves getting laser treatments to perk up her complexion. 

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Lisa Kudrow

One thing this Friends star has made clear: she won't be going under the knife (or needle) anytime soon! Nope, plastic surgery is a no-go for Lisa Kudrow.

"I'm too afraid to do Botox or filler or plastic surgery," she tells Glamor. "It doesn't mean I won't ever do it, but it all scares me a little too much. I think everyone's beautiful when they're smiling. So I try to be happy. Drink in the good stuff."

Generally speaking, the actress hasn't given out may interviews on her beauty secrets. However, it's clear to see by the way her skin looks that she takes good care of it. No doubt, she hydrates it with dermatologist-approved retinol serums and indulges in the occasional face mask. 

However, she has spoken out about the importance of mental health - something one especially needs to nurture as a celeb.

"Mental health is a part of your whole health," she tells WSJ Magazine. "We need to get rid of the stigma around it. There is more awareness, and part of that is thanks to younger people. They’re talking about it very openly. The worst thing is to keep it quiet; then it’s very hard to get help."

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If you don't have one already, it's time to start! As you've seen in this article, you really don't need the most expensive products to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and red carpet-ready. You're also not obliged to visit the most prestigious New York dermatology offices to get the complexion you seek. 

We get it, we're all eager to hear the secrets of women like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Brooke Shields. But all you need is a simple anti-aging skincare routine that incorporates gold standard antiaging ingredients like retinol to acquire youthful, radiant skin. 

Your daily skincare routine should include: a hydrating cleanser, retinol-formulated serum, lightweight moisturizer, and SPF. Nothing more is needed.

And feel free to enjoy at-home spa days like Jennifer Aniston. Just light a few candles, switch on some relaxing tunes, and wind down with a face mask.


The Friends women certainly look amazing for their age. But as you can see, they don't solely rely on lavish lotions and potions to keep their skin in check. And you don't need to either. With a basic daily anti-aging routine, your skin can look as youthful as the Friends actresses. Need some advice on best product picks? We'll be there for you! No but really, get in touch if you need help selecting the best skincare products for your skin!




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