How to Facetune Your Skin IRL

How to Facetune Your Skin IRL
by Truly Beauty

Do you find yourself constantly facetuning your pics on social media? 

All those gorgeous influencers really set the beauty standards bar high, which can make us feel a little less confident about our real life appearance. Truth is, even those stunning influencers retouch their photos.

But you don't need FaceTune, photoshop, or any other photo-editing app to look sensational IRL. You only need a handful of skincare products to fine-tune your skin and get it looking the way you want.

Keep scrolling to learn how you can facetune your skin in real life -- no photo editor necessary! 


1. Minimize Pores 

with 24k Gold Black Soap Impurity Cleanser

To get that smooth, blurred out complexion you see on Instagram, you're going to need to clarify your pores and ultimately, make them look a lot less visible. 

Cleanse your face and neck using our 24k Gold Black Soap Impurity Cleanser. It combines 24k gold with African black soap, charcoal, and chamomile to create a unique high performing cleanser that’ll hydrate your skin while deeply cleansing it of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

Used daily, this face wash can unclog pores, prevent pimples, and make your skin appear smoother and clearer. 



2. Illuminate Your Skin Tone

with Mary Jane Glow Face Mask

Often, the best enhancements you can make don't involve plastic surgery or airbrushing, but high-quality skincare. 

Boost your natural radiance with Mary Jane Glow Mask. Formulated with Hemp to reduce redness, caffeine to tighten and brighten, and Vitamin A to speed up cell turnover, this exfoliating formula delivers powerful antioxidants to firm, smooth, and brighten while replenishing essential hydration.

Exfoliation can drastically improve the appearance of dull, dry skin. If there's one quick trick for boosting your luminosity, it's exfoliation. That's because it helps to remove dead skin cells and product buildup, promoting a fresher, clearer, and brighter complexion.

You can quickly create lightricks of your own simply by using this mask 2-3 times per week to keep your glow on! Think Kardashian levels of glow!



3. Buff Away Blemishes

with CBD Jelly Toner 

Clarify your complexion and zap away zits with this exfoliating Hemp Jelly Toner. Glycolic acid and hemp work in tandem to remove dirt, dead skin, and oil while boosting cell renewal and calming inflammation for an overall clear and smooth complexion.

Besides treating breakouts and preventing new ones from forming, this toning solution evens out skin texture and fades discoloration. What's more, it provides moisture and calms irritation, prompting a strong and healthy skin barrier. 

While not everyone needs toner in their skincare routine, it can be helpful in soothing skin, providing hydration, and warding off blemishes. 



4. Diminish Dark Circles

with Eye Candy Anti-Puff Eye Cream


Do you often find yourself making touch ups on your under-eye shadows simply to make yourself look more alert? Dark circles may indicate your hard-working personality, but they're also a sign that you're not taking care of yourself.

Fake your 8 hours' by smoothing on our Eye Candy Anti-Puff Eye Cream. Our eye candy anti-puff cream contains a perfectly formulated blend of hyaluronic acid, sea kelp, and jojoba oil to reduce the appearance of dark circles, bring down puffiness, and revive tired eyes.

It'll definitely make you look more alert for all those Zoom meetings and Snapchat convos!



5.  Smooth Out Your Skin

with Flower Child CBD Face Cream

Look extra dewy in your selfies by loading up on face cream. Especially our Flower Child CBD Face Cream.

It uses hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, hemp, and sea kelp to support natural collagen, boost hydration, soothe irritation, and visibly restore skin’s elasticity. Use this daily to lift, tighten, and firm the look of sagging skin. Plus, it'll make your makeup glide on easily and last all day. 

No need to hop onto Facetune 2 when you've got a tub of this face cream on your nightstand.



6. Sparkle for those Selfies

with Moon Lit Shimmer Oil

Looking sparkly does something to your self-esteem. It actually makes you feel sparkly. Give yourself permission to sparkle by applying our champagne-hued body shimmer for a radiant glow on the go. 

Formulated with a brightening blend of chai spices and witch hazel to tighten pores, this formula can be used anywhere you want instant glow: your cheekbones, cupid's bow, cleavage, shoulders, or thighs. Plus, it has a sweet, vanilla scent. 

Turns out, you don't need your iPhone or laptop to reshape your face and body image. You just need a few smart skincare products, like our Moon Lit Shimmer Oil.



7. Add the Final Touches (Optional)

By now, your skin should be looking smooth, matte-ified, and sparkling. If you feel like taking things to the next level, opt for a natural makeup look using subtle contouring, a little eyeliner and mascara, and a swipe of lip balm. 

You really don't need to go overboard with makeup since your natural radiance will shine through. However, you can embrace a no makeup makeup look by applying a thin layer of foundation, a touch of concealer to cover any blemishes, a couple of pumps with your lash curler, and a swipe of hydrating lip balm. This will give you that glowy complexion all the influencers crave for -- and rely on Facetune for.


Last year -- and the year before that -- was certainly a stressful one. What with the worries, uncertainty, and overall anxiety, your skin needs some major TLC to recover from all those months of stress.

Instead of relying on photo editing apps like Facetune, invest in a handful of high-performing skincare products to get your skin clear, smooth, and radiant once again.

It's definitely possible to get facetune results in real life -- at least as close as possible results, anyway.



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