Lily-Rose Depp Beauty Secrets

Lily-Rose Depp Beauty Secrets
by Truly Beauty

Actress…fashion icon…the face of Chanel’s new lipstick launch. Need we even mention she just happens to be the daughter of two very well-known stars: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

No wonder we’re all completely and utterly besotted with Lily-Rose Depp! So much so, we’re just dying to find out her biggest beauty secrets.

From slathering on sunscreen to never stepping out the house without a nude lip, we did some digging and found the model slash actress slash Chanel queen’s number 1 beauty secrets. Have you got your memo open?


She Takes Good Care of Her Skin

Lily-Rose Depp knows the secret to flawless skin – it’s sticking to a good old routine. And abiding by a few skincare rules!

“I never go to sleep wearing make-up, I think that’s very important,” Depp told Vogue back in 2018. “And I just make sure my skin is clean and moisturised. I’m kind of simple when it comes to skincare. I think it’s about listening to your skin and changing it up and, you know, making sure that you’re doing what works for you.”

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that work the best. Like a good skincare routine, for instance. You don’t need to be splashing out hundreds of dollars to attain beautiful skin. You just need a few good products.

For gorgeous, glowing skin like Lily-Rose’s, get yourself a Truly Glow-Up Kit. It features a face mask, serum, and pink heart-shaped acne stickers for a radiant, dewy, Depp-like complexion.


She Can’t Live Without Sunscreen

Back in March this year, Lily-Rose Depp revealed her beauty habits to Marie Claire UK. When asked what products she couldn’t live without, Depp chose sunscreen as one of her primaries.

SPF is super important and definitely something I try to remember to put on every day,” she said.

But that beauty secret shouldn’t be exclusive to Depp alone. We all should be slathering on sunscreen each and every time we leave the house. No excuses! Failing to do so can cause premature aging, sun spots, and possible sun damage.

For best protection, opt for a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and re-apply it every 2-3 hours. Prone to burning? Turn that 30 into a 50. You’ll thank us later.

Even if you’re stuck at home with no sun in sight, you can still suffer the consequences of UV exposure – through blue light exposure. You know, the light that emits from our tech devices and causes fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Coat your skin in Truly’s Blueberry Kush products which contain the oil of thousands of blueberries, a fruit that provides blue light protection for the skin.


She Believes in the Power of Moisturizer

“My skin is really sensitive, so I like to keep it simple usually. A really good moisturizer for the cold is necessary,” the Chanel model told Coveteur. “Also, remembering to drink a lot of water. I know it’s harder to drink water when it’s cold outside, but I’m always drinking tea and water. You should hydrate from the inside out.”

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why it’s worth investing in a quality moisturizer that hydrates the skin and seals in moisture. Ideally, look for humectants like hyaluronic acid which deliver intense moisture to dehydrated skin. You’ll find this ingredient in Truly’s Flawless Skin Care Bundle.

And of course, like Depp said, drink plenty of water. We know you’ve heard it before, but like we mentioned previously, it really is the basic tips that make the biggest difference.


She Loves a Nude Lip

In the same interview, Lily-Rose Depp revealed the beauty step that makes her feel done.

“A lip for sure,” she admitted. “Lips are just my favorite. Just a nude lip. Even if I’m wearing no makeup at all, I like to have a little pencil or something when I leave the house.” We’d have to agree!

Want your lips as plumped and sultry as Depp’s? Look to Gloat: Greatest Lips of All Time. This 4-step lip kit features a lip scrub, butter, oil, and serum to bring you 4 steps closer to a plumper, juicier set of lips. For best results, make this part of your daily routine. And never stop using it!


Masking and Bathing are Her Favorites

She really is a woman after our own heart!

“I love an at-home spa. I love a bath and a mask, things like that. I think self care is definitely a part of self love,” Depp told Vogue. It sooo is!

She added, “It’s important to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. In my free time, honestly, I like to do as little as I possibly can. I’m very much a homebody so I like to stay in bed for as long as I can and I like to read a lot, see my friends. It’s fun to do nothing with the people you love.”

You’ll also notice the more self-care you give yourself, the better your skin will look. And your happiness levels will be off the roof!

Enjoy your own self-care session with Truly’s Dew You Love Me Jelly Face Mask and Moon Bath Essentials.


Fragrance is a Part of Her Beauty Routine

For Lily-Rose Depp, fragrance isn’t just something she endorses. She also sees it as a sentimental part of her daily beauty routine.

“My mom and my grandmother and so many women in my life have always worn Chanel fragrances; mainly Chanel No. 5. But I ever since No. 5 l'eau has come out, it's really been my go to,” she told Elle back in 2018. “It’s also very special and dear to my heart because I’m the face–It means so much to me and will always remind me of this important time in my life.”

For a candy-like scent that lasts all day, dab a little of Truly’s Unicorn Fruit Body Butter onto your wrists, behind your ears – and basically anywhere you want to smell extra sweet.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned since exploring Lily-Rose’s beauty secrets, it’s that simplicity overrules complexity. She proves you don’t need a 10-step routine to look flawless.




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